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Sunday, 15th of December 2019
12-15::Wdsf International Open Latin (1)
12-15::Wdsf Youth Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Junior Ii Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Senior Ii Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Professional Open Latin (1)
12-15::Nadb - Christmas Challenge Tro... (31)
12-15::Wdsf Junior Ii Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Senior Ii Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Under 21 Open Standard (1)
12-15::Wdsf Senior I Open Standard (1)

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Today's TIP: Video's Dutch Dance Competitions Henk Wesselink | Willem Broekstra |
NADB uitslag Christmas Challenge Trophy 2019 - Oldenzaal: Zaterdag | Zondag

The International - England 2019 | Photo's ALL Rob Ronda Amateur Ballroom | Professional Ballroom |
Amateur Latin | Professional Latin |

Professional Latin

Amateur Latin

South Open Championships - Orlando USA

With over 45 years in existence, it is with great pleasure that Sid Pocius, owner of DST Events, proudly presents the South Open Dancesport Championships and marks the commencement of the prestigious Dancesport spectacular tour:

BLACKPOOL Dance Festival 2019 Photo's: Rob Ronda ALL 2533 | Amateur Ball | Amateur Lat | Professional Lat | Professional Ball |

See more photo's Professional Latin

WDSF Grand Slam - Bucharest Romania 2019 |
WDSF World GS Standard | WDSF World GS Latin | ALL |

Rob Ronda were present at WDSF Grand Slam 2019 - Bucharest go see his Photo's.

More photo's from the WDSF Grand Slam Latin

WDSF Diamond Cup - Antwerp 2019 |
WDSF World Open Standard | WDSF World Open Latin | WDSF World Championship Senior IV Standard | ALL |

Cor & Rob Ronda were present at WDSF Diamond Cup 2019 - Belgium go see his Photo's.

More photo's from the WDSF World Open Latin

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