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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF International Open Latin
City :Moscow Region
Country :Russian Federation
Date :Saturday, 02-24-2018
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :International Open
Age :Adult Latin

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF International Open Latin / Adult Latin
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Viacheslav Benko - Elena Klepikova Russian Federation
2Alexey Korobchenko - Liana Odikadze Isr
3Oleg Chzhen - Alina Ageeva Russian Federation
4Andrea Bolzoni - Michelle Maritan Mne
5Ayan Zhumatayev - Raziya Salimova Kaz
6Maxim Pavlov - Alexandra Kuznetsova Russian Federation
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Simone Giraldi - Elene Davitaia Geo
8Nikolay Chernov - Elizaveta Dvorianova Rus
9Vladislav Artiushkov - Sofia Vershinina Russian Federation
10Sergey Bliznyuk - Julia Olenich Russian Federation
11Dumitru Cernei - Oxana Kononova Ger
12Matvey Shevelev - Vitalina Gigashvili Russian Federation
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Alexandr Ryabtsev - Maria Oblakova Russian Federation
14Alexey Barkov - Marika Odikadze Israel
14Yaroslav Kuliaev - Daria Kashapova Russian Federation
16Ivan Malkov - Natalya Kolpakova France
16Timur Temirbekov - Yana Rozhnova Rus
18Valentin Kosmachev - Alena Kochengina Russian Federation
19Pavel Lagurev - Alina Voyna Russian Federation
20Dmitry Bayanov - Daria Selezneva Rus
21Alexey Kuznetsov - Alexandra Shibanova Russian Federation
21Vladislav Stytsiuk - Daria Chechel Russian Federation
23Alexandr Rodygin - Alexandra Chinenkova Rus
24Andrey Chumachenko - Maria Titova Rus
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
25Farukhdzhan Mamadzhanov - Nadezhda Burau Kyrgyzstan
25Vladimir Neykshin - Vladislava Andreeva Russian Federation
27Vladislav Korennoy - Angelina Shvedova Rus
28Sergey Kostenko - Uliana Arkhangelskaya Russian Federation
28Arthur Tagirov - Rebeka Cherepanova Latvia
28Gurshad Mamedov - Ekaterina Chekina Russian Federation
28Ivan Gorivanov - Ekaterina Kotovshchikova Russian Federation
32Arturs Freimanis - Marina Tulp Lat
33Mikhail Efimovskikh - Renata Chernoskutova Rus
34Yaroslav Govorukhin - Milana Mardanova Russian Federation
35Nikita Yakimchuk - Irina Rykova Rus
36Ilya Ivanov - Anna Kvashninova Russian Federation
37Philip Andraus - Virginia Lesniak Germany
38Pavel Shchepletsov - Anastasia Golubeva Russian Federation
39Nikolay Parshikov - Elizaveta Kuyan Russian Federation
39Denis Makarov - Ksenia Prokusheva Russian Federation
39Viktor-Valentin Les - Angela Landolfi Sui
42Kirill Cherniaev - Anastasia Antelava Rus
43Andrey Khripkov - Anastasia Pavlova Rus
43Kirill Germanov - Milana Beluga Rus
45Georgy Nechuykin - Alina Vasilieva Russian Federation
46Andrey Ogarkov - Irina Dolinskaya Russian Federation
47Ilya Filimonov - Anastasia Torikova Rus
48Sergey Ivanov - Evgenia Zyrianova Russian Federation
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
49Andrey Ivanov - Anastasia Koniukhova Rus
50Vadim Dzhangidze - Alisa Glazkova Russian Federation
51Nikita Guzovsky - Ekaterina Serbina Russian Federation
51Vladislav Robatshenko - Juliana Menzhinskaya Est
53Daniil Dmitriev - Kseniya Kotova Rus
53Veniamin Timofeev - Ksenia Pakhomova Russian Federation
53Alan Chekhoev - Anastasia Bespalenko Rus
53Pavel Shchetinin - Anastasia Zueva Rus
57Yury Markelov - Daria Kretova Russian Federation
57Alexey Nikolaenko - Sima Kumar Rus
57Nikolay Gapon - Olga Perekhvatova Russian Federation
60Vadzim Kalenkevich - Anastasiya Navoichyk Blr
61Yury Shchegolevatykh - Olesia Frolova Rus
61Ilya Yaroshko - Polina Fedorova Rus
63Arseny Soloviev - Maria Fazly Rus
64Vasily Sokolukhin - Arina Noskova Russian Federation
65Konstantin Golosnov - Elena Grebkina Russian Federation
66Evgeny Smirnov - Alena Surovova Rus
67Egor Prygunov - Sofia Mikheeva Russian Federation
67Nikolay Zuev - Elizaveta Soboleva Rus
67Georgy Yuriev - Valeria Suvorova Russian Federation
70Alexey Mitriashin - Elizaveta Reutova Russian Federation
71Pavel Cherednichenko - Marina Kurakina Russian Federation
71Viacheslav Chumakov - Anna Vasilishina Rus
73Danil Ukhin - Svetlana Mineeva Russian Federation
73Mark Tolok - Valeria Yakovleva Rus
73Anton Salimov - Valeria Borodkina Rus
76Ivan Sorokin - Ekaterina Krylova Russian Federation
76Andrey Serpov - Elizaveta Karmalina Russian Federation
78Vladislav Valuev - Polina Petriagina Russian Federation
78Timur Sharipov - Yuliana Khismatullina Rus
78Nikita Evstafiev - Margarita Peshkova Rus
81Nikita Gololobov - Elizaveta Logacheva Russian Federation
82Artem Shevchenko - Anastasia Gurianova Russian Federation
82Egor Shulgin - Valeria Voronova Rus
82Artem Zhuravlev - Veronika Gorshkova Rus
85Sergei Blamberuska - Nelli Khozhanazarova Rus
85Maxim Semenov - Valeria Zlokazova Russian Federation
85Danil Smolin - Diana Goldina Rus
88Artem Semenov - Daria Markina Rus
88Vladislav Skirdachev - Valeria Pribylskaya Rus
88Vladislav Lupandin - Ekaterina Shchurova Rus
91Vitaly Shcherbakov - Ksenia Sokolova Rus
91Alexey Surzhin - Arina Eliseeva Rus
91Kirill Volkov - Ekaterina Ermolaeva Russian Federation
91Ilya Zvolsky - Kristina Fisenko Russian Federation
95Denis Kutishchev - Julia Khodina Rus
95Maxim Germanov - Ekaterina Guguchkina Russian Federation
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
97Alexey Kalachikov - Olga Tarumova Russian Federation
98Andrey Potapov - Anna Steblianko Russian Federation
99Nikita Goltsov - Anastasia Spirina Russian Federation
100Kirill Bakhmetiev - Daria Chebotareva Russian Federation
100Semen Kruglov - Daria Tarutina Rus
102Nikita Petrov - Anastasia Shchekina Rus
103Alexandr Maximov - Vasilina Panina Rus
103Kirill Novikov - Yaroslava Kuznetsova Kaz
103Maxim Rossiysky - Anastasia Esina Russian Federation
106Denis Galanin - Anastasia Tkachenko Rus
106Andrey Bozhok - Elizaveta Bocharova Rus
106Alexey Miliutin - Gulnara Yakubova Russian Federation
106Dmitry Butylkin - Ksenia Gromova Rus
110Alexandr Zibanov - Vera Smirnova Russian Federation
110Alexey Gaponenkov - Elena Kartashova Rus
110Misel Muncan - Marta Roccella Srb
110Nikita Minin - Sabina Brul Russian Federation
110Gleb Liapustin - Victoria Serikova Russian Federation
115Sergey Kadin - Uliana Zizikina Russian Federation
115Alexandr Sysoev - Ekaterina Antoniuk Russian Federation
115Vyacheslav Okladnikov - Daria Chernook Rus
115Artem Shevchenko - Elizaveta Shvyreva Rus
119Leonid Bobkov - Natalia Moskvina Rus
119Dmitry Chenskikh - Olga Gaevaya Russian Federation
119Maxim Atlasyuk - Olga Subbotina Rus
122Burak Orhun Baser - Asya Naz Konukseven Tur
122Markell Popov - Anna Selezneva Russian Federation
124Vladimir Chuchalin - Arina Mamotenko Russian Federation
124Ilya Trifanov - Alexandra Shirenshchikova Russian Federation
124Maxim Sholotonov - Alexandra Yaroslavskaya Rus
124Timofey Ashakevich - Violetta Yarushevskaya Rus
128Dmitry Priamichkin - Svetlana Papina Rus
128Viktor Slobodin - Daria Kudryavtseva Rus
130Dmitry Kozlov - Anastasia Kobozeva Rus
131Vladimir Barinov - Olesia Semenova Rus
131Nikita Ivanov - Margarita Sazonova Rus
131Alexandr Razorenov - Anastasia Nasulenko Rus
134Kirill Fedoseev - Alina Ermish Russian Federation
134Andrey Bubnov - Irina Chursina Russian Federation
136Sergey Dziuba - Vera Mirlenko Rus
136Dmitry Ivakhnenko - Inna Korobova Rus
136Alexey Rastorguev - Elena Maltseva Russian Federation
136Danil Tishchenko - Alena Basova Rus
136Artem Trofimov - Daria Pasechnik Russian Federation
136Vladimir Volodkin - Angelina Bondarenko Russian Federation
142Alexandr Yanson - Maria Pokhabova Rus
142Maxim Stasiuk - Alexandra Lopatina Rus
142Yury Shchennikov - Angelina Darenskikh Rus
142Vladislav Nikiforov - Yana Lazutina Russian Federation
142Ivan Agafonov - Elena Sitnikova Rus
147Alexandr Romanov - Polina Davydenko Rus
147Igor Antipov - Anastasia Anishina Rus
147Vladimir Vostrikov - Natalia Riazantseva Russian Federation
147Alexandr Ksenofontov - Daria Abramova Russian Federation
147Dmitry Khokhlov - Daria Zakharova Rus
152Oleg Loginov - Elena Antonova Russian Federation
152Artem Astakhov - Diana Elizarieva Rus
152Andrey Anisimov - Anna Kirichok Rus
152Nikita Soloviev - Myazina Angelina Rus
152Viacheslav Silionov - Anna Domaniuk Rus
152Alexey Larin - Liudmila Turchina Russian Federation
152Sergey Diachkov - Angela Trofimova Rus
159Vadim Maximov - Daria Neliubina Rus
159Ilya Minin - Alexandra Pribytkina Rus
159Pavel Kuzin - Marina Romanova Rus
159Dan Kalenov - Anna Filatova Rus
159Mikhail Vlasenko - Julia Gukalova Rus
159Dmitry Trishin - Victoria Kazatskaya Russian Federation
159Nikita Toropkov - Elizaveta Rogulina Rus
159Maxim Matveev - Alisa Stegareva Rus
159Denis Krasnov - Julia Krasnova Russian Federation
159Daniil Borshchev - Maria Matveeva Russian Federation
169Pavel Maslyaev - Aleksandra Pugacheva Rus
169Nikita Sizykh - Veronika Ioshkina Rus
169Timofey Serpov - Olga Belianina Russian Federation
169Maxim Nemykin - Anna Kozhakina Rus
169Corne Mies - Pricillia Holzken Ned
169Alexandr Krestetsky - Ekaterina Shumilina Russian Federation
175Stepan Parfenov - Arina Voytovich Russian Federation
175Aleksey Shabanov - Arina Shabanova Rus
175Kirill Sukhorukov - Anzhelika Kiseleva Russian Federation
175Rodion Nyago - Ekaterina Galimeeva Rus
175Maxim Ivakhnenko - Arina Matiunina Rus