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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF Grand Slam Latin
City :Moscow
Country :Russian Federation
Date :Friday, 10-27-2017
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :Grand Slam
Age :Adult Latin

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF Grand Slam Latin / Adult Latin
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Gabriele Goffredo - Anna Matus Photos of couple available  Moldova
2Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
3Timur Imametdinov - Nina Bezzubova Photos of couple available  Germany
4Andrey Gusev - Vera Bondareva Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
5Charles-Guillaume Schmitt - Elena Salikhova Photos of couple available  France
6Andrea Silvestri - Varadi Martina Hungary
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova Estonia
8Timur Yusupov - Sofia Kharina Russian Federation
9Umberto Gaudino - Louise Heise Photos of couple available  Italy
10Guillem Pascual - Rosa Carne Spain
11Anton Aldaev - Natalia Polukhina Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
12Giacomo Lazzarini - Roberta Benedetti Profile page present and updated Italy
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Moldovan Paul - Tatar Cristina Romania
14Malthe Brinch Rohde - Sandra Sorensen Photos of couple available  Denmark
15Artem Semerenko - Valeriya Kachalko Russian Federation
16Jokubas Venckus - Migle Klupsaite Lithuania
17Alexey Dolgushin - Ksenia Piatakhina Russian Federation
18Cseke Zsolt Sandor - Malika Dzumaev Germany
19Maxim Elfimov - Evgenia Churikova Russian Federation
20Mstislav Kazakov - Alena Kazakova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
21Artyom Liaskovsky - Ksenia Zaputriaeva Isr
22Dumitrescu Razvan - Jacqueline Joos Germany
23Alexey Korobchenko - Liana Odikadze Isr
24David Jutge - Tatiana Podgornaia France
Round 4
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
25Artem Efanin - Anna Dergunova Russian Federation
25Yan Sorokin - Veronika Karimova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
27Maximilian Polosatov - Olga Khvesko Russian Federation
27Alexandr Kurennoy - Ksenia Zavialova Russian Federation
29Artem Martynov - Polina Figurenko Russian Federation
30Egor Petrov - Anna Argun Russian Federation
31Vladislav Nikishin - Polina Golubeva Russian Federation
32Nikolay Levchenkov - Marina Kotelevets Rus
32Nikolay Chernov - Elizaveta Dvorianova Rus
34Vladislav Artiushkov - Sofia Vershinina Russian Federation
34Lars Olav Eltervaag - Paraskevi Zygouri Norway
36Victor Bychkov - Alina Atamanchuk Russian Federation
36Dmitry Kulebakin - Daria Sviridenko Rus
38Egor Kondratenko - Mie Lincke Funch Denmark
38Semen Zenkin - Alina Vorontsova Russian Federation
40Dmitry Afanasiev - Alena Valeeva Russian Federation
41Maxim Pavlov - Alexandra Kuznetsova Russian Federation
41Fabian Taeschner - Darja Titowa Germany
43Sergey Katkov - Daria Antiufieva Russian Federation
44Viacheslav Pastukhov - Karyna Kalykhan Belarus
45Alexander Lillo - Margarita Hamzaeva Russian Federation
46Sergey Minaev - Angelina Troshina Russian Federation
47Philipp Onishchenko - Ekaterina Panteleeva Russian Federation
48Alexey Birman - Uliana Pustovalova Russian Federation
49Sergey Litvinov - Anna Anufrieva Rus
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
50Zhang Andi - Xu Shanshan People'S Republic Of China
50Valentin Kosmachev - Alena Kochengina Russian Federation
50Roman Tormashev - Anastasia Alekhina Russian Federation
50Evgeny Zavadskikh - Daria Makarova Russian Federation
54Alexandr Ryabtsev - Maria Oblakova Russian Federation
55Nikita Yakimchuk - Irina Rykova Rus
55Viacheslav Benko - Elena Klepikova Russian Federation
55Wang Ying - Du Jiaze People'S Republic Of China
58Alexey Polovnikov - Maria Potemkina Russian Federation
58Andrey Trubaenko - Olga Chivozertseva Russian Federation
58Nikita Olinichenko - Elizaveta Pustornakova Russian Federation
58Alexandr Panasiuk - Kristina Sukhova Russian Federation
62Sergey Bliznyuk - Julia Olenich Russian Federation
63Maxim Belan - Anastasia Gimazova Russian Federation
64Farukhdzhan Mamadzhanov - Nadezhda Burau Kyrgyzstan
64Nikita Urchev - Anna Merkurieva Russian Federation
66Gurshad Mamedov - Ekaterina Chekina Russian Federation
67Evgeny Igumnov - Vasilisa Shirobokova Rus
68Anton Lobanov - Vlada Kabanevskaya Russian Federation
69Oleg Smolin - Olga Kosareva Rus
70Andrey Ponomarev - Polina Dek Russian Federation
71Alexandr Khodenko - Ekaterina Mishina Russian Federation
71Pavel Shchetinin - Anastasia Zueva Rus
73Egor Ivashov - Polina Sukhneva Russian Federation
73Egor Yakovlev - Alina Khrometskova Russian Federation
75Daniil Pisankin - Arina Marukhina Russian Federation
75Nikita Smolnikov - Daria Lopatina Russian Federation
75Yaroslav Kuliaev - Daria Kashapova Russian Federation
78Vladislav Soloviev - Anastasia Kislitsina Russian Federation
78Ivan Petov - Anastasia Bespalenko Rus
78Maxim Morozov - Anastasia Torikova Russian Federation
78Nikolay Parshikov - Elizaveta Kuyan Russian Federation
78Oleg Starinsky - Julia Mitina Rus
83Ilya Beloborodov - Victoria Kochkina Russian Federation
84Ilya Ivanov - Anna Kvashninova Russian Federation
84Alan Chekhoev - Anastasia Kriukova Rus
86Evgeny Kuznetsov - Anastasia Ugarova Rus
86Vladislav Korennoy - Angelina Shvedova Rus
88Andrey Ogarkov - Irina Dolinskaya Russian Federation
88Nikita Kostalev - Elena Radaeva Rus
88Vadim Dzhangidze - Alisa Glazkova Russian Federation
91Maxim Semenov - Valeria Zlokazova Russian Federation
92Georgy Yuriev - Valeria Suvorova Russian Federation
92Ivan Sorokin - Ekaterina Krylova Russian Federation
94Vladislav Stytsiuk - Daria Chechel Russian Federation
94Gao Kay Tszia - Valeria Mukhacheva Russian Federation
94Yury Shchegolevatykh - Olesia Frolova Rus
94Aydar Musin - Elvira Lapteva Russian Federation
98Dmitry Rylov - Julia Grishina Russian Federation
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
99Yun Choulju - Kim Yuri Korea, The Republic Of
100Ivan Bebenin - Ekaterina Kudriavtseva Russian Federation
101Veniamin Timofeev - Ksenia Pakhomova Russian Federation
101Alexey Mitriashin - Elizaveta Reutova Russian Federation
103Viacheslav Grebenshchikov - Kristina Zinchenko Russian Federation
103Denis Makarov - Ksenia Prokusheva Russian Federation
103Vladimir Fedorov - Daria Kozlova Russian Federation
106Alexey Shilkin - Valeria Egina Rus
107Nikita Khripunov - Rimma Pechenkina Rus
107Artemy Shchennikov - Vasilisa Stepanova Rus
107Roman Gerasimov - Sofia Kardash Russian Federation
107Yun Jae Hyun - Im Yeonwoo South Korea
107Matej Stec - Elena Popova Slovakia
112Vladislav Babenkov - Anna Zarechneva Russian Federation
112Evgeny Denisov - Liudmila Vashunina Rus
112Denis Seregin - Anastasia Vayradian Russian Federation
112Evgeny Smirnov - Alena Surovova Rus
112Danil Ukhin - Svetlana Mineeva Russian Federation
117Georgy Yarmak - Elizaveta Surmenelian Russian Federation
117Daniil Kuznetsov - Alisa Kakayan Rus
117Maxim Germanov - Ekaterina Guguchkina Russian Federation
120Aydar Aleshin - Anastasia Martirosova Rus
121Evgeny Kasianov - Alina Mitrikovskaya Russian Federation
121Yury Markelov - Daria Kretova Russian Federation
123Anatoly Pervushin - Elena Alexeeva Russian Federation
123Ilya Zvolsky - Kristina Fisenko Russian Federation
123Artyom Sviryukov - Elizaveta Romanova Russian Federation
126Egor Sidorov - Svetlana Migashko Rus
127Nikita Goltsov - Anastasia Spirina Russian Federation
127Lev Lukovich - Anastasia Sokolova Rus
127Alexey Gladilin - Elizaveta Gerasimova Russian Federation
130Kirill Germanov - Milana Beluga Rus
131Miao Yang - Wang Xue Chn
132Renat Mutigullin - Maria Slobozhan Rus
133Danila Katelevsky - Daria Kolosha Russian Federation
133Alexey Miliutin - Gulnara Yakubova Russian Federation
133Timur Sharipov - Yuliana Khismatullina Rus
136Yaroslav Bovarov - Anastasia Egorova Rus
137German Timofeev - Tamara Apsalikova Russian Federation
138Timur Khusnimardanov - Evgenia Larionova Russian Federation
138Vadim Erotsky - Daria Chernook Russian Federation
140Alexandr Samigullin - Ekaterina Rotan Russian Federation
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
141Alexey Kalachikov - Olga Tarumova Russian Federation
141Vasily Kvatov - Anna Volokhova Russian Federation
141Grigory Miftakhutdinov - Anna Ustiugova Rus
141Georgy Koshechkin - Yana Kireeva Rus
145Victor Ermakov - Anna Matsakova Russian Federation
145Ilya Kaluzhsky - Ekaterina Svintsova Rus
147Nikita Arbatsky - Elizaveta Zhuravleva Rus
147Konstantin Golosnov - Elena Grebkina Russian Federation
149Alexandr Grachev - Nadezhda Khafizova Rus
149Semen Kamenev - Evgenia Eliseykina Rus
151Dmitry Grushin - Alexandra Grigorova Russian Federation
151Dmitry Chenskikh - Olga Gaevaya Russian Federation
151Yury Mutianov - Maria Egorova Russian Federation
151Alexandr Maximov - Elizaveta Kulagina Russian Federation
151Vladislav Lets - Ekaterina Klimanova Russian Federation
151Sergey Vorushilo - Ekaterina Mikhaleva Russian Federation
157Akim Barkovsky - Julia Kudriavtseva Russian Federation
157Daniil Gostevsky - Natalia Sokolova Russian Federation
157Mikhail Zakharov - Alena Gurianova Russian Federation
160Rustam Yakubov - Darina Sultanbekova Russian Federation
160Ilya Trifanov - Alexandra Shirenshchikova Russian Federation
160Alexey Larin - Liudmila Turchina Russian Federation
163Vladislav Valuev - Polina Petriagina Russian Federation
163Leonid Bobkov - Natalia Moskvina Rus
165Pavel Lesnichenko - Maria Karnetskikh Russian Federation
165Nikita Kuzin - Ekaterina Kuleshova Russian Federation
165Alexandr Zibanov - Vera Smirnova Russian Federation
168Oleg Nazarov - Liudmila Ustalu Russian Federation
168Alexey Shichkin - Kristina Vasina Rus
168Artem Semenov - Daria Markina Rus
171Leonid Zobnin - Aleksandra Evnevich Russian Federation
171Gleb Sekachev - Polina Palchikovskaya Russian Federation
173Artem Dvornikov - Valeria Kosteeva Rus
173German Savchuk - Irina Babkina Rus
173Andrey Potapov - Anna Steblianko Russian Federation
173Vitaly Arzanov - Daria Shcheglova Russian Federation
177Sergey Kadin - Uliana Zizikina Russian Federation
177Danil Tishchenko - Alena Basova Rus
177Nikita Smirnov - Anastasia Trifanova Russian Federation
177Alexandr Sviridov - Viktoria Petrova Russian Federation
177Maxim Rossiysky - Anastasia Esina Russian Federation
177Vladislav Kniazev - Ksenia Taushkanova Rus
183Alexey Surzhin - Arina Eliseeva Rus
184Dmitry Trishin - Victoria Kazatskaya Russian Federation
184Daniil Kardash - Maria Bulgakova Russian Federation
186Pavel Kozhanov - Elena Kaplia Russian Federation
186Alexey Grinev - Ksenia Grineva Russian Federation
188Arkady Borshchevsky - Anastasia Ryzhkova Rus
188Alexandr Grigoriev - Marina Savlovskaya Russian Federation
188Artem Shevchenko - Elizaveta Shvyreva Rus
188Dmitry Viderker - Maria Shupletsova Russian Federation
192Anatoly Gorbatenko - Veronika Mamedova Russian Federation
192Andrey Soloviev - Julia Kunakbaeva Russian Federation
194Maxim Sholotonov - Alexandra Yaroslavskaya Rus
195Vladimir Barinov - Olesia Semenova Rus
195Eduard Bezotechestvo - Ekaterina Karaulova Rus
195Victor Riabykin - Ekaterina Buchneva Russian Federation
198Alexander Kobzarev - Margarita Sokolova Russian Federation
198Konstantin Smerdov - Milena Kalinina Rus
198Kirill Shepelev - Yana Ragozina Russian Federation
198Danil Novikov - Veronika Rudenko Rus
198Andrey Bubnov - Irina Chursina Russian Federation
203Semen Cheshkov - Elizaveta Tkachenko Russian Federation
204Fedor Gribakov - Anna Suvorova Russian Federation
204Nikita Ziukov - Vasilina Panina Rus
204Vadim Shchedrin - Ksenia Zolotukhina Russian Federation
204Igor Bezugliy - Anastasia Khritonenkova Rus
208Sergey Puchkin - Olga Beda Russian Federation
208Alexandr Vasilkov - Ksenia Nurmatova Rus
210Kirill Molev - Aleksandra Kriventsova Russian Federation
210Anton Savin - Julia Arkhipova Rus
212Kirill Buriy - Elizaveta Belonogova Rus
212Oleg Loginov - Elena Antonova Russian Federation
214Evgeny Kravets - Anna Tokareva Rus
214Alexandr Yakovlev - Tatiana Sukhareva Rus
214Nikita Shchelkanov - Valeria Tsareva Rus
214Danil Smirnov - Elizaveta Varda Rus
218Stanislav Slomchinsky - Elizaveta Denisova Russian Federation
218Denis Klochkov - Alexandra Martynova Rus
220Mikhail Yarysh - Natalia Tsyranova Rus
221Viacheslav Silionov - Anna Domaniuk Rus