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VESA dress for sale!
€ 900.00 Fixed price
Bright and Elegant dress!!
€ 700.00 Contact us
Black and Green Ballroom dress
€ 875.00 Contact us
VESA dress for sale!
€ 900.00 Fixed price
Hong Kong
€ 670.00 Negotiable
Romantic ballroom dress a flower colours...
€ 1050.00 Fixed price
Stylish ARTI design ballroom dress
€ 1050.00 Fixed price
€ 500.00 Fixed price
€ 650.00 Fixed price
Stunning white ballroom dress made by Si...
United Kingdom
€ 1450.00 Fixed price
Dresses / Tail Suits  
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
€ 999.00 Negotiable
Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
€ 800.00 Negotiable
Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
€ 1000.00 Contact us
Size: 34-38
The best dress.
€ 100.00 Fixed price
Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
€ 700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
€ 1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
€ 500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
United States
€ 600.00 Negotiable
Size: 0-6
Original and remarkable latin dress
€ 500.00 Fixed price
Size: XSmall-Small
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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF International Open Standard
City :Moscow
Country :Russia
Date :Sunday, 03-25-2012
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Standard
Type :International Open
Age :Adult Standard
Marks :Marks available

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF International Open Standard / Adult Standard
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
2Vadim Shurin - Anastasia Meshkova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
3Vaidotas Lacitis - Veronika Golodneva Photos of couple available  Lithuania
4Ivan Novikov - Margarita Klimenko Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
5Igor Kruglov - Anna Aseeva Russian Federation
6Andrejs Rogovenko - Anna Voroncuka Photos of couple available  Sponsor: HforHair - Hair Pieces Latvia
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Csaba Laszlo - Viktoria Pali Hungary
8Artem Bronnikov - Daria Grishko Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
9Evgeny Nikitin - Dana Spitsyna Russian Federation
10Egor Dulebenets - Aleksandra Samorodskaya Photos of couple available  Byelorussia
10Leonid Khokhlov - Alexandra Shoshneva Russian Federation
12Karlis Treijs - Anastasia Krivosheeva Photos of couple available  Latvia
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Roman Usmanov - Valeria Rymareva Byelorussia
14Oleksandr Mazur - Olga Bogdanova Ukraine
14Alexey Ivanov - Alisa Kushnareva Russian Federation
16Yury Druzhnikov - Maria Tikhonova Russianfederation
17Vjaceslavs Suhtins - Anastasija Volkonska Photos of couple available  Latvia
17Alexandr Ignatov - Olga Tarasova Russian Federation
19Dmitry Berdinsky - Ella Naumova Russian Federation
20Valerij Osadchenko - Olga Osadchenko Photos of couple available  Lithuania
21Alexey Bredikhin - Daria Demenkova Russian Federation
22Evgeny Barsky - Valeria Olexiuk Russian Federation
23Ilya Mazurov - Svetlana Tikhonova Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated Russia
24Ilya Mirgorodsky - Anna Mirgorodskaya Russian Federation
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
25Artem Gaylit - Elizaveta Shibaeva Photos of couple available  Byelorussia
25Kirill Medianov - Antonina Maximova Russian Federation
27Alexey Tsarev - Veronika Titova Russian Federation
28Artem Yarovoy - Marina Mamontova Russian Federation
29Andrey Loginov - Nadezhda Yashkina Russian Federation
30Dmitry Pozdniakov - Polina Merkelova Russian Federation
31Stanislav Slomchinsky - Olga Riakhlova Russianfederation
32Mikhail Dezhurov - Yana Aldoshina Photos of couple available  Russia
33Andrey Beliaev - Alena Mentiukova Russianfederation
34Alexey Polozhaenko - Vera Shiriaeva Russian Federation
35Alexandr Klimkin - Tatiana Zhilkina Russian Federation
35Alexey Vlasov - Kristina Sharova Russian Federation
35Petr Tishchenko - Alena Ivanova Russian Federation
38Pavel Miriasov - Victoria Surova Russian Federation
38Nazar Khusnutdinov - Elizaveta Zhuravleva Russian Federation
40Denis Samarov - Daria Frolova Russian Federation
40Vladimir Dolotov - Evgenia Sokolova Russian Federation
42Artem Kepper - Irina Zakharova Russian Federation
42Andrey Prizentsov - Alina Kovalenko Russian Federation
42Alexandr Tsyganov - Ekaterina Prokofieva Russianfederation
45Alexandr Sheliubsky - Julia Belova Russian Federation
46Adel Gumerov - Natalia Savinkova Russian Federation
47Alexey Lebedev - Ekaterina Gorodetskaya Russian Federation
48Mikhail Zloschastiev - Elizaveta Shchekina Russian Federation
49Sergey Mikriukov - Liubov Vakhrusheva Russian Federation
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
50Sergey Koshkin - Maria Mochalova Russianfederation
50Anton Alexandrov - Anna Durkina Russianfederation
52Alexey Dolotov - Polina Ivanova Russian Federation
53Andrey Krupsky - Evgenia Derbizh Russian Federation
54Evgeny Klochkov - Maria Anikina Russian Federation
55Roman Tuzov - Anna Perminova Russian Federation
56Nikita Axiutin - Anastasia Krestianova Russianfederation
56Denis Vazhenin - Zhanna Simonova Russia
58Dmitry Korolev - Ekaterina Tsarik Russian Federation
58Alexandr Khrapov - Anastasia Volzhina Russian Federation
60Kirill Kepper - Margarita Abdiukova Russian Federation
61Vadim Golovchanov - Oxana Matvienko Russian Federation
62Nikita Bykov - Anastasia Ryzhkina Russianfederation
62Maxim Zimin - Daria Tereshchenko Russian Federation
64Ronald Pux - Sabine Pux Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated Austria
65Alexey Chebotar - Ekaterina Khoreva Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
66Artem Shcherbukha - Julia Ermakova Russian Federation
66Vladislav Tsarev - Angelina Barkova Russian Federation
66Vasiliy Ketskalo - Ilona Gaidukevich Belarus
69Alexendr Bogomol - Anna Romanova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
69Ruslan Elsiev - Anna Trukhan Russianfederation
71Dmitry Khusnutdinov - Liudmila Zhogina Russianfederation
71Nugzari Razmadze - Anastasia Redkina Russian Federation
73Artem Mironov - Ekaterina Gritskevich Russian Federation
73Denis Dembsky - Elizaveta Nemykina Russianfederation
75Dmitry Abrashkin - Daria Shefer Russian Federation
75Alexey Paliutin - Elmira Fatekhova Russian Federation
77Maxim Gaodu - Anna Ivanchikova Russian Federation
77Sergey Maziaev - Anna Gavrina Russian Federation
79Ivan Nigmatulin - Diana Kim Russian Federation
80Ruslan Gubarev - Anastasia Baldina Russian Federation
81Vadim Isaev - Angelina Sudakova Russian Federation
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
82Sergey Guskov - Alevtina Naumova Russian Federation
82Victor Ivashkevich - Alexandra Ermakova Russian Federation
82Ilya Koniaev - Kristina Korsunova Russian Federation
85Andrey Shcherbak - Natalia Vinogradenko Russianfederation
85Dmitry Yakovlev - Anastasia Rumiantseva Russian Federation
87Alexandr Milovatsky - Evgenia Yasinovskaya Russian Federation
87Alexey Babushkin - Julia Babushkina Russianfederation
89Ivan Bokov - Anna Cherdakova Russian Federation
89Alexey Laptev - Alena Krokhina Russian Federation
89Denis Makarov - Olga Demidenko Russian Federation
89Andrey Turenok - Tatiana Andreeva Russianfederation
93Vadim Ivanov - Irina Erofeeva Russian Federation
93Alexey Poliakov - Victoria Vetrova Russianfederation
95German Strelkov - Anastasia Tavalinskaya Russian Federation
96Alexandr Sokolov - Alexandra Afonskaya Russian Federation
97Vitaly Vinogradov - Maria Severova Russian Federation
98Ilya Gorkin - Evgenia Sechko Russianfederation
98Alexey Lukianov - Anna Kalenchenko Russian Federation
98Dmitry Shokhin - Julia Radaeva Russian Federation
98Denis Kopytin - Elena Nesterova Russian Federation
102Emil Vasiukhno - Tatiana Ovechkina Russian Federation
102Alexandr Boyko - Lidia Kharitonenko Russian Federation
104Fedor Patutinsky - Anastasia Uvarova Russian Federation
105Nikolay Bubnov - Ekaterina Lysykh Russian Federation
106Anton Rodichkin - Tatiana Nikolaeva Russian Federation
106Igor Yudin - Kristina Lukashik Russian Federation
108Maxim Melnikov - Evgenia Misemzhnikova Russian Federation
109Andrey Loginov - Ksenia Zubkova Russian Federation
109Daniil Gressel - Marina Buturlina Russian Federation
111Artur Khayrullin - Alia Shakirova Russian Federation
111Igor Zaytsev - Daria Kozlova Russian Federation
113Valentin Bartean - Virghinia Ursu Moldova
113Ivan Drobyk - Olga Sukhacheva Russian Federation
113Dmitry Buz - Inna Toropova Russian Federation
113Maxim Matveev - Anna Zimina Russian Federation
113Timofey Demikhov - Daria Barabanova Russian Federation