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Dresses / Tail Suits  
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Result Service - Couple Information
Vlad Fedorov and Darya Yakovleva

Name : Vlad FedorovDarya Yakovleva
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :14 at St Petersburg Ball 2009
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Standard
Competition(s) recorded :3
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2008-12-13 :: National :: Nikolai Ozerov Cup 2008 - Junior II Standard - Russia (place 79)
Last competition recorded
2009-05-16 :: IDSF :: IDSF International Open Standard - Adult Standard - Russia (place 117)

All recorded competitions
2009-05-16IDSF - IDSF International Open Standard
Adult Standard
Russia(place 117)
2009-04-11National - St Petersburg Ball 2009
Youth Latin
Russia(place 14)
2008-12-13National - Nikolai Ozerov Cup 2008
Junior II Standard
Russia(place 79)

How to use the Correction tool:
1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Vladislav Suschenko   Darya Guseva
Vladimir Medvedev   Daryana Sokolova
Vladimir Pinegin   Darya Drevina
Vladislav Aytuganov   Darya Frolova
Vladislav Korotchenko   Darya Cherkas
Vladimir Popov   Darya Sushko
Vladyslav Shpota   Darya Goncharova
Vladimir Fedorov   Yuliya Stepicheva
Sergey Chunikhin   Darya Yakovleva
Vladislav Gordeev   Darya Stolbova
Vlad Fedorov   Alina Lokteva
Vladislav Adamovich   Darya Potapova
Vladislav Prudnik   Darya Selezen
Artem Fedorov   Darya Danilova
Aleksey Bychkov   Darya Yakovleva
Vladislav Ermolov   Darya Levchenko
Vladimir Ermolenko   Darya Dikarkina
Vladislav Aytuganov   Darya Glushkova
Vladimir Golubtsov   Darya Barsukova
Vladislav Shatyy   Darya Maryankova
Vladislav Zayko   Daryana Mikhaylova
Vladislav Stytsyuk   Darya Smolnikova
Roman Tsvetkov   Darya Yakovleva
Vladislav Yakimenko   Darya Filimonova
Vladimir Fedorov   Irina Tremasova
Artem Fedorov   Darya Antonova
Vladislav Valuev   Darya Shilyakova
Vlad Fedorov   Anastasiya Agarkova
Vladimir Panasyuk   Darya Nikeytseva
Vladislav Kulyapkin   Darya Boyarkina
Vladimir Logachev   Darya Kochetkova
Vladimir Fedorov   Yuliya Stepicheva
Vladimir Golubtsov   Darya Barsukova
Vlad Fedorov   Anastasia Agarkova
Vladimir Zemskov   Darya Bulgakova
Vladislav Nefedov   Darya Girzhon
Vladislav Salnikov   Darya Verbetskaya
Vladimir Stepanov   Darya Makrutina
Artem Fedorov   Darya Antonova
Vladyslav Salnykov   Darya Verbetska
Vladislav Stepanenko   Liudmila Yakovleva
Vladislav Salnykov   Darya Verbetska
Vladislav Salnikov   Darya Verbezkaya
Vladimir Dolotov   Darya Zakharova
Vladislav Iliushenov   Valeria Yakovleva
Vladislav Nechaev   Daryana Mikhaylova
Vladislav Ilyushenov   Valeriya Yakovleva
Vladislav Salnikov   Darya Verbezraya
Vlad Salnikov   Darya Verbezkaya
Vladimir Fedorov   Talia Bagdashkina
Vladimir Fedorov   Daria Kozlova
Vlad Fedorov   Oksana Shustrova

When to use correct names feature:
1. If on your couple information page the names are incorrectly spelled.
2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
First name male
Family name male
First name female
Family name female