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Romantic ballroom dress a flower colours...
1050.00 Fixed price
Stylish ARTI design ballroom dress
1050.00 Fixed price
DSI Sponsored Ocean Blue Ballroom Dress
1150.00 Fixed price
500.00 Fixed price
650.00 Fixed price
Vesa design dress
2300.00 Fixed price
Stunning white ballroom dress made by Si...
United Kingdom
1450.00 Fixed price
Bright and Elegant dress!!
750.00 Contact us
Beautiful Dore Latin dress
United States
1025.00 Fixed price
Stunning Dore Latin dress
United States
1800.00 Fixed price
Dresses / Tail Suits  
1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
999.00 Negotiable
Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
800.00 Negotiable
Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
1000.00 Contact us
Size: 34-38
The best dress.
100.00 Fixed price
Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
United States
600.00 Negotiable
Size: 0-6
Original and remarkable latin dress
500.00 Fixed price
Size: XSmall-Small
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Result Service - Competition Overview
Name competition :NADB - Stone Mountains Cup
City :Steenbergen
Country :Netherlands
Date :Sunday, 05-14-2017
Association :NADB

Result Service / NADB - Stone Mountains Cup
Search string:

DateAssociationCompetition ageResult Entries
05-14-2017NADB  Senior I Debutanten Standard 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten 2 Latin 5 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten I Latin 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults B Latin 1 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults Hkl Latin 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adult 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults C Standard 3 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults B Standard 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults A Standard 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adults Hkl Standard 1 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten 3 Latin 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten 5 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten I Standard 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior I B Standard 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior I Hkl Standard 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior II B Standard 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior II A Standard 3 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior II Hkl Standard 1 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior III A Standard 6 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Senior IV Standard 4 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten 5 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Debutanten 2 Standard 2 Entrie(s)
05-14-2017NADB  Adult 3 Entrie(s)