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Beautiful Ballroom Gown
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Beautiful Ballroom Gown
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Stylish Navi blue ballroom dress
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Real masterpiece made of french lace
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Vesa dress
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Beautiful Latin dress
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Black and silver velvet latin dress
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Bright and Elegant dress!!
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Ballroom dress
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Ballroom dress for sale
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Size: S
United Kingdom
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Size: UK 6-8
United Kingdom
2000.00 Fixed price
Size: UK 6
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
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Size: 34-38
The best dress.
100.00 Fixed price
Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
United States
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Size: 0-6
Original and remarkable latin dress
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Size: XSmall-Small
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Result Service - Couple Information
Andrey Boldyrev and Anastasiya Fedoseeva

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Name : Andrey BoldyrevAnastasiya Fedoseeva
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :8 at Blackpool 2015 - Under 21 Latin
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Rising Stars LA
Competition(s) recorded :7
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2012-10-09 :: National :: International Championships 2012 - Junior Latin - England (place 8)
Last competition recorded
2015-05-25 :: National :: Blackpool 2015 - Amateur RS Latin - Adult Rising Stars LA - England (place 42)

All recorded competitions
2015-05-25National - Blackpool 2015 - Amateur RS Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
England(place 42)
2015-05-24National - Blackpool 2015 - Under 21 Latin
Youth Under 21 Latin
England(place 8)
2015-05-23National - Blackpool 2015 - 2QH Amateur RS Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
England(place 155)
2015-05-21National - Blackpool 2015 - 1QH Amateur RS Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
England(place 246)
2014-10-07National - The International Championships 2014
Youth Under 21 Latin
England(place 10)
2012-10-10National - International Championships 2012
Junior Standard
England(place 28)
2012-10-09National - International Championships 2012
Junior Latin
England(place 8)

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1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
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  Male Name   Female Name
Andrey Lakhtionov   Anastasiya Sirazeeva
Andrey Dubinkin   Anastasiya Sainkina
Andrey Shurygin   Anastasiya Zhurbenko
Andrey Kornev   Anastasiya Ivanova
Andrey Pakalov   Anastasiya Glazunova
Andrey Lakhtionov   Anastasiya Puryaeva
Andrey Polyakov   Anastasiya Isakova
Andrey Kuklin   Anastasiya Urlapova
Andrey Dubkov   Anastasiya Polukhina
Andrey Yeremin   Anastasiya Torchilina
Andrey Zakharchenko   Anastasiya Brezhneva
Andrey Yuldashev   Anastasiya Dolinina
Andrey Golovko   Anastasiya Busygina
Andrey Medvedev   Anastasiya Pureskina
Andrey Ivanochkin   Anastasiya Bukina
Andrey Ivatovich   Anastasiya Ivatovich
Andrey Molodenko   Anastasiya Korneeva
Andrey Magdisyuk   Anastasiya Soloveva
Andrey Matev   Anastasiya Kudinova
Andrey Bratno   Anastasiya Kushnereva
Andrey Ignatenko   Anastasiya Milyutina
Andrey Bogdanov   Anastasiya Lavrenteva
Andrey Markin   Anastasiya Troshina
Andrey Sukhotin   Anastasiya Kraeva
Andrey Vernigora   Anastasiya Kolchedantseva
Andrey Kovalev   Anastasiya Novikova
Andrey Akhmetshin   Anastasiya Grigorenko
Andrey Chumachenko   Anastasiya Izvekova
Andrey Pigorev   Anastasiya Razinkova
Pavel Penkovskiy   Anastasiya Fedoseeva
Andrey Barmin   Anastasiya Ilina
Andrey Antonov   Anastasiya Agarkova
Andrey Pugachev   Anastasiya Myakotkina
Andrey Klemeshev   Anastasiya Maneva
Andrey Egorov   Anastasiya Bobkova
Andrey Tsatov   Anastasiya Chirikina
Andrey Surnin   Anastasiya Zaytseva
Aleksey Derbilov   Anastasiya Fedoseeva
Andrey Knauer   Anastasiya-mariya Sas
Andrey Samuylov   Anastasiya Komarova
Andrey Paramonov   Anastasiya Inzam
Andrey Gulnin   Anastasiya Gorbonyuk
Andrey Pruss   Anastasiya Sattarova
Andrey Kuklin   Anastasiya Urlapova
Andrey Boldyrev   Mariya Prohorova
Andrey Knizel   Anastasiya Timofeeva
Andrey Boldyrev   Anastasiya Savinskaya
Andrey Fomichev   Anastasiya Lysakova
Andrey Chekmarev   Anastasiya Okladnikova
Andrey Knizel   Anastasiya Bormotova
Andrey Sabelnikov   Anastasiya Bedrina
Andrey Tupitsyn   Anastasiya Soloveva
Andrey Kolesnikov   Anastasiya Radchenko
Andrey Guselnikov   Anastasiya Trachuk
Andrey Obrezumov   Anastasiya Mudrevskaya
Andrey Mangra   Anastasiya Davydova
Andrey Noskov   Anastasiya Gimazova
Andrey Liubimov   Anastasiya Shevchenko
Andrey Marinich   Anastasiya Tischenko
Vladimir Litvinov   Anastasiya Fedoseeva
Andrey Prokip   Anastasiya Koroleva

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2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
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Family name female