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Friday, 21st of July 2017
07-21::Wdsf Rising Stars Open Latin (1)
07-21::Wdsf Senior I Open Latin (1)
07-21::Wdsf Senior Ii Open Standard (1)
Tuesday, 18th of July 2017
07-18::Wdsf Youth Open Standard (1)
07-18::Wdsf International Open Latin (1)
07-18::Wdsf Junior Ii Open Latin (1)
07-18::Wdsf Senior Ii Open Standard (1)
07-18::Wdsf Youth Open Latin (1)
07-18::Wdsf International Open Standa... (1)
07-18::Wdsf Senior Iii Open Standard (1)

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Today's TIP: NADB/WDSF NK & Vermeer Cup- Almere 2017 | Saturday | Sunday |

Prime Line Agency - Dancers Wanted

Prime Line Talent Agency represents ballroom dancers all around the globe. Our Agency guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. Our main goals are: the search and discovery of more and more new talents, allowing gifted ballroom dancers to shine on the big stages, television programs and tour with the world-famous shows all over the world. We are permanently seeking artists for cruise line production shows"

Open Casting Call for Ballroom Dancers in Italy, $3320/$5900 per month

Blackpool Dance Festival 2017 NL couples | USA couples
Photo's Rob Ronda: ALL Blackpool | Amateur Latin | Professional Latin | Amateur Ballroom | Professional Ballroom |

Photo's from Rob Ronda this week HERE..!! See our special Winners Gallery |

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Workshops & Lessons at Candance - The Netherlands

BLACKPOOL 2016 | Photo's Rob Ronda ALL | !QH Amateur Latin | 2QH Amateur Latin | Professional RS Ballroom | Senior Latin | Under 21 Ballroom | Amateur Latin | Amateur Ballroom | Professional Ballroom | Professional Latin |

Rob Ronda is present in Blackpool go see his Photo's more soon each day!!

Professional Latin

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