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Stunning white ballroom dress made by Si...
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Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1650.00 Negotiable
Size: XS/ S
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
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Ballroom dress for sale
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Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
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Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
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Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
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Size: 0-6
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Result Service - Couple Information
Shao Bo and Liv Na

Name : Shao BoLiv Na
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :139 at Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Tango
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Standard
Competition(s) recorded :6
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2009-05-25 :: National :: Blackpool - Professional RS Ballroom - Professional Rising Stars ST - England (place 155)
Last competition recorded
2009-05-29 :: National :: Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Adult Standard - England (place 139)

All recorded competitions
2009-05-29National - Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Tango
Adult Standard
England(place 139)
2009-05-29National - Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Quickstep
Adult Standard
England(place 139)
2009-05-29National - Blackpool - Professional Ballroom
Adult Standard
England(place 139)
2009-05-29National - Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Waltz
Adult Standard
England(place 139)
2009-05-29National - Blackpool - Professional Ballroom - Foxtrot
Adult Standard
England(place 139)
2009-05-25National - Blackpool - Professional RS Ballroom
Professional Rising Stars ST
England(place 155)

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1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Richard Botik   Alice Pokorna
Andre Boss   Rossella Sedicina
Anatoliy Boikov   Olga Bakyshina
Peter Bosveld   Euvgenia Parakhina
Jan Borecki   Anna Piaseczna
Martin Reinbold   Liene Skrastina
Andrei Bondarev   Ekaterina Riabochina
Vadim Krubonov   Olga Nieskubina
Dmitriy Borisov   Anna Nozhnina
Johnatan Bouchard   Laure Nambottin
Dmitry Stoborov   Tatiana Podgorelkina
Ilija Bojukliev   Sonja Najdenova
Vladislav Khudoborodov   Anastasia Fabrichnaia
Nikita Bochkin   Polina Bochkina
Aleksey Boychenko   Anastasiya Kuzmina
Yassine Bouabdallah   Serena Cavedagna
Angelo Fabozzi   Marzia Farina
Ilya Bolshakov   Mariya Kruchina
Pavel Ryabov   Natalya Tyurina
Dmitriy Bordukov   Anna Ignatova
Koji Ohtsubo   Nao Tanabe
Ondrej Borsky   Anna Zelena
Igor Boyev   Irina Savueshkina
Vladyslav Bosov   Mariya Dyomina
Andrey Bogdanov   Alisa Pichugina
Andre Barbosa   Nuria Inacio
Edgars Jekabsons   Liva Barzina
Eduard Borodov   Ekaterina Zlobina
Kirill Bondarev   Mayya Larina
Mikhail Borgolyshkinskiy   Ekaterina Blokhina
Alexey Borisov   Olesya Ginatulina
Yuriy Shtubov   Irina Shergina
Evgeniy Podborskiy   Maria Naumchenko
Gergely Szabo   Boglarka Czina
Silvano Bonzanini   Patrizia Arena
Denis Bochkov   Diyana Fazullina
Mikhail Bogoslavtsev   Aleksandra Demina
Mikhail Borgolyshinsky   Ekaterina Blokhina
Luca Bognani   Anita Bognani
Virgil Boros   Alexandra Barna
Aleksandr Bogomol   Yana Zimovina
Mihail Bogoslavces   Aleksandra Demina
Ivan Nabokin   Anna Morozkina
Radu Botnariuc   Daniela Botnariuc
Nikita Borodaev   Alena Titoykina
Vladimir Stolbovskikh   Inna Lipatkina
Vladyslav Bosov   Maryna Diomina
Ivan Borisenko   Alena Avdonina
Yuriy Shtubov   Diana Korotina
Nikita Bobrov   Irena Nagornyak
Pavel Ryabov   Darya Yutkina
Vladimir Bobkov   Lidiya Voronina
Mikhail Bogoslavtsev   Alisa Nikulina
Marko Ciboci   Ines Viljanac
Mauro Ricci   Liviana Carfagna
Remco v/d Boom   Encarnita Baltanas
Sergiy Bosov   Marina Demina
Alexander Bouet   Clara Raundorf-medina
Petr Bolshov   Anastasiya Kuzyakina
Martinas Reinbold   Liene Skrasitna
Sergiy Bosov   Anna Shelyakina
Alexei Bordeianu   Irina Meshina
Alexei Bordeieanu   Irina Meshina
Alexei Bordieana   Irina Mesina
Aleksei Tverdokhlebov   Elena Afanasieva
Alexsei Boitsov   Ekaterina Fumina
Kai Andre Lilleboe   Lena Granaas
Kai Andr้ Lillebo   Lena Lillebo
Maxim Doubousky   Polina Paulinava
Martinas Reinbold   Liene
Vladyslav Bosov   Evgenia Kokovkina
Martin Beinbold   Liene Skrastina
Georyi Boldenkov   Anna Stepunina
Fesel, Bojan   Androvic, Lilijana
Varga, Tibor   Bacikova, Ivana
Gristian, Bono   Gristian, Elena
Fesel, Bojan   Androvic, Liljana
Manuilov, Boris   Gulina, Nadezhda
Fesel, Bojan   Grandosek, Gordana
Ciobanu, Bogdan   Ciobanu, Mona
Cah, Borut   Penso, Viviana
Golovatenko, Bogdan   Shyhaleeva, Iryna
Dmytro Bondarenko   Maryna Machekhina
Aleksei Tverdokhlebov   Alina Kunafina
Igor Boev   Anastasia Klimkina
Ciobanu, Bogdan   Ciobanu, Elena
Kaspar Borzups   Olga Varahihina
Peter Bosveld   Evgenia Parakhina
Dmitri Borisov   Anna Nozhnina
Peter Babony   Martina Manakova
Alexander Bogdanov   Olga Cheremina
Alexandr Bogdanov   Olga Tcheremina
Kai Andre Lilleboe   Lena Granaas
Aleksandre Bogdanov   Olga Tcheremina
Vladimir Bouzynine   Irina Bouzynina
Ilia Borodko   Anna Anikina
Denis Bozhchenko   Ekaterina Vereschagina
Harry Bober   Alina Kosharna
Maxim Doubovsky   Natalia Panina
Sergey Bosov   Maryna Diomina
Artur Bodzioch   Magdalena Zyznar
Sergey Gorbovskiy   Tatyana Karkhanina
Mikhail Bolychev   Yuliya Guschina
Ivan Bocharov   Kseniya Besedina
Fedor Ryabov   Viktoriya Ptichkina
Denis Bobkov   Anastasia Baldina
Alen Bogachev   Elena Borodina
Sebastian Alin Cibotaru   Andreea Iasmina Onofrei
Victor Valera Bonet   Patricia Zetterbeck Cardenas
Juan Bocanegra   Gemma Codina
Giorgi Bojadze   Teona Papunashvili
Maksim Labovkin   Darya Ryzhonina
Brian Lorenz Babon   Rossian Jannine Acuna
Mikhail Borgolyshkinsky   Ekaterina Blokhina
Maxim Labovkin   Daria Ryzhonina
Paulus Wibowo   Lidija Marlina
Vitaliy Bondarenko   Darya Skuridina
Egor Boldysh   Kristina Ginak
Ion Simboteanu   Ina Motnaia
Ilya Boyarintsev   Yana Sosnina
Radu Botnariuk   Daniela Botnariuk
Ku Bon Yub   Sin Mi Na
Edgars Erkskis   Liva Culkstena
Ivan Bocharov   Ksenia Besedina
Nikita Borisov   Darya Lonkina
Evgeniy Sobolev   Viktoriya Naryzhnykh
Nikita Bortsov   Olga Voronina
Arkadiy Boldov   Polina Kuzmina
Ilya Borodko   Anna Anakina
Fabien Carbonaro   Laetitia Carbonaro
Gabriele Bona   Danila Bona
Roberto Bonassi   Giuliana Linardi
Filippo Riboni   Jenni Caminati
Vitaliy Borkovskiy   Irina Bezdushnaya
Andrey Bogomolov   Katerina Vetoshkina
Dmitriy Bodrov   Anna Buvina
Viktor Faylenbogen   Anna Kleopina
Vladimir Zubov   Anna Lozhkina
Denis Boyadzhiev   Mariya Elena Zheleva
Dmitry Bodrov   Anna Buvina
Alexey Bondar   Milena Yurina
Nikita Borisov   Daria Lonkina
Codrin Boldea   Diana Corina Albeanu
Evgeniy Sobolev   Anna Zemlyanukhina
Ilya Ryabov   Ekaterina Kuznitsina
Vladimir Borisov   Svetlana Tsibina
Ilya Bogdanov   Mariya Flyagina
Vladislav Bobkov   Sofiya Borodina
Maksim Boychenko   Darya Egoshina
Nikita Borodaev   Alena Budennaya
Sergiy Bosov   Olesya Fomina
Dmitriy Bodrov   Yuliya Trubitsina
Dmitriy Bokov   Anastasiya Nagornaya
Ilia Borovski   Veronika Klyushina
Sergei Bosov   Olesya Fomina
Ivan Stolbov   Anastasiya Balakina
Vladimir Stolbovskikh   Anastasiya Polukhina
Mykhaylo Bobel   Ksenia Nadala
Roman Nelyubov   Valeriya Derevyagina
Glenn Richard Boyce   Natalia Tea da-Larrinaga
Nikita Yakubov   Elizaveta Burenina
Vladislav Bogoslov   Ekaterina Ryabogina
Calin Florin Bochis   Diana Annamaria Groza
Andris Boldisevics   Inara Strazdina
Reinis Kruklins   Liva Culkstena
Daniil Bochkarev   Aleksandra Mishina
Rodion Boldyrev   Valeriya Kataykina
Roman Boklanov   Anastasiya Dudkina
Oleg Bolshun   Anastasiya Chirikina
Andrey Bogdanov   Elena Makhnach
Shao Bo Liv   Na Feng
Igor Bodyagin   Anastasiya Bodyagina
Kiril Borisov   Anna Dumina
Aleksandr Bocharov   Natalya Nechadina
Aleksandr Boychenko   Lyubov Rybalkina
Ivan Borsak   Anastasiya Pronina
Dmitriy Bokov   Polina Kutina
Maksim Boychenko   Mariya Berezhnaya
Eduard Borodov   Ekaterina Utkina
Evgenyy Slobodchuk   Yulyya Galakhyna
Viktor Boychuk   Yana Kinasciuk
Artur Boydakov   Olga Sinyapkina
Aleksandr Boyarkin   Anna Zorina
Nikita Yakubov   Olga Ignaticheva
Rodion Bokov   Eleni Ellina
Georgy Kibovskiy   Liudmila Kochergina
Leonid Bobkov   Polina Kanina
Valentin Bogdan Anin   Andreea Daiana Bercea
Denis Subbotin   Anna Krapivina
Sergey Bosov   Olesya Fomina
Aleksey Gololobov   Anastasiya Savina
Talpiga Ioan Bogdan   Talpiga Ana Maria Mirela
Sergey Tambov   Alexandra Kuvaldina
Aleksandr Bogomol   Inna Sinitsyna
Andrey Bogdanov   Elizaveta Naddeson
Nikita Borisov   Karina Bezdetochnaya
Mikhail Bobrov   Tatyana Zavyazkina
Sergey Tambov   Aleksandra Kuvaldina
Jean-baptiste Boyer   Morgane Salomon Gagnaire
Wilfried BOUR-DURIEZ   Elodie CATENA
Bogdan Boie   Ksenya Rybina
Mikhail Bobrov   Tatiana Zaviazkina
Roman Neliubov   Valeria Dereviagina
Zaur Dzurabov   Ekaterina Cherkashina
Pavlo Bondarenko   Oleksandra Putilina
Mikhail Skorobogatov   Kseniya Churkina
Anatoly Bogatov   Valeriya Korovina
Ivan Bocharov   Ekaterina Golovina
Anatoly Bogatov   Valeria Korovina
Alexandr Bogomol   Inna Sinitsyna
Mikhail Skorobogatov   Ksenia Churkina
Sergey Bosov   Olesiy Fomina
Vladislav Bozhko   Sofya Pechenkina
Alexandr Boyarkin   Anna Zorina
Stefano Maraboli   Laura Donati
Yaroslav Bondarenko   Angelina Voronina
Alexis Bogado   Lena Katchourina
Vladislav Bozhko   Sofia Pechenkina
Alexandr Bogoslovsky   Julia Anokhina
Bogdan Boie   Ksenia Rbyna
Keisuke Kubo   Madoka Minakawa
Ilya Beloborodov   Julia Luzina
Viktor Boychuk   Yana Kinashchuk
Jon Valgeir Stefansson   Liv Sunneva Einarsdottir
Marko Ciboci   Polina Valerivna Golubeva
Olivier Borzillo   Elodie Catena
Nikita Gololobov   Arina Zhilina
Danila Riabov   Arina Ilyukhina
Ilya Beloborodov   Yuliya Luzina
Raducanu Bogdan   Simion Adelina
Voicu Bogdan Alexandru   Dima Ana Maria
Fericel Sergiu Bogdan   Mocofan Ana Maria Ioana
Valters Frickauss   Liva Orleana
Ion Simboteanu   Vartic Lina
Michael Rodelborn   Diana Lomakina
Ioan Baptiste Boyer   Morgane Salomon Gaignaire
Vladimir Zubov   Polina Kutina
Pavel Bondarenko   Oleksandra Putilina
Ionut Ciubotariu   Alina Florentina Boros
Sun Yibo   Wei Xuenan
Maxim Boychenko   Maria Berezhnaya
Vadim Borisevich   Tatiana Gorshenina
Balazs Zsombor   Youssef Adelina
Szabo Gabor   Bense Krisztina
Toth Csaba Tibor   Dobrila Valentina
Jan Svoboda   Barbora Plana
Pavel Bezborodov   Alexandra Plakhotina
Voicu Bogdan   Dima Ana
Alexandra Bondarenko   Liubov Kasatkina
Zilahi Szabolcs Gyorgy   Mikes Anna
Suciu Bogdan Vasile   Breban Carina Iulia
Kirill Boev   Evgenia Kakorina
Kirill Bogdan   Angelina Dudkina
Pavel Baboshkin   Anastasia Nikitina
Ilya Beloborodov   Victoria Kochkina
Alexandr Bondarenko   Liubov Kasatkina
Naohiro Ohkubo   Moe Watanabe
Kiryl Shvaibovich   Tudavaseva Yana
Raducanu Bogdan   Mocofan Ana Maria Ioana
Boie Bogdan   Ksenya Rybina
Giovanni Boccu   Federica Gualina
Szabo Gabor Adam   Bense Krisztina
Sergey Bondarenko   Kateryna Sinyagina
Paun Bogdan-Mihail   Popescu Diana Narcisa
Lucian Constantin Boldojan   Alexandra Ioana Danila
Coconcea Bogdan Vladut   Andreea Sorina Satnoianu
Dennis Bosman   Sasja Nas
Mark Nabokov   Julia Anokhina
Anton Bormotov   Natalia Kasatkina
Edijs Endijs Abols   Laura Bernate
Szabo Gabor   Pollak Anna
Nicolai Bouet   Anna Shagalina
Omar Bottarelli   Barbara Stagnari
Artem Bondin   Ekaterina Gunbina
Biri Gabor   Nagy Fruzsina
Teodor Cristian Borcan   Carla Elena Sava
Nikolay Bogdanov   Polina Slivkina
Kiryl Bohdan   Darya Kuzmina
Bogdan Zabolotniy   Ekaterina Mityurina
Hreidar Orri Arnarson   Liv Sunneva Einarsdottir
Robert Szabo   Larisa Adina Mos
Olivier Borzillo   Sophie Elena Garcia Riesco
Maksim Labovkin   Daria Lopatina
Benghiu Andrei-Bogdan   Tescuteanu Cristina Maria
Yassine Bouabdallah   Balogh Diana
Igor Bodyagin   Michelle Nazarenus
Ilya Rabovil   Galina Chicherina
Alexey Borisov   Valeria Marinina
Danil Borovkov   Anastasia Esina
Szabo Gabor Adam   Benko Zsuzsanna
Egor Bobrov   Yana Annina
Gaita Bogdan Stefan   Frunza Viviana Elena
Semen Bobrov   Natalia Kukhtina
Dragne Bogdan Andrei   Bud Andreea Cristina
Denis Bourgeois   Marie Magdalena Dufkova
Artem Bezborodkin   Alesia Tutushkina
Paun Bogdan-Mihail   Simion-Matatko Marilena
Alexander Borisov   Anastasia Fokina
Fericel Sergiu Bogdan   Sturza Lorena
Yumiya Kubota   Victoria Sermyagina
Leonid Bobkov   Natalya Moskvina
Anton Bocharov   Daria Pasternak
Ruslan Bondarenko   Polina Ilukhina
Alexandr Sherstoboev   Alina Volgina
Kirils Bogacovs-Kudrevatihs   Serafima Cistjulina
Marco Boraso   Jennifer Bonafini
Maxim Vyskubov   Michelle Lingenau
Pavel Borovikov   Daria Marukhina
Igor Pereboets   Svetlana Surina
Shao Weiyi   Zhang Naiyu
Yumiya Kubota   Viktoriya Sermyagina
Renghea Bogdan Stefan   Dodu Oana Georgiana
Barbu Bogdan Mihai   Taralunga Diana Andreea
Shao Hong Bo   Zeng Zheng
Ivan Zazybov   Anastasiya Fornalchuk
Ivan Borisov   Kristina Fomina
Vladimir Bolshikh   Anastasia Shchekina
Alexandr Borisov   Julia Nikitina
Hideyuki Kubota   Mai Nakayama
Maksim Bodnar   Anna Pismennaya
Bartosz Bojanczyk   Georgiana Anamaria Muja
Marco Bolzan   Maria Berna
Ilya Bogatov   Angelina Duritsina
Szabo Abel Zsombor   Bokodi Panna
Dragne Bogdan Andrei   Miruna Ana Maria Stefanescu
Reck Tibor   Szlepak Andrea Zsuzsanna
Bogdan Boldyrev   Maria Demina
Stefan Golubovic   Agne Malinauskaite
Nikita Sobol   Anna Paramzina
Nikita Borunov   Eva Monastyrskaia
Raducanu Bogdan   Ton Oana
Kirill Borisov   Anastasia Kachurina
Leonid Bobkov   Natalia Moskvina
Dmytro Bodko   Valeriia Kutyrkina
Domas Seibokas   Juste Janciunaite
Andrea Boldrini   Barbara Stagnari
Aleksandr Borovkov   Kseniia Sakalkina
Alexandru Simboteanu   Georgeta-Anastasia Ignat
Sziklai Gabor   Stercz Mira Krisztina
Dmitry Yastrebov   Varvara Kochergina
Ilya Naborshchikov   Anna Naborshchikova
Yahor Boldysh   Irina Averina
Nikita Soloboev   Alisa Anikina
Mikhail Khristoliubov   Valeria Tiurina
Boleslav Subbotenko   Valeriia Kurilna
Dmitrii Bordukov   Anna Fimina
Ilya Bolshakov   Ekaterina Galiatkina
Nikita Bochenkov   Sofia Ananieva
Miroslav Bozev   Gabriela Navyakova
Juhasz Gabor Krisztian   Kocsis Johanna
Kostner Walter Bogdan   Dumitru Andreea Daiana
Veliciu Bogdan-Cristian   Fekete Regina-Renata
Malaescu Bogdan   Satnoianu Adriana

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