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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :Blackpool 2017 - 1QH Amateur Latin
City :Blackpool
Country :England
Date :Monday, 05-29-2017
Association :National
Disipline :Latin
Type :Open
Age :Adult Latin

Result Service - Results

Result Service / Blackpool 2017 - 1QH Amateur Latin / Adult Latin
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
220Li Rongzhi - Yunjia Zhang China
220Mirko Pepe - Simona Danese England
220Maksim Pavlov - Aleksandra Kuznetsova Russian Federation
220Andrey Patrushev - Ekaterina Bralyuk Russian Federation
220Damiano Paradisi - Ilaria Buioni Italy
220Mateusz Ostrowski - Marzena Dudek Poland
220Freythor Ossunrarson - Sophie Webb Photos of couple available  England
220Yevgenii Orlov - Marina Yerina Usa
220Roman Oligov - Katerina Sahanenko Photos of couple available  Ukraine
220Andrey Olgomets - Nastassia Saynkarova Russia
220Oskar Odiakosa - Nikita Vince England
220Jaroslav Obona - Dominika Roskova Slovakia
220Jacob Persson - Linn Hegdahl Photos of couple available  Sweden
220Kaloyan Petkov - Marieta Chalkova Bulgaria
220Daniel Pienaar - Sonica Wilken South Africa
220Bruno Rocha - Barbara Marques Portugal
220Nicolas Reboul - Cynthia Saidi France
220Kavin Rathna - Lindsey Lum Singapore
220Miroslav Randjelovic - Michaela Kemnitzer Germany
220Gong Chao Qun - Zhuo Lian Wei China
220Cristian Priori - Darya Loginova Italy
220Pavel Povalyaev - Sofya Povalyaeva Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Vadim Potapov - Elena Pilipenko Portugal
220Mikhail Popov - Veronika Tamarova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Dario Pizzo - Karen D'Albundo Photos of couple available  France
220Jefferson Pimentel - Lo Weng Che Malaysia
220Kiki Nyemchek - Magda Fialek Photos of couple available  Usa
220Andrew Nolo - Alexandra Vladimirov Australia
220Scott Nicholson - Sarina Wright Usa
220Salvatore Mannella - Luciana Baima Italy
220Vito Mandia - Ilenia Fanelli Italy
220Adelmo Mandia - Leah Rolfe Photos of couple available  England
220Sergey Maksyuta - Elisaveta Vnuchkova Russian Federation
220Ingo Madel - Rosina Witzsche Germany
220Pavel Lysyy - Ekaterina Novikova Russia
220Deng Lu - Hou Yongna China
220Yong Kun Long - Jia Ni Cheng China
220Enming Liu - Jiatong Gu China
220Jam Liu - Eliza Lin Taiwan
220Vladimir Litvinov - Lyubina Kuznetsova Russian Federation
220Alessio Manni - Giulia Antonelli Photos of couple available  Italy
220Tagyr Mansurov - Alexandra Kondrashova Photos of couple available  Usa
220Federico Marianasonte - Federica Salute Photos of couple available  Italy
220Mathew Nicholson - Wendy Yuanxin He Australia
220Artur Nawrat - Monika Wieclav Czech Republic
220Piotr Musialkowski - Magda Klopotowska Poland
220Michael Mudrik - Natalie Vollmer Germany
220Dmitry Muchnik - Sarit Konikov Israel
220Darren Morrissey - Klaudia Zaniewska England
220Brenton Mitchell - Alexandra Sevastianova Canada
220Tang Yi Ming - Huang Xin Yi Photos of couple available  China
220Luke Miller - Ellie Beacock England
220Marcello Mecocci - Francesca Campobassi Italy
220Lyu Masuda - Siobhan Power Australia
220Johnston Lim - Nicole Tan Malaysia
220Mattia Zini - Violeta Jovanovic Italy
220Bogdan Alexandru Voicu - Ana Maria Dima Romania
220Manuel Vampo - Federica Mosetti Italy
220Antonio Valerio - Valentina Avagliano Italy
220Mickael Vaganay - Amandine Mauceri Photos of couple available  France
220Evgeny Urazgildeev - Anna Sozina Russian Federation
220Marco Tseng - Nancy Chang Taiwan
220Ming Hsiu Tsai - Tin Chung Liu Taiwan
220Kien Trinh - Kirsty Mary Davies England
220Declan Taylor - Victoria Akhurst Australia
220Nikolai Tarasov - Sarah Nolan Usa
220Fabian Taeschner - Darja Titowa Germany
220Maciej Walczak - Anna Piaseczna Photos of couple available  Poland
220Igor Wilczynski - Irina Grishina Poland
220Przemyslaw Wojszel - Magdalena Kowal Poland
220Chen Wei Zhu - Jia Jia Wei China
220Jun Wei Zhang - Hu Wen Li China
220Aleksandr Zevelev - Valeriya Verstova Russian Federation
220Dmytro Zayats - Anastasiya Razdobara Ukraine
220Robert Zawadzki - Alina Shkliaruk Poland
220Rustam Yusifov - Olga Ovcharenko Ukraine
220Sergey Yurchenko - Nina Chernyshova Russia
220Guangyan Yu - Jianqiu Xu China
220Ma Xianwei - Yang Yang China Shanghai
220Jerome Wu - Elena Huang Singapore
220Rafal Wosiak - Marzena Karwatowska Poland
220Michal Szeliga - Katarzyna Przydzial Poland
220Artem Syzdykov - Katya Syzdykova Russian Federation
220Liu Suyang - Yu Han Gu China
220Dmitriy Semeshkin - Karina Zadoyan Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Benedikt Seigner - Sandra Schussler Germany
220Rami Schehimi - Susan Fichte Germany
220Luca Scalzo - Arianna Murri Italy
220Taras Savitskyy - Yuliya Steshenko Usa
220Jonathan Salmon - Jessica Ball England
220Pirayut Saharifa - Iryna Shved Thailand
220Alfie Sadowski - Avital Svetlitsky England
220Maciej Rygielski - Iwona Weglinska Poland
220Dominik Rudnicki-Sipajlo - Natalia Prylowski Poland
220Marcin Rosinski - Katarzyna Wdowicz Poland
220Angelo Serena - Cristiana Serena Italy
220Volodymyr Sharapov - Natalia Glebocka Poland
220Justin Sharrock - Amy Sharrock Australia
220Yuzhuo Sun - Lai Man Yip Photos of couple available  China
220Wouter Stroes - Miloe Deenen Netherlands
220Maxim Stadnik - Athina Palaiologou Greece
220Christian De Spirito - Ylenia Chiattone Italy
220Simone Spagna - Francesca De Masi Italy
220Mateusz Sobala - Paulina Gawel Poland
220Jamie Smuts-Steyn - Selena Quambusch England
220Ilya Sizov - Sofiya Ternovaya Russian Federation
220Kwok Chun Sing - Xiezhuoyi Fen China
220Jess Simpson - Ali Simpson Australia
220Yury Simachev - Anastasia Klokotova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Matteo Rosati - Sabrina Rossetti Photos of couple available  Italy
220Roman Gerbey - Oksana Lukyanenko Ukraine
220Jakub Drmota - Magdalena Baranowska Photos of couple available  Poland
220Kyrylo Dovgalin - Charlotte Plant Photos of couple available  England
220Lu Deyu - Jiao Ran China
220Flavio Martins Desa - Alessia Castrovinci Switzerland
220Marcel Daamen - Lisa Damen Belgium
220Meng Jia Cui - Jiang Yu Lin Photos of couple available  China
220Matteo Cossu - Viktoriya Kachalko Italy
220Maurizio Conte - Floriana Conte Italy
220Gabriele Cipriani - Sara Dante Italy
220Jason Cicard - Regina Kleinfelder France
220Kar Man Chong - Say Onn Ooi Malaysia
220Robert Duda - Natalia Gasior Poland
220Daniil Egorenko - Maria Danutsa Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Shim Young Eun - Giulia D'Alessandro Korea
220Svyatoslav Gerasimov - Anastasiya Zakharchuk Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Chengyu Ge - Zicheng Wu Photos of couple available  China
220Francesco Garofalo - Magda Strzesnicka Photos of couple available  Italy
220Konrad Gadko - Angelika Jaszewska Poland
220Aaron Flynn - Niamh Curtin Ireland
220Rafael Flaishman - Yael Pasternak Israel
220Ewoud Fidom - Melanie Weiler Photos of couple available  Netherlands
220Damiano Ferrero - Eliza Dan Italy
220Vlad Fedorov - Oksana Shustrova Russian Federation
220Daniel Falkenberg - Zhanna Sablina Photos of couple available  Denmark
220Chad Faessler - Danika Flood Canada
220Giorgi Choliashvili - Maria Kamenidi Photos of couple available  Greece
220Seoug-Huk Choi - Ji Yeon Kim Korea
220Li Shih Chien - Shih Mu Hsuan Taiwan
220Andriy Besyedin - Amanda Herrschaft Usa
220Bogdan Bernackiy - Bella Bakarova Russia
220Hendrik J. Benninger - Patrycja Studer Switzerland
220Sigurdur Mar Atlason - Maria Baikova Iceland
220Lenel Artist - Thanique Mohnen Netherlands
220Silvio Antonio Anselmi - Eleonora Riccardi Italy
220Kamil Andrzejewski - Dominika Rucinska Poland
220Aleksandr Andreichev - Kristina Nikiforova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Per Almberg - Anita Teeling Sweden
220Lukas Alisauskas - Simona Grubeviciute Lithuania
220Kirill Aleksandrov - Anastasiya Dubrovskaya Russian Federation
220Aleksey Bezdetko - Alisiya Yezhova Ukraine
220Charlie Billington - Georgina Bondfield New Zealand
220Nazariy Blagyy - Marketa Vickova Usa
220Wei Xiong Chen - Meng Han Cui China
220Dylan Cary - Monica Lee Usa
220Walter Calce - Ramona Chilelli Italy
220Ignat Calasnic - Tara James Denmark
220Nemanja Buovski - Anna Garevskikh Switzerland
220Marco Brosseau - Alice Muraru Canada
220Serhii Borushko - Elizaveta Voloshanenko Ukraine
220Valerijs Borovojs - Gabriela Pavel Ireland
220Bartosz Bojanczyk - Georgiana Anamaria Muja England
220Tomasz Boja - Kamila Gwozdz Poland
220Maksim Bodnar - Anna Pismennaya Ukraine
220Jan Albeck - Alice Ligouis Germany
220Mengju Li - Xuejiao Yu China
220Ruslan Khisamutdinov - Elena Rabinovich Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Vladislav Khandus - Olena Glushchenko Ukraine
220Nicholas Kelly - Cheyenne Russell Photos of couple available  England
220Harry Keep - Georgia Blatch England
220Matthew Keeble - Bethany Goddard England
220Vernon Choo Kay-Yin - Elie Chia Yen-Thing Malaysia
220Kirill Kartavtsev - Evgenia Golikova Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Oleksandr Kamniev - Kateryna Kamnieva Ukraine
220Yang Kai-Ghun - Yang Yung-Ching Chinese Taipei
220Benjamin Jones - Amy Dowden Photos of couple available  England
220Jack Johnson - Joanne De Jager Photos of couple available  Australia
220Jin Eok Kim - Su Yeon Ko Korea
220Mueng Soo Kim - So Yeon Park Korea
220Andrey Kitsun - Yuliya Krepchuk Photos of couple available  Byelorussia
220Patrick Lewke - Angelina Ginsheimer Germany
220Denys Leonidov - Valeriya Bushuk Photos of couple available  Ukraine
220Hyun Hyuk Lee - Mi Jung Kim Korea
220Hae Soo Lee - Ji Hee Choi Korea
220Anton Lam-Viri - Anastasiya Savinskaya Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
220Maxime Laforest - Emmy Chladek Canada
220Vlad Kvartin - Yulia Koshkina Usa
220Michal Kulesza - Adrianna Lojszczyk Poland
220Artem Kruchin - Darya Kravchuk Russian Federation
220Evgeny Kotov - Valeria Skosyrskaya Russian Federation
220Kacper Klepacz - Agata Wawrzusiszyn Poland
220Shai Jason Jiao - Jin Yu China
220Karol Jesionek - Sylwia Gorczyca Poland
220Tomasz Jaszewski - Alicja Kotarba Poland
220Adam Hathazi - Morgana Lakatos-Hayward Photos of couple available  Canada
220Yang Hang - Yan Yan Yanise Choy Photos of couple available  Hong Kong
220Tae Young Ham - Bit Na Lee Korea
220Michal Gumkowski - Sylwia Madenska Poland
220Dadi Freyr Gudjonsson - Marta Carrasco Iceland
220Kun Xuan Gu - Chen Hong Sun China
220Eric Groysman - Dakota Pizzi Usa
220Steve Grenier - Maryse Loiselle Canada
220Nikita Gordenkov - Darya Matrosova Russian Federation
220Roman Gopaytsa - Yuliya Kirichenko Ukraine
220Justas Girdvainis - Goda Simaityte Ltu
220Johannes Hofmann - Lisa Laiblin Germany
220Aleksander Holod - Magdalena Kogut Photos of couple available  Poland
220Philip Hould - Myriam Dusseault Canada
220Anton Jasinskiy - Oleksandra Tiahun Ukraine
220Michal Jarzyna - Magdalena Tomaka Poland
220Enesio Iudicone - Ylenia Fragione Italy
220Valentin Isaev - Bethany Howard Usa
220Andreas Ioannou - Martha Birli Photos of couple available  Greece
220Roberto Imparato - Beatrice Tiberia Photos of couple available  Italy
220Igor Ifliand - Camille Webb Australia
220Simone Iannuzzi - Tove Villfor Sweden
220Martin Ianchev - Asia Katsarska Bulgaria
220Chen Yang I - Yan Ru Pan Taiwan
220Daniel Hustiuc - Martina Zuccarello Italy
220Filippo De Giorgio - Laura Sassi Greece