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Absolutely New Ballroom competition dres...
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Elegant Ballroom Competition Dress
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Stunning Competition Dress by "LE F...
United States
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Red Black Ballroom dress
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Velvet Tiger Ballroom Dance Dress
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Bright and Elegant dress!!
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Black and Green Ballroom dress
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Absolutely new royal blue ballroom dress
€ 800.00 Fixed price
Size: S- M
Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1650.00 Negotiable
Size: XS/ S
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
€ 999.00 Negotiable
Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
€ 800.00 Negotiable
Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
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Size: 34-38
The best dress.
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Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
€ 700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
€ 1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
€ 500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF Senior III Standard
City :Wuppertal
Country :Germany
Date :Friday, 07-05-2024
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Standard
Type :Open
Age :Senior III Standard

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF Senior III Standard / Senior III Standard
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Slawek Lukawczyk - Janine-Nicole Desai Photos of couple available  -
2Thomas Schmidt - Susanne Schmidt Germany
3Vittorio Bramati - Silvia Martorelli Photos of couple available  Italy
4Ingo Bauer - Sandra Fuersattel Ger
5Artur Mitterer - Petra Mitterer Ger
6Marek Wasilewski - Krystyna Wasilewska Pol
7Ralf Laemmermaier - Stella Laemmermaier Photos of couple available  Germany
8Andreas Reumann - Annette Reumann Ger
8Harald Huempfer - Ursula Huempfer Germany
10Falk Thomas - Sabrina Bisaccia Germany
11Ronny Romijn - Anne Romijn-Briene Photos of couple available  Ned
12Peter Schmiel - Sibylle Schmiel Ger
13Gilles Montandon - Marion Montandon France
14Bernhard Fuss - Sonja Fuss Photos of couple available  Germany
15Herbert Schoepf - Beatrix Schoepf Austria
16Stefan Jacob - Margit Stiebritz Photos of couple available  Germany
17Patrick Van Der Meer - Sabrina Van Der Meer Photos of couple available  Germany
18Stefan Isenecker - Diane Mongellaz Photos of couple available  Germany
18Holger Staub - Birgit Staub Photos of couple available  Germany
20Rainer Nolte - Sabine Nolte Ger
20Michele Mascia - Ilenia Santoro Photos of couple available  Italy
22Thomas Weyer - Kerstin Weyer Germany
23Thomas Langkavel - Sabine Haas Ger
24Achim Hobl - Kerstin Hahn Photos of couple available  Germany
25Silvio Falugiani - Michela Barbetti Italy
25Hannes Teichmann - Guo Xiaohua Grace Aut
27Mario Mueller-Frahm - Michaela Frahm Germany
28Tilo Kornak - Barbara Kornak Ger
29Alessandro Battistella - Sabrina Tranfo Photos of couple available  Italy
29Juergen Flimm - Christine Flimm Germany
31Hans Sieling - Petra Sieling Photos of couple available  Germany
32Thomas Dreimann-Peter - Astrid Peter Ger
32Rudolf Grad - Sylvia Grad Austria
34Helmut Lindmair - Diana Stueber Germany
35Vico Ostertag - Sabine Luellich Ger
36Siegfried Klein - Maria Klein Photos of couple available  Germany
36Benno Von Der Ohe - Maren Von Der Ohe Ger
38Stefan Bachmaier - Claudia Bachmaier Ger
39Rainer Martius - Manuela Martius Photos of couple available  Germany
40Ulf Seifart - Carola Seifart Germany
40Clemens Kalmer - Petra Kalmer Photos of couple available  Germany
42Achim Stegemann - Heike Stegemann Photos of couple available  Germany
43Thomas Bressau - Katrin Bressau Ger
44Dieter Kuchenbecker - Annette Kuchenbecker Photos of couple available  Germany
44Harald Konhaeuser - Anja Hesele Ger
44Arno Kalkuhl - Andrea Kalkuhl Photos of couple available  Germany
47Marek Fuchs - Dorit Fuchs Photos of couple available  Germany
47Mario Nietzschmann - Cornelia Nietzschmann Ger
49Valerio Aiuto - Rosetta Aiuto Photos of couple available  Germany
49Patrick Schlaich - Michaela Schlaich Ger
51Michael Borchardt - Anita Borchardt Photos of couple available  Germany
51Michael Drescher - Sylke Kirsch Ger
51Norbert Jaeger - Beate Christine Jaeger-Eberhardt Germany
54Kuschel Christian - Heike Marx Ger
54Uwe Preuss - Antje Preuss Ger
54Rolf Wagenknecht - Nicole Dietz Ger
57Lancien Lancien Jean - Marie-Pierre Marie Lancien Fra
57Dirk Walther - Anke Walther Ger
57Markus Schaefer - Gabriele Schaefer Germany
57Wolfgang Kesseler - Noemi Mark Germany
61Markus Bensch - Bianca Strauss Ger
61Hans-Peter Gerlach - Catrin Gerlach Germany
63Zamagna Jean Luc - Arar Sonia Fra
63Luca Orlandi - Elena Cavallini Italy
63Jens Uwe Deutschmann - Anett Doescher Ger
63Stephan Heising - Kathrin Heising -
67Luis Rodriguez - Maria Teresa Villar Spain
67Juergen Baeumer - Irina Weinberger Ger
67Richard Van Lochem - Els Roos - Wattel Ned
67Thomas Broszey - Claudia Bleidt Ger
71Jens Riedel - Silka Riedel Photos of couple available  Germany
71Thomas Ledebuhr - Ivonne Pool Ger
71Jean-Jacques Gueudry - Lucie Gueudry Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated France
74Juergen Kosch - Katrin Kosch Photos of couple available  Germany
75Kwok-Wai Wu - Ria Jaspers Germany
75Matthias Richter - Yvonne Richter Ger
75Gunnar Schramm - Ute Hamann Germany
75Peter Eckerle - Anette Eckerle Ger
75Ernst Schmid - Margit Schmid-Weihs Austria
80Silvano Rodia - Julia Kunsek Ger
80Gunther Scholl - Beate Lever Ger
80Robert Postma - Renate Postma Photos of couple available  Germany
83Dirk Dietrich - Kira Neller Photos of couple available  Germany
83Ulf Nagel - Doris Nagel Photos of couple available  Germany
85Matthias Funke - Ruth Funke Germany
85Martin Barth - Ariane Erdmann-Barth Ger
85Marc Pothmann - Katja Pothmann Ger
85Kai Blecher - Ursula Droebes Ger
85Alois Rother - Dagmar Prause Ger
90Guenter Enk - Annette Enk Photos of couple available  Germany
90Jan Willem Winkelman - Francoise Verhaard Netherlands
92Alex Glijn - Petra Van Wouw Ned
92Robert Janik - Elena Maria Friese Ger
94Rainer Griesbaum - Andrea Griesbaum Photos of couple available  Tsc Sibylla Ettlingen
95Dirk Pape - Martina Glosemeyer Photos of couple available  -
95Alexander Frank - Elli Frank Germany
97Rene Helmut Maassen - Patrizia Spinosa Maassen Ger
97Andreas Federwitz - Gesiene Federwitz Germany
97Stefan Strupp - Bettina Strupp Photos of couple available  Germany
97Alain Chiche - Marie Trigueiro Fra
101Thomas Resch - Susanne Schade Germany
101Alexander Beaumont - Anne-Gabriele Beaumont Germany
103Herbert Lenssen - Monika Keller Germany
103Dimitrios Joannou - Tanja Joannou Ger
103Uwe Rieger - Birgit Temiz Ger
103Andreas Haertwig - Heike Gielen- Haertwig Photos of couple available  Ger
103Thomas Gaedicke - Monika Gaedicke Ger
108Arne Koschel - Christiane Mente Ger
108Nositschka Peter - Cwilag Beata Ger
110Herbert Pawella - Liliana Pawella Germany
110Heiko Schlage - Bettina Schlage Germany
112Roeland Olthof - Marjolein Blaauw Ned
112Ulrich Czempinski - Andrea Bacher Photos of couple available  Germany
114Ulrich Conrad - Sibylle Conrad Photos of couple available  Germany
114Ferdinand Fassbender - Christine Siebenbuerger-Thiebes Germany
114Patrick Isse - Isse Agnes Fra
114Nick GόL - Lempert Ulrike Ger
118Peter Kornhass - Renate Matuschka Ger
118Armin Winter - Angela Winter Photos of couple available  Germany
118Thorsten Mattheus - Mattheus-Staack Elke Ger
121Jochen Schlesier - Ulrike Schlesier Ger
121Bernhard Brockmann - Susan Brockmann Germany
121Frank Hoeft - Anja Hoeft Ger
121Eich Rolf - Schulz Doris Ger
121Stefan Eifler - Stefanie Eifler-Lumme Ger
121Thomas Aicher - Sibylle Aicher Ger
127Oskar Schell - Brigitte Schell Ger
127Jochem Mantwill - Annette Beumer Ger
129Joerg Rompf - Corinna Rompf Ger
129Thomas Polzer - Priscila Barkey Germany
131Torsten Projahn - Margarete Projahn Germany
131Otfried Wolf - Claudia Wolf Ger
131Helmut Hertle - Karin Hertle Tsa Der Tg Biberach 1847
134Heiko Kuehn - Sylke Kuehn Ger
134Werner Buecklein - Christine Buecklein Ger
136Eric Scharnewski - Nicole Scharnewski Germany
137Thomas Fritsch - Hiltrud Fritsch Ger
138Harry Heideveld - Astrid Heideveld Photos of couple available Profile page present and updated -
138Joel Velon - Marie-Jo Velon Fra
138Michael Tlauka - Rosalie Tlauka Germany
141Ingo Peter Fahle - Christiane Sylke Siegl Ger
141Kai Aschenbach - Birgit Stephan Ger
143Heiko Steier - Christine Steier Ger
143Siegfried Fischer - Jutta Fischer Ger
145Andreas Franz - Petra Franz Photos of couple available  Germany
145Christian Schatte - Cornelia Schatte Ger
145Manfred Huber - Christine Huber Germany
148Werner Knorr - Conny Kamphausen Ger
149Danny Van Vooren - Ann Dergeloo Photos of couple available  Belgium
149Christian Bruno Michel - Sylvia Neumeister Ger
151Gerald Hartung - Kerstin Hartung Germany
152Uwe Muller - Ilona Muller-Sonntag Ger
153Erik Lund Larsen - Birgitte Kristensen Den