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Dresses / Tail Suits  
Red Black Ballroom dress
United States
€ 1600.00 Fixed price
Velvet Tiger Ballroom Dance Dress
€ 650.00 Negotiable
€ 1750.00 Negotiable
Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1000.00 Negotiable
Bright and Elegant dress!!
€ 700.00 Contact us
Black and Green Ballroom dress
€ 875.00 Contact us
VESA dress for sale!
€ 900.00 Fixed price
Hong Kong
€ 350.00 Negotiable
Romantic ballroom dress a flower colours...
€ 1050.00 Fixed price
Stylish ARTI design ballroom dress
€ 1050.00 Fixed price
Dresses / Tail Suits  
Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1650.00 Negotiable
Size: XS/ S
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
€ 999.00 Negotiable
Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
€ 800.00 Negotiable
Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
€ 1000.00 Contact us
Size: 34-38
The best dress.
€ 100.00 Fixed price
Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
€ 700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
€ 1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
€ 500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
Stunning Turquoise made for Blackpool
United States
€ 600.00 Negotiable
Size: 0-6
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Result Service - Couple Information

Name :
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :0 at DENS Gala 2013
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adult Standard
Competition(s) recorded :115
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
1996-06-30 :: IDSF :: Asia Standard Championships 1996 - IDSF - Chinese-Taipei (place 6)
Last competition recorded
2021-09-19 :: IDSF :: WDSF World Open Standard - Adult Standard - Czech Republic (place 1)

All recorded competitions
2021-09-19IDSF - WDSF World Open Standard
Adult Standard
Czech Republic(place 1)
2021-08-29WDSF - WDSF World Championship Senior II Standard
Senior II Standard
Netherlands(place 1)
2019-11-16IDSF - WDSF Junior II Open Standard
Junior II Standard
Austria(place 1)
2019-05-30National - Blackpool - Professional Latin Cha Cha
Professional LA
England(place 49)
2019-05-29National - Blackpool - Amateur Ballroom
Adult Standard
England(place 158)
2019-05-27National - Blackpool - Senior Latin
Senior Latin
England(place 37)
2018-08-11IDSF - WDSF Senior I Open Latin
Senior I Latin
Germany(place 1)
2018-08-10National - German Open 2018 - GOC
Adults A Latin
Germany(place 70)
2018-05-28National - Blackpool - Amateur_Latin
Adult Latin
England(place 224)
2018-05-27National - Blackpool - Amateur RS Ballroom
Adult Rising Stars ST
England(place 152)
2018-05-27National - Blackpool - Amateur RS Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
England(place 165)
2017-07-30IDSF - WDSF Senior II Open Standard
Senior II Standard
Austria(place 1)
2017-06-01National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional Latin SAMBA
Professional LA
England(place 237)
2017-06-01National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional Latin RUMBA
Professional LA
England(place 237)
2017-06-01National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional Latin PASO
Professional LA
England(place 237)
2017-06-01National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional Latin JIVE
Professional LA
England(place 237)
2017-06-01National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional Latin CHA
Professional LA
England(place 237)
2017-05-29National - Blackpool 2017 - Professional RS Ballroom
Professional Rising Stars ST
England(place 207)
2016-10-11Professional - The International 2016 - Professional RS Ballroom
Professional Rising Stars ST
England(place 46)
2016-08-09IDSF - GOC Rising Stars Open Latin
Adult Rising Stars LA
Germany(place 120)
2016-06-03National - Blackpool 2016 - Professiona Ballroom Tango
Professional ST
England(place 1)
2016-05-31National - Blackpool 2016 - Amateur Latin (placings)
Adult Latin
England(place 175)
2016-05-31National - Blackpool 2016 - Amateur Latin (placings)
Adult Latin
England(place 194)
2016-05-07IDSF - WDSF Youth Open Standard
Youth Standard
Lithuania(place 1)
2015-08-15IDSF - GOC Youth Ten Dance
Youth 10 Dance
Germany(place 36)
2015-08-14National - GOC Juvenile II Standard
Juvenile II Standard
Germany(place 31)
2015-08-13IDSF - WDSF Grand Slam Latin
Adult Latin
Germany(place 1)
2015-08-13National - GOC Adult A Latin
Adults A Latin
Germany(place 138)
2013-01-19NADB - DENS Gala 2013
Senior III Hkl Standard
Netherlands(On the dancefloor)
2012-10-28NADB - NADB QueenE Challenge Trophy 2012
Debutanten 3 Latin
Netherlands(On the dancefloor)
2012-10-10Professional - International Championships 2012
Professional Rising Stars ST
England(place 57)
2012-10-10Professional - International Championships 2012
Professional Rising Stars ST
England(place 31)
2012-04-30IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Standard
Adult Rising Stars ST
Italy(place 29)
2012-04-30IDSF - WDSF Rising Stars Open Standard
Adult Rising Stars ST
Italy(place 23)
2009-05-27National - Blackpool - Amateur 1 Qual. Ballroom
Adult Standard
England(place 136)
2008-04-13IDSF - IDSF International Open Latin
Adult Latin
France(On the dancefloor)
2007-10-20National - Hodonin Dance Festival 2007
Adults D Standard
Czech Republic(On the dancefloor)
2007-09-23National - Serpukhov 2007
Junior II Latin
Russia(On the dancefloor)
2007-09-06National - United States Dance Championships 2007
Adult Latin
Usa(On the dancefloor)
2007-09-06National - United States Dance Championships 2007
Professional ST
Usa(On the dancefloor)
2007-05-19IDSF - IDSF Junior II Open Standard
Junior II Standard
Montenegro(place 8)
2007-05-05National - Slovenian Open 2007
Youth Latin
Slovenia(place 24)
2007-04-19National - Tropicana Cup 2007
Junior II Latin
Poland(On the dancefloor)
2007-03-18IDSF - IDSF Grand Slam Latin
Adult Latin
Japan(place 55)
2007-03-03National - AEBDC - VII Mislata Trophy 2007
Adult Latin
Spain(place 10)
2007-02-25WDC - Asian Open 2007
Professional LA
Japan(place 103)
2007-02-25WDC - Asian Open 2007
Professional ST
Japan(place 118)
2007-02-25WDC - Asian Open 2007
Professional ST
Japan(place 71)
2006-06-02National - Blackpool Professional Ballroom 2006 - F
Professional ST
England(place 203)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 4)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 10)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 13)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 14)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 19)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 21)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 22)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 24)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 26)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 28)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 29)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 30)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 31)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 32)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 33)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 34)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 35)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 37)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 38)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 39)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 41)
2006-05-21National - Byelorussian Championships 2006
Junior I Latin
Byelorussia(place 43)
2006-03-12NADB - Super Holland Cup 2006
Netherlands(place 1)
2005-06-03National - Blackpool Professional Ballroom 2005 - T
Professional ST
England(place 21)
2005-04-30National - Eger International Grand Prix 2005
Adult Latin
Hungary(place 10)
2005-03-12National - Raising Stars Latvia 2005
Junior I Standard
Latvia(place 12)
2005-03-12National - Raising Stars Latvia 2005
Junior I Standard
Latvia(place 10)
2005-03-12National - Hungarian Grand Prix 2005
Adults SA Showdance
Hungary(place 10)
2005-02-05National - Northern Polish Championships 2005
Adult Latin
Poland(place 10)
2005-02-05National - Northern Polish Championships 2005
Youth Standard
Poland(place 10)
2004-06-03National - British Amateur Ballroom 2004
Adult Standard
England(place 100)
2004-05-30National - British Amateur RS Latin 2004
Adult Rising Stars LA
England(place 187)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 10)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 11)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 12)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 17)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 18)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 19)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 20)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 21)
2003-12-20IDSF - IDSF World Cup Standard
Latvia(place 22)
2001-05-12IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Russia(place 18)
2001-03-25IDSF - IDSF Open Latin
Russia(place 38)
2001-03-25IDSF - IDSF Open Latin
Russia(place 44)
2001-03-24IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Russia(place 25)
2001-03-24IDSF - IDSF Open Standard
Russia(place 33)
2001-03-04NADB - Dance Classics
Latin 6 tot 12 jaar
The Netherlands(place 2)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 2)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 1)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 11)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 10)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 8)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 6)
2000-10-14IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldovia(place 4)
2000-02-20IDSF - IDSF International Open Latin
Tokyo(place 36)
1998-10-03IDSF - IDSF European Formation Standard
Moldavia(On the dancefloor)
1996-12-14IDSF - IDSF World Championship Formation Standa
Germany(On the dancefloor)
1996-12-14IDSF - IDSF World Championship Formation Standa
Germany(place 7)
1996-12-07IDSF - IDSF World Formation Latin 1996
Vilnius(place 1)
1996-07-21IDSF - IDSF OPEN TO THE WORLD Standard
Wales(place 6)
1996-07-13IDSF - Europe Cup Ten Dance
Austria(place 3)
Italy(place 3)
1996-06-30IDSF - Asia Standard Championships 1996
Chinese-Taipei(place 2)
1996-06-30IDSF - Asia Standard Championships 1996
Chinese-Taipei(place 4)
1996-06-30IDSF - Asia Standard Championships 1996
Chinese-Taipei(place 5)
1996-06-30IDSF - Asia Standard Championships 1996
Chinese-Taipei(place 6)

How to use the Correction tool:
1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
maxim kojeunikov   eulia zagorouithienko
eddie stutts   viktoria belova
dmitri ostashkin   svetlana ostashkina
Vladislav Nefedov   Katsiaryna Prykhozhaya
Pasha Kovalev   Anya Garnis
plamen danailov   radostina gerova
krystian grabowski   irina shukhat
ilya ifraimov   nadia goulina
atsuki ohmura   megumi wada
darius penkauskas   tatiana logishev
katsuya ayabe   miho ayabe
fabio bosco   marina ferrari
Alex Hou   Melody Hou
hisashi ichikawa   mariko kodama
danila kartashov   nuria alcala
Alex Ritrovato   Donatella Ambrosio
koji matsuda   aya matsuda
Nick Bruderer   Julie Radmall
andrey sviridenko   julia zubova
igor iskhakov   svetlana iskhakov
vladimir kosarev   maryana kuchersky
peter minkov   julia kornilova
bao ru   zheng zhu
garry gekhman   rita gekhman
girolamo zaccaro   tina albanese
richard perry   natalie perry
takeshi sasaya   kumi sasaya
slavyko baylov   irena kakermonova
sergei bezrodnov   olga bezrodnov
hide miyajima   sumi shimizu
peep vardja   ave vardja
vitaliy vdovichenko   lynda borodulina
mark chang   joanna sun
vitaliy kozhev   irina kozhev
rauno leino   merja ylönen
eamon mcgrath   anita mcgrath
eiji ono   yukie ono
stuart palmer   jenny gozdzik
yasufumi tsubouchi   miwa tsubouchi
jian wu   hong su
craig draper   justyna kozinska
manfred edelbauer   regina gombar
oleg fadioukhine   irina averboukh
yoshinori hirata   suwako hirata
yuriy kravets   elena frolova
kim laamanen   piia astikainen
loris mainetti   antonia soldano
marius popa   jula walker
dimitrijus sazinas   erica wells
marcin scieglinski   sylwia scieglinska
jason thomas   erin thomas
tetsuya yamashita   mako karibe
alex young   pamela preczewski
Arkadiusz Skrok   Ewa Plakwicz
Rihards Dziedatajs   Ulla Koziola
christopher short   yana balabayeva
mikhail lenski   alexandra postelniak
marco bevilacqua   alessandra ippolito
anton domansky   erica ridgeway
nikolai elizariev   karina akhmaddoulina
gianni porcaro   ilaria carrotta
luca rossignoli   veronika haller
sergiu rusu   mirona gliga
atanas gendov   roselina doneva
Alexandr Muravev   Anastasia Kutsaia
christian millette   claudia primeau-sauve
jean philippe milot   vanessa primeau-poirier
nick novikov   snejana petrova
Anton Kukarenko   Elena Feoktistova
andriy byegunov   olga sokol
Benoit Duquette   Alina Litvak
rafael holody   agatha hansen
mark perkovich   veronica cirignano
giovanni scandiffio   elenora scandiffio
vladislav shakhov   nicole levikov
anton shklyaver   kira glik
leonid proskurov   diana olonetskaya
danilo forte   adriana di nardi
alexander kaloferev   valeriya kozharinova
stanislav savich   faina savich
gary wright   katie walton
massimo arcolin   jenny bonfiglio
roberto baldolini   giulia francoletti
brent borbon   melissa blanco
alessandro camerotto   katariina kallinen
anatoly shir   lana girshik
fernando lopez   sarika hudson
david oliveri   ashleen ambanta
jastin percibally   marta baranovska
andrey pinchuk   nicole volynets
christopher sochnacki   marina ananieva
vertan zakhariants   irene kin
slavik kryklyvyy   karina smirnoff
michael wentink   beata onefater
paul green   aleksandra gisher
maksim chmerkovskiy   elena grinenko
andrei gavriline   elena kryuchkova
ilia borovski   liya borovski
Jonathan Roberts   Anna Trebunskaya
Delyan Terziev   Boriana Deltcheva
robertas maleckis   inga sirkaite
steve vasco   tsha marie
jonathan crossley   lyn marriner
Michele Bonsignori   Monica Baldasseroni
Mirko D-agostino   Arianna D-amico
seiji tanido   emi hayano
tomas atkocevicius   aira bubnelyte
marcel gebert   lenka gebert
igor litvinov   julia ivleva
erminio stefano   luana conte
gerwin biedermann   betty urbeinz
valdas padriezas   lilia padriezas
roberto regnoli   tania berto
oleg suvorov   tatiana suvorov
martin odstricil   marketa sramkova
giampiero giannico   ieva pauksena
anthony krotz   kim corker
Roberto Villa   Morena Colagreco
Bryan Watson   Carmen Vincelj
Andrej Skufca   Katarina Venturini
Markus Homm   Charlotte Egstrand
darren bennett   lilia kopylova
Yoshihiro Yamamoto   Hidemi Yamamoto
Toshihiko Nakamura   Tomoko Aoyagi
Martin Rivera   Denise Rivera
Ben Ermis   Shalene Archer-ermis
Nick Kosovich   Lena Bahcheva
Hunter Johnson   Maria Zee
Stephen Hevenor   Larinda Mcraven
David Weise   Valentina Weise
Troy Baeten   Irina Shalkevitch
Kostadin Bidjourov   Carrie Babcock
Christian Clayton   Kathryn Vaughn
Steven Dougherty   Eulia Baranovsky
Mazen Hamza   Irina Sarukhanyan
Andrey Abrashin   Anastasia Abrashin
David Hyer   Shelby Rothell
Victor Luna   Dawn Westberry
Sid Pocius   Sonia Pocius
Tony Scheppler   Jennifer Thomas
James Williard   Andrea Barnova
Brad Stein   Heather Hall
Remco Bastiaansen   Charissa van Dipte
Taggard Andrews   Michelle Madore
Mirko Gozzoli   Alessia Betti
Brian Eriksen   Marianne Eihilt
Arunas Bizokas   Edita Daniute
Warren Boyce   Kristi Boyce
Paolo Bosco   Silvia Pitton
Victor Fung   Liene Apale
Stefano Soldati   Annalisa Longo
Domen Krapez   Monica Nigro
Danils Kutuzovs   Darja Burova
Rüdiger Homm   Julia Belch
Fabrizio Cravero   Lorena Cravero
Slausgalvis Toma   Viktorijas Cerniakova
Cosimo Caramia   Antonella De Carolis
Benjamin Brunswig   Anatale Hartung
Ondrej Ledabyl   Eva Strelcova
David Semken   Andrea Hale
Nikita Novikov   Shejana Petrova
Matthew Rooke   Anna Longmore
Kazuaki Watanabe   Yuumi Watanabe
Evgheni Cazacu   Visinscaia Svetlana
Max Sinitsa   Lesya Sinitsa
Anton Lebedev   Anna Borshch
Francesco Pepe   Assunta Viscione
Dmitriy Muksinov   Svetlana Zorina
Sharone Levit   Katerina Trubina
Aleksandr Samosyuk   Ekaterina Plaksa
Simone Zat   Fanny Godin
Francis Lafreniere   Christine Thibault
Jean-Francois Messier   Marie Bolduc
Eugene Katsevman   Maria Manusova
Riccardo Cocchi   Joanne Wilkinson
Alexander Zhuchkov   Olga Tsepeleva
Valerii Leontiev   Patricia Vieru
Denis Davydov   Yulia Ovchinnikova
Artem Chigvintsev   Giselle Peacock
Mauro Rossi   Karina Rubio
Genya Mazo   Maria Shibalova
Emanuele Soldi   Elisa Nasato
Michael Miziner   Gina Buber
Alan Krasilnikov   Anya Katzemann
Alec Mazo   Edyta Sliwinska
Boris Leomouvich   Diana Surkis
Danny Arbour   Myriam Savaria
Toni Tuominen   Näsänen Soile
Alexander Kaloferov   Valeriya Kozharinova
Dmitriy Chaplin   Ilona Mayzenberg
Brian Fortuna   Stephanie Fortuna
Jean-Philippe Milot   Vanessa Primeau-Poirier
Andras Faluvegi   Orsolya Toth
Alessandro Camerotto   Katarina Kallien
Denis Vasin   Vera Kurochkina
Matthew Hauer   Karen Guedez
Roman Nabatov   Irina Boubnovskaia
Volker Schmidt   Ellen Jonas
Michael Lindner   Beate Lindner
Giorgio Morniroli   Viviana Baia
Luigi Bodini   Antonella Benedetti
Dirk Kitzerow   Annika Kitzerow
Sergei Kosarina   Polina Semenova
Jaroslaw Krzyszkowski   Justyna Krzyszkowska
Michael Heinen   Sylvia Heinen
Antonio Sartori   Emanuela Bissolo
Dirk Rosenbrock   Sabine Rosenbrock
Andrea Ruscito   Maddalena Iannone
Zdenek Kocandrle   Marketa Motlikova
Jürgen Beck   Isolde Förtsch
Claus Halfmeier   Britta Halfmeier
Davide Galluzzi   Monica Bonechi
Keita Hasegawa   Hiroko Tokoro
Jürgen Stellmacher   Anne Stellmacher
Holger Moldenhauer   Cornelia Moldenhauer
Roland Machilek   Vanessa Dawn Loiperdinger
Fabio Pilon   Maddalena Merelli
Roberto Destri   Pina Lentini
Harald Günther   Alexandra Berg
Sandro Guidetti   Katya Rossi
Fred Lavin   Annette Lavin
Andreas Grünefeld   Claudia Grünefeld
Aldo Capitani   Michela Ferraris
Luciano Ceruti   Nuccia Cappello
Klaus Deike-Meier   Sabrina Deike
Rudolf Grad   Sylvia Grad
Roman Karpoukhine   Marta Salvat
Frank-Michael Weiler   Gabriella Kläser-Weiler
Bernhard Fuss   Sonja Fuss
Dieter Keppeler   Manuela Schraut-Keppeler
Guido Schubert   Birte Schubert
Clemens Kalmer   Petra Kalmer
Peter Lassocinski   Eva Lassocinski
Jürgen Steiert   Christiane Steiert
Jürgen Dres   Petra Dres
Michael Wierzbicki   Grazyna Wierzbicki
David Dahm   Carla Meier
Wolfgang Mass   Annette Mass
Dittmar Rehmann   Karin Rehmann
Thomas Meintrup   Beate Meintrup
Uwe Timrott   Andrea Flaccus
Vitam Kodelja   Barbara Kodelja
Michael Feld   Heide Glaser
Matthias Jasper   Birgit Tomesch
Alexander Valko   Barbara Valko
Paolo Corsi   Marina Luddi
Martin Ciomber   Angelika Ciomber
Claus Nacke   Ilse Mielke
Herbert Schnappauf   Petra Schnappauf
Ulrich Lindecke   Manuela Schulze
Holger Eissing   Birgit Bogaerts
Georg Angelakis   Anne Koenen
Andreas Kindt   Anne Hinz
Franco Bernini   Mariarosa Locatelli
Werner Brunner   Petra Brunner
Jürgen Clarenbach   Evelin Clarenbach
Christian Lisowski   Irene Lisowski
Oliver Luthardt   Brigitte Kessel-Döhle
Nils Andersen   Martina Andersen
Stephan Frank   Sylvia Hochhaus
Uwe Hans   Christine Hans
Jörg Holzhäuser   Petra Holzhäuser
Andreas Falk   Angelika Falk
Ralf Hammermann   Roswitha Demant
Damian Kukowka   Bettina Weimann
Jan-Malte Muntau   Birgit Muntau
Markus Mäurer   Marion Mäurer
Thomas Wolters   Anja Wolters
Martin Braun   Bettina Braun
Jan Dannemann   Imme Dannemann
Christian Helweg   Heike Helweg
Gregor Hoffmann   Sabina Kampkötter
Gunther Müller   Petra Wagner
Christof Szulc   Ingrid Remlinger
Thomas Weirich   Ingrid Weirich
Karl-Heinz Reimann   Vera Krewerth
Jörg Stoffels   Karin Stoffels
Frank Gebhardt   Silke Reegen
Victor Minguez   Ana Espada
Benedetto Ferruggia   Agnes Kazmierczak
Luca Bussoletti   Tjasa Vulic
Sergei Mikheev   Anastasia Sidoran
Roman Mayer   Siret Siilak
Marco Cavallaro   Joanne Clifton
Denis Kutepov   Marina Vassilieva
Pavel Dvorak   Monika Mihalikova
Marc Scheithauer   Kerstin Stettner
Isaia Berardi   Cinzia Birarelli
Andrius Ivasauskas   Jurgita Dingelyte
Kamil Urbaniak   Katarzyna Kapral
Marcin Kalitowski   Kamila Domanska
Marco Chieregato   Francesca Colomba
Vaidotas Lacitis   Paulina Glazik
Marius Kriukelis   Kristina Valiunaite
Roman Migunov   Elena Galagan
Oktavian Para   Elena Cravciuc
Kirill Korshikov   Anastasia Tarasiuk
Julius Seniauskas   Iveta Pauryte
Pawel Switalski   Agata Pilarska
Michal Mladek   Andrea Stolinova
Oliver Rehder   Jasmin Rehder
Angelo D'Alonzo   Cristina Cinosi
Jan Halir   Lucie Sedlakova
Calin Panaite   Margarita Mantaluta
Michael Wenger   Franziska Diefert
Alexandr Fedorov   Ekaterina Bogoush
Evgeniy Grigorov   Oleksandra Yarovenko
Csaba Laszlo   Szilvia Szögi
Daniele Pardini   Paola Rosi
Yang Hyuk Park   Da Hea Jung
Michal Drha   Tereza Bufkova
Andraz Snoj   Anna Sazina
Oleksander Ushakov   Viktoria Sokolova
Felician Sas   Anamaria Vlad
Felix Schäfer   Melanie Ahl
Stefan Brückner   Astrid Schäfer
Rouslan Golovaschenko   Olena Golovaschenko
Octavian Cepurjinschii   Olga Chirichenko
Aleksandr Ostrovsky   Anastasia Gamalynova
Pavel Kurgan   Caroline Zylniak
Ivan Novikov   Tatiana Gershman
Mikhail Orlov   Polina Fomina
Stanislav Gorbachev   Anna Lagoda
Oliver Thalheim   Tina Spiesbach
Petr Zabystrzan   Jitka Konderlova
Christian Lange   Anna Korbutt
Sergey Dementyev   Daria Konstantinova
Michael Soerensen   Miriam Blume
Pavel Alexeevsky   Kate Slesarenko
Tomas Surovec   Denisa Halicka
Adam Markiel   Lidia Cwiklinska
Christian Engelhardt   Inka Wagner
Chris Nugteren   Rebecca Blummel
Erik Pali   Viktoria Pali
Joel Marasigan   Clara Shih
Juraj Simko   Zuzana Vicikova
Michael Kluge   Marlene Quenzel
Martin Reiss   Corinna Sadowski
Dmytro Zimnenko   Iryna Mikhonik
Elvis Kurzemnieks   Anastasija Jefremenko
Zoran Plohl   Tatsiana Lahvinovich
Jakub Jermar   Jana Lajmrova
Kevin Clifton   Anna Melnikova
Jurij Batagelj   Jagoda Strukelj
Timo Kulczak   Motshegetsi Mabuse
Oleksandr Prysyazhnyuk   Anastasiya Kislina
Guy Rosen   Viktoriya Fadina
Aleksey Birman   Nadezhda Bardina
Mikhail Kolomiets   Natalia Maklakhova
Stanislav Nikolaev   Kristina Kozlova
Rachid Malki   Anna Suprun
Eugen Vosnyk   Katharina Simon
Martino Zanibellato   Michelle Abildtrup
Christian Polanc   Petra Kostovcikova
Dmitri Matveev   Alena Erchova
Ojars Bacis   Santa Lodina
Dmitri Roshchektaev   Anastasia Belykh
Heiko Straile   Daniela Beckmann
Vaidotas Skimelis   Jurga Pupelyte
Anton Ganopolskyy   Nataliya Magdalinova
Anton Sboev   Elizaveta Missevich
Guennadi Bondarenko   Simone Waldorf
Vadim Kisataev   Elena Soroka
Igor Popov   Anna Kozyreva
Mario Radinger   Lilia Albrecht
Massimo Sinato   Jessica Mohr
Maxim Petrov   Olga Zhelezniak
Igor Alexandrov   Anna Boulgakov
Evgeniy Nazarov   Irina Bezguzova
Sven Ninnemann   Fabienne Liechti
Iuri Nezdoiminoga   Ekaterina Trofimova
Sergei Salov   Tatiana Perederei
Masaki Seko   Chiaki Seko
Stefan Vogel   Irene Moser
Valentin Reshetnikov   Snezhana Sheyakova
Stefano Terrazzino   Angela Stuppia
Petr Kisselev   Daria Karpova
Felice Alviani   Ilaria Manganiello
Denis Denisov   Vitalia Sentchenkova
Karlis Kemlers   Ieva Kemlere
Zufar Zaripov   Natalia Fridmanovich
Cedric Meyer   Angelique Meyer
Aleksei Simakin   Anna Grishina
Marek Varres   Jana Kurilovits
Rudi Grabon   Sybille Schreier
Peter Majzelj   Maja Gersak
Denis Shepelev   Anna Abakumova
Emanuele Chetta   Giulia Gorgoglione
Alfonso Farnese   Noves Farnese
Sergey Matsuk   Ekaterina Vorobeva
Nico Zickgraf   Leila Zickgraf
Stefan Heinrich   Manuela Brychzy
Bruno Branco   Rita Vieira
Dmitry Starikov   Anna Mazalo
Sviatoslav Stefanov   Radostena Rogacheva
Milan Dinevski   Simona Spirovska
Valeriu Musuc   Olga Negodoica
Kyrylo Khitrov   Olena Khablenko
Edgar Orlovschi   Tatiana Balaban
Roman Manolachi   Cristina Rodrighes
Simeon Ilchov   Ina Jeliazkova
Stefan Cebotaru   Ina Pinzaru
Andrei Radu   Tatomir Madalina
Claudio Forte   Barbara Carpino
Valerii Catir   Anastasia Crivosciocova
Vasile Constantin   Geanina Niculae
Dmitrii Paiu   Anastasia Florina
Andrey Dementiev   Anastasia Kazmina
Mihai Ciobanu   Elena Mantaluta
Serghei Pogonet   Elena Cataeva
Sergei Krivov   Julia Saikina
Max Buloychik   Lena Boldyreva
Tomofey Uvarov   Anna Chiganova
Vladislav Vinogradov   Ioulia Solovieva
Andrei Filippov   Inna Svetchnikova
Alexei Lapin   Anna Spiridonova
Ramon Zedan   Mariam Zedan
Salvatore Todaro   Violeta Yaneva
Halim Darmawan   Marion Mou
Jaromir Cremers   Lisanne Zegels
Roger Kwa   Connie Tan
Ke Wang   Guiqin Wan
Paul Nunez   Lilibeth Lalic
Bo Wang   Bei Chen
Javier Alcaniz   Anais Cubillo
Mike Gualvez   Vangilyn Cenina
Cheng Chen   Lin Zhu
Wen Zhong Wei   Hao Qu
Melvin Tan   Sharon Tan
Richard Obong   Floralyn Lagario
Kazuhiko Natsumi   Kyoko Yanagihori
Melvin de la Serna   Chirley Basan
Xiang Rong Yin   Yee.Man Wong
Dae-Dong Kim   Jung-Yeon Han
Wen Li   Zhenli Chen
Luis Miguel   Luzviminda Artuz
Charles Wang   Janet Hsiao
Ivan Naumov   Vasilisa Larikova
Sonny Zhang Jin   Cher Luo Wen Qing
Salvatore Vecchio   Tamara Pitts
Eduard Casasampere   Astrid Salim
Yukinori Sugano   Naoko Tokiwa
Rommel Yballo   Haidee Adora
Thomas Tan   Tramaine Tan
Brian Joseph   Karla Ocana
Carey Chao   Kitty Tsai
. Andri   . Yanti
Hideaki Nakatani   Kuniko Nakatani
Eric Chao   Cherry Kao
Marvin Marquez   Tomoka Morimura
Ryo Yoshikawa   Nao Shirai
Hisayuki Toyama   Satomi Toyama
Jei.Tian Zhuo   Ya.Jie Sun
Boris Matveyev   Yelena Klyuchnikova
Brett Reilly   Tanya Locke
Takeo Wachi   Kiriko Wachi
Kazuki Sugaya   Ikuyo Ozaki
Marc.van Tilborgh   Marianne.van Tilborgh
Michal Grill   Radka Skoumalova
Tony Bisaccia   Josee Block
Milan Michalek   Michaela Michalkova
Thomas Pirhofer   Prisca Pirhofer
Piotr Krajewski   Joanna Rolecka
Martijn Wesseling   Simone Schäfer
Frederic Havez   Letizia Bevilacqua
Thomas Dubru   Kelly Smith
Giuseppe Caruso   Nadia D'Arma
Mikhail Markov   Anna Zlotchenko
Pavlo Barsuk   Anna Hense
Mirco Risi   Ilenia Di Prete
Andriy Reva   Anastasiya Brailo
Matej Chren   Vanda Polakova
Roman Stepanov   Polina Teplenko
Jakub Davidek   Michaela Gatekova
Gabriele Goffredo   Ester Spadavecchia
Philip Redmond   Anastasia Levrenko
Aurel Casciuc   Ana Matus
Ivailo Tonchev   Ekaterina Lapaeva
Ilya Svintsov   Liubov Bondareva
Dmitri Shipilov   Daria Ivanova
Konstantyn Voynarovskiy   Tetyana Kuzmenko
Vladimir Karpov   Olga Barannikova
Ramon de Klein   Kateryna Kalinina
Nikola Mandic   Sanja Boscovic
Artem Lazarev   Katerina Zilkovska
Georgi Kanev   Adriana Bezmenova
Peter Polak   Kristina Matusakova
Olekseiy Gotsuliak   Yuliya Penkovska
Kaloian Ivanov   Kremena Todorova
Marko Paunovic   Dragana Mitrovic
Vladimir Petrov   Nevena Lazarova
Panaiot Kovachev   Denitsa Skuleva
Denys Martynenko   Olga Savytska
Jernej Brenholc   Daniela Pekic
Robert Pavlik   Eva Prnova
Pavel Bic   Silvie Konderlova
Milan Spanik   Eva Spanikova
Stefan Cermak   Kristina Kamenicka
Petr Simacek   Alena Sismova
Krzysztof Bozek   Lenka Matouskova
Jozef Kovacs   Michaela Havlikova
Gernot Hacker   Nora Bernhard
Viktor Kurenkov   Yuliya Zyuzina
Aleksey Martinov   Margarita Stroynova
Filip Krivda   Andrea Mihalikova
Ludek Novotny   Zuzana Votrelova
Congor Balogh   Anita Szabo
Petr Knesl   Vladimira Matouskova
Jaroslav Frantisek   Jana Suchankova
Petr Marek   Kristina Coufalova
Vladimir Slon   Martina Friedl
Stanislav Sram   Lenka Ourednikova
David Kreiter   Szilvia Elek
Tomas Hudecek   Emma Hradecka
Tomas Gaudnik   Katerina Ticha
Jan Herodek   Lenka Pokorna
Josef Pirek   Iva Pikalova
Stephan Schlager   Eva-Maria Schlager
Peter Blahovsky   Renata Huckova
Gabor Petak   Fruzsina Batri
Richard Botik   Alice Pokorna
Jan Cerny   Albina Zaitseva
Sinisa Vasic   Anna Tchemodourova
Lukas Cep   Lucie Skopalikova
Daniele Gozzi   Ilenia Odorico
Gyorgy Kocse   Martina Udradi
Mateusz Parys   Natali Wojdak
Jiri Novak   Lenka Chovancikova
Szabolcs Walcz   Nikoletta Kovacs
Michael Baumann   Ursula Kropfl
Attila Kiss Noel   Timea Tasi
Matthias Bock   Roswitha Wieland
Christian Hiebl   Karin Fischbacher
Michal Malencik   Katarina Stumpfova
Jozef Herak   Alexandra Milkova
Ivan Knezevic   Sandra Cvijetic
Ladislav Gerenyi   Lucia Zavadova
Wilhelm Gabalier   Barbara Koitz
Leong Kar Lee   Christine Chang
Moreno Lirussi   Anna Plazzotta
Daniele Dezi   Alessandra Scarmigliati
Pasquale Iaccarino   Giovanna Ottaiano
Rossano Vincenzoni   Azzurra Schiavo
Gabor Hoffmann   Tatiana Belyaeva
Robert Aparicio   Judit Barcia
Diogo Beirante   Marisa Ferreira
Patrick Pilat   Mireille Brouns
Angel Pumar   Tatiana Lafuente
Paulo Matos   Fatima Silva
David Puente   Sonia McKay
Paulo Martins   Marisa Cardoso
Joao Juliao   Tania Juliao
Alessandro Testa   Mena Di Prete
Kim Sole   Susana Atance
Simone Caramadre   Donatella D'Ambrosio
Dmytro Bochko   Alessandra Mason
Damiano Lonardi   Roxana Voju
Tiago Picarra   Alexandra Venacio
Paulo Cesar   Joana Rolaca
Gerard Toldra   Raquel Ortega
Michele Tagliaventi   Denise Tagliaventi
Pedro Goncalves   Ana.Rita Maia
Andre Letra   Viviana Coelho
Ricardo Silva   Tania Seixas
Bruno Colaco   Eva Goncalves
Eduard Guerrero   Esther Romero
Frederico Jordao   Carlo Boto
Majro Fogagnozo   Cinzia Masato
Fritz Blumer   Marianne Blumer
Martin Sianta   Viera Kubova
Werner Syrovatka   Ursula Syrovatka
Roland Taron   Siegrun Taron
Mathias Bäjen   Sabine Bäjen
Heinz Böhm   Manuela Böhm
Udo Kürzinger   Christine Kürzinger
Alessandro Moroni   Meri Trivi
Thilo Borkeloh   Stefanie Borkeloh
Siegfried Evertz   Yvonne Heyner
Daniel Kössler   Angela Kössler
Peter Patak   Silvia Sabadosova
André Fellhauer   Gunda Maier
Udo John   Ursula Lauer
Olaf Paul   Christl Renno-Paul
Theodor Rulofs   Eva Rulofs
Franz-Peter Schwindling   Cornelia Schwindling
Franz Steiner   Susanne Green
Ilia Russo   Iulia Russo
Yevgen Stepanov   Olga Moroz
Vladymyr Tsurkan   Kateryna Yovyk
Dmitriy Bodrov   Ksenia Salova
Aleksandr Zorin   Yulia Ovchinnikova
Andrey Chuvaev   Elena Safronova
Maksym Lityushkin   Ganna Yaskevich
Illya Vasylyev   Maria Molyarchuk
Eduard Bulava   Oksana Spichak
Sergiy Ryabchenko   Mariya Grekova
Volodymyr Goncharov   Natalia Yalivets
Artem Chernysh   Olga Gryshchuk
Andriy Krekhaliov   Ivanna Digtyarenko
Sergey Sergeev   Anastasia Zhdanova
Andriy Vasylyev   Kateryna Vasylyeva
Yevgen Lisunov   Tetyana Pochtar
Evgen Budyak   Maryna Korol
Viktor Paliy   Veronika Burtova
Andrey Babiy   Vilena Kobzareva
Kirill Mantsevoda   Olga Tovstashova
Denys Parfyonov   Ganna Kharlamova
Stefano Santarelli   Francesca Palumbo
Giordano Pizzardi   Flavia Rudilosso
Francesco Capozza   Tatiana Banko
Daniele Muzzi   Jessica Intravaia
Francesco Ciotoli   Jasmina Bricca
Alessandro Di Napoli   Fabiana Ferraro
Cristian Casamonica   Giada Giacomoni
Ivan Candeloro   Maria.Rosaria Calandrini
Gennaro Lamunno   Luana Basile
Luca Vivone   Rosaria Vivone
Michele Cancellieri   Marizia Saito
Alessandro De Sio   Annalisa Giordano
Sascha Hohmann   Zorica Jovanovic
Christian Costa   Barbara Benedetti
Dusan Vucic   Aleksandra Boskovic
Luewanitwong Sumate   Yi Ting Chan
Mika Jauhiainen   Nitta Kortelainen
Cristian Venosa   Genny Lombardo
Paolo Campigotto   Cristina Seccafien
Fabio Ordinelli   Alessandra Ordinelli
Nikolay Konevtsev   Natalya Plaksina
Vladislav Borodinov   Irina Garous
Vladislav Silde   Svetlana Lesniak
Dmitriy Ivanishin   Anastassia Vassilieva
Leonid Geramov   Marina Dikova
Alexey Sviatov   Ekaterina Vasileshnikova
Rene Loft   Laura Hair
Christoph Jonas   Mary Ziolkowsky
Dennis Garrapa   Marisa Hubl
Jani Rasimus   Milla Virtanen
Petr Cadek   Michaela Krupickova
Ken Moeller Hansen   Lidiya Vyshnyakova
Igori Bogatiriov   Margareta Simion
Steffen Frederiksen   Henriette Lindberg
Juri Kaiser   Natalia Kuhn
Radim Pradka   Katerina Kolmanova
Eugen Khod   Ksenia Jushakova
Andreas Weimer   Julia Orklass
Steffen Zoglauer   Sandra Koperski
Sven Szekulla   Kathrin Brauckhoff
Isak Halldorsson   Helga Helgadottir
Andreas Wiljajew   Maryna Machekhina
Dirk Thalheimer   Judith Vogeley
David Kriz   Renata Pavlikova
Dimitri Borokhov   Daria Romanenko
Troels Bager   Maria Hvolby
Alexander Krieg   Katharina Mayer
Jevgenns Arapockins   Lucia Kubasova
Marc-Oliver Liesch   Andrea Niestedt
Julien Perignon   Lucie Jeanne
Andre Boss   Rossella Sedicina
Lars Hadlich   Lucie Hadlich
Ronny Hörig   Chantale Hartung
Oliver Molthan   Katrin Molthan
Markus Schäfer   Diana Krafczyk
David Juhlke   Maike Jessat
Rico Schlammer   Marit Kramski
Steffen Dähne   Jessica Engel
Martin Ragmarsson   Malin Johannsson
Aurelien Milhau   Line Haegy
Kousuke Hamaguchi   Youko Satoh
Rafal Olek   Magda Groszek
Andrei Chubarev   Veronika Vlasova
Dominique Fara   Sonja Hahn
Ilya Sergeev   Anna Krasnyanskaya
Daniel Winkler   Anna Geuchmann
Jan Marcel Rahder   Ariane Ploetz
Martin Koehler   Julieer Thagesen
Felice Casamassima   Elisa Cammusa
Stefan Klebsch   Juliane Klebsch
Nico Burkel   Andrea Pihl
Alexander Diernberger   Nathalie Briem
Jindrich Cincura   Iva Langerova
Thomas Mierich   Nicole Sprenger
Stanislav Uxa   Lenka Ritterova
Frank Schulnies   Ilka Richelmann
Patrick Misgaiski   Vladislava Umanskaya
Robert Meszaros   Barbara Topolska
Milan Pilous   Petra Mladicova
Gintauras Bulotas   Annette Ziller
Jakub Pavlik   Martina Opltova
Peter Hahn   Christiane Deus
Marcel Ditté   Alexandra Voss
Sascha Kuhlmann   Stefanie Jonas
Jouko Leppäla   Hejä Leppäla
Roland Lein   Karin Lein
Henry Neundorfer   Beate Neundorfer
Manfred Otto   Andrea Otto
Fritz Gohde   Suzann Hubert
Herward Bucher   Ursula Bucher
Jiri Plsek   Jana Plskova
Wolfgang Riedl   Petra Riedl
Edgar Kobinger   Lilo Kobinger
Herbert Wunderle   Yvonne Rücker-Wunderle
Uwe Schadock   Petra Schadock
Bohumil Cech   Pavla Cech
Jürgen Sasse   Angelika Sasse
Daniel Trouve   Annemarie Trouve
Hagen Haupt   Claudia Liedecker
Anton Domansky   Erica Domansky
Alex Tecza   Katja Lindholm
Jim Gray   Sunnie Page
Andrew Tate   Michelle Tate
Stefan Staufert   Jasmin Borgmann
Mark Tabor   Natasha Mielke
Michael Cho   Alice Cho
Turtle Brennen   Julie Hayes
Ryan Minson   Julia Minson
Dennis Onoda   Olga Pikelnaya
Shane Wuerthner   Yana Blinov
Boris Leukomovich   Diana Surkis
Leo Rotenberg   Moreen Rubin
Brian Coyne   Deborah Taylor
Alejandro Wiest   Desiree Lunsford
Andrea Ghigiarelli   Sara Andracchio
Angelo Bianco   Monica Ferriero
Lorenzo Tarabelli   Federica Agostinelli
Peter Kashinski   Anastasia Sergievskaia
Gabriele Chiarandini   Cinzia Vivarelli
Ivan Anichkhin   Ekaterina Zubareva
Aleksi Tuominen   Kati Mietinen
Christian Bono   Elena Bono
Agostino Urbaniello   Manuela Amore
Michele Armiento   Francesca Basso
Daniele Ginnetti   Francesca Mariani
Alessandro Olivato   Patricia Alesandrini
Georgi Tsenev   Filipa Vodenicharova
Morten Schnedler Jensen   Janne Vejiby
Valerio Vetriolo   Fabiola Sole
Dario De Gisi   Letizia Caprai
Gianluca Jafelice   Sara Crisantemi
Alexei Plakhotnikov   Anna Savelieva
Nikita Bazev   Natalia Borodaenko
Florian Gschaider   Manuela Stoeckl
Savino Cuocci   Laura Marinaro
Roberto Checcarelli   Catiuscia Tabarrini
Claudio Viscardi   Carolina Preziuso
Alessandro Rizzo   Maria Oliva
Angelo Fiore   Elisa Galvagno
Fabio Modica   Tina Hoffmann
Evgueni Oleshko   Anastasia Rud
Cristian Bertini   Lucia Bertini
Aleksander Mogolin   Ekaterina Iakovenko
Nicola Fidelfatti   Lisa Maestrello
Lucas Capparotto   Romina Tumolo
Daniel Kulfir   Eva Holotova
Cosmo Tattoli   Serena Maikner
Igor Antsiferov   Anastasia Erofiejewa
Dragan Meshkov   Maria Apostolova
Daniel Shapilov   Jessica Eisenkrein
Jivo Iankov   Veronika Simeonova
Igor Danila   Iulia Slivca
Dan Tepuru   Anca Nisipeanu
Dmitri Khokhloff   Olga Bardysheva
Lucian Dimitras   Liliana Ianachevici
Tihomir Gavrilov   Lili Velichkova
Veaceslav Stroia   Nicoleta Dorogan
Georgi Bakardjiev   Radostina Stoianova
Stanislav Terziev   Irena Todereva
Miroslav Ivanov   Galina Todorova
Tihomir Sarachev   Ana Doncheva
Onur Mergen   Suzan Erdim
Nikolay Manolov   Pavlina Valcheva
Svetoslav Dobrev   Ani Vasileva
Toni Todorov   Iskra Andreeva
Boian Kirchev   Mila Georgieva
Krastio Parvanov   Violeta Parvanova
Dimitar Stamenov   Lalka Sakalijska
Rosen Popov   Anna Svilenova
Metim Turgal   Aysegul Tamirgan
Aleksandar Velinov   Maia Galabova
Emil Nikolov   Filipa Vodenicharova
Stanislav Savov   Ina Chokova
German Tepavicharov   Stela Kokonova
Nikolay Tenev   Antonia Grozeva
Iordan Iordanov   Emilia Marinova
Goran Jerinkic   Marina Mihajlov
Sasa Jovicic   Arjana Vrhovac
Vasilie Kleocic   Milena Pavlovic
Evgeni Popov   Liubomira Petkova
Mario Riva   Carmen Riva
Maurizio Meoni   Gianna Boccardi
Paolo Bernardi   Angela Carapelli
Moreno Carnelli   Anna Baisotti
Pierpaolo Pinardi   Daniela Angeleni
Roberto Quaranta   Brunella Cuscianna
Simone Mordini   Cora Paoletti
Andrea Petaccia   Stefania Sabini
Roberto Giannelli   Angela Chilleri
Michele Castellani   Michela Poli
Alessandro Brescianini   Annalisa Cominetti
Fabio Cassi   Daniela Modenesi
Fabio Motta   Valeria Giupponi
Maurizio D'Orazio   Lorena Luongo
Josef Paukner   Margret Koller-Paukner
Lino Lappano   Angela Aiello
Giacomo Mazzara   Mariagiovanna Dell'Oro
Stefano Mammoliti   Antonella Tranchina
Franco Scarnecchia   Daniela Di Ianni
Sandro Sordini   Daniela Carrer
Marc Cragnolini   Nicoletta Buonaguro
Aldo Lurani   Cinzia Pagliaricci
Paolo Lazzarini   Elisabetta Abrianello
Antonio Mogavero   Marilu Polini
Angelo Morea   Roberta Matera
Lorenzo Melucci   Carla Meconi
Filippo Brandi   Fabiola Terzanelli
Nicola Cavaliere   Simona Loreti
Sean Madden   Carole Madden
Giuseppe D'Acri   Morgana Prete
Massimo Di Stefano   Annamaria Campagnaro
Tiziano Giugni   Patrizia Nardini
Giuseppe Olivieri   Milena Amoroso
Roberto Pagan Griso   Roberta Ruffo
Claudio Di Florio   Concetta De Sanctis
Luigi Azzurro   Simona Felice
Marco Bolzoni   Clara Salvini
Saverio De Nichilo   Mady Mondarini
Claudio Di Battista   Gabriella Rognoli
Claudio Congia   Francesca Surace
Tommaso Del Prete   Rosanna Caserta
Mauro Sambati   Giovanna Errico
Giuseppe Sibilio   Anna Aita
Fabio Sorrentino   Miriam Masciarelli
Germano Ucci   Grisenda Di Florio
Mario Prete   Emilia Urso
Blaz Pocajt   Inna Berlyzyeva
Alessio Potenziani   Giola Potenziani
Alessandro Tataranni   Anna Oxengoit
Erik Narjas   Petra Cernakova
Gabriele Pilo   Daniela Belardo
Tsutomu Kimura   Asami Kimura
Carlo Alfieri   Rosa La Guardia
Marco Agrimi   Gabriella Agrimi
Petr Zach   Zuzana Neumitkova
Andrei Andreev   Anna Andreev
Piero Battista   Maria Favazzi
Stas Khmel   Julia Pyrhova
Salvatore Cacciapuoti   Gloria Valentini
Ales Pipan   Nina Salobir
Antonio Ungolo   Lucia Calo
Andrea D'Onofrio   Micaela D'Onofrio
Dario Rossello   Grazia Caruso
Paolo Scoccia   Samantha Sbattella
Evgeniy Plokhikh   Yelena Klyuchnikova
Giovanni Occhipinti   Sharon Bonomo
Vojtech Zabransky   Martina Ryskova
Thomas Wendel   Maria Sandvik
Nicola Landi   Concetta Falco
Dario Cianciotta   Chiara Rossiello
Thomas Szegoe   Corinne Roost
Alessio Costantino   Rita Costantino
Tiziano Cericola   Simona Carafa
Balázs Pap   Orsolya Zabos
Sante Mandolini   Victoria Martin
Gregor Rebula   Lisa Darby
Evgueniy Voronine   Yulia Gretchko
Mikko Kaasalainen   Hanna Haarala
Michal Kostovcik   Kamila Dostalova
Vasilii Anohin   Iulia Vorosilova
Robert Magyari   Nanda Wolf
Anton Pouzravine   Yulia Grechko
Clive Uter   Loren James
Vladimir Velev   Gabriella Bodocs
Mario Palermo   Federica Lappano
Norbert Mika   Paulina Leszczynska
Aleksander Shmonin   Daria Bakajeva
Tomas Sieder   Magdalena Teslikova
Anatoli Gromov   Evguenia Kharitonenko
Saverio Loria   Giovanna Bellomo
Antonio Masella   Nastascia Masella
Pawel Wolanski   Katarzyna Swirska
Sergey Maksyuta   Ekaterina Atepaeva
Alexis Fernandez   Anna Lamboni
Piotr Szelest   Diana Klos
Alfonso Attianese   Milena Zingarelli
József Schmidt   Madléna Fejér
Roberto Cavallo   Ivana Vukmirovic
Balasz Nagymihaly   Nora Nagy
Daniele Lodi   Deborah Ceccio
Emiliano Marandola   Natascia Catarinella
Massimilliano Andronaco   Emanuela De France
Fabio Calicchia   Veronica Di Miceli
Manuel De Rosa   Serena Aluigi
Adam Galazka   Anna Ramiaczek
Giancarlo Salvati   Sara Boido
Giacomo Torrisi   Gaetana Torrisi
Daniele Cavallo   Dorit Milman
Giorgio Di Raimondo   Simona Massari
Marco Niero   Mayda Fuga
Vasili Marchenkov   Marina Skripnichenko
Sergiy Kvashyn   Liudmyla Bobrysheva
Denis Podolski   Kristina Arabadzhieva
Ivan Bessonov   Alsu Izmailova
Oleksandr Gaidash   Mariya Levchenko
Eldar Saifoutdinov   Elena Ivaniouk
Roman Italiankin   Olga Kordevich
Vladyslav Talybin   Anna Tselyk
Aleksandr Zhuk   Tatiana Lomako
Vladimir Shelomitskiy   Maria Fediukina
Aleksei Petrov   Maria Volovik
Sergiy Saarbekov   Svetlana Kotova
Evgeniy Nikonov   Olga Permyakova
Artem Grygorash   Kateryna Rayetska
Vitaliy Mologolovets   Nataliya Tkachenko
Alecsandr Myrza   Olga Covalenco
Sergiy Pelekh   Anna Ruda
Alexey Kreavets   Lena Derjavko
Marat Gadzhygasov   Natalia Katrunova
Aleksander Frolov   Nadiezna Stupeczkina
Oleg Storozhuk   Snizhana Baydelyuk
Dmytro Kovalenko   Anna Lishchenko
Yevgen Safronov   Olena Butko
Igor Panchenko   Anna Gulyakova
Kyrylo Kartyshev   Mariya Makhankova
Karol Brull   Viktoria Bolender
Rainer Mauerhofer   Elke Gehrsitz
Jacek Fidurski   Aneta Mirska
Radoslav Zofcin   Petra Stefankova
Lukasz Trochimiak   Agnieszka Szawiel
Marek Kosaty   Agnieszka Maczek
Andrea Guizzardi   Giada Magagnoli
Tomasz Towinski   Magdalena Niewiadomska
Peter Halmo   Katarina Komorova
Andras Vigh   Ildiko Medgyes
Balasz Kiss   Andrea Magyari
Juraj Adam   Kristina Benkovicova
Martin Wünsch   Andrea Zelinkova
György Köcse   Martina Varadi
Anton Inglikov   Kseniya Bolueva
Dmytro Kucher   Kateryna Katerynchyk
Miroslav Kucera   Paula Kubejova
Nikola Radak   Milena Zogovic
Tomasz Rachwalski   Anna Protas
Vadym Gazda   Jasmina Arko
Wojciech Wolinowski   Aleksandr Kulczycka
Attila Torok   Christiane Leuthner
Miha Vodicar   Anna De Domizio
Peter Kanavor   Eliska Krnacova
Nedas Grigaliunas   Olga Kosmia
Aleksy Sarajew   Dasha Klimova
Dmitriy Nikolaev   Svetlana Gudino
Adam Galyzka   Anna Ramiaczek
Marcin Zawislak   Katarzyna Kot
Michal Skawinski   Agnieszka Pomorska
Marek Fiksa   Blanka Winiarska
Artem Ermakov   Karina Eremian
Marcin Luszynski   Justyna Sobkiewicz
Szczepan Rudnicki   Agnieszka Rudnicka
Bartlomiej Steinke   Malgorzata Janaszak
Waldemar Kabala   Lidia Muller
Gracjan Konstantynowicz   Justyna Cichosz
Michal Kowalski   Katarzyna Paluch
Jakub Kowalczyk   Bettina Moledowska
Edgars Gasjuns   Jelena Samuilova
Kamil Szpindowski   Aneta Reczek
Sergi Vega   Neus Mestres Julian
Michal Uryniuk   Katarzyna Uryniuk
Jakub Cymbor   Agnieszka Olszewska
Krzysztof Musiol   Katarzyna Kozlowska
Pawel Sobieszak   Anna Bocian
Seweryn Karlinski   Aneta Frycz
Pawel Wlodzimierz   Julita Krasnoborska
Krzysztof Troc   Justyna Mudarewicz
Dominik Cichy   Ada Dymerska
Przemyslaw Kant   Kamila Zielinska
Pawel Nestorowicz   Beata Neuhoff
Anton Kolyubayev   Ganna Lanukh
Ivan Prikhodchenko   Yuliya Selezneva
Oleksiy Bisko   Anna Palamarchuk
Serghei Slobodean   Marina Bazarova
Kyrilo Maliovanyy   Olga Maliovana
Dmitriy Mogusev   Daria Orlova
Stanislav Celnakov   Inesa Zagoruico
Alexandr Sokolov   Iulia Plakhotina
Vitalii Rusu   Alexandra Malai
Dmitri Bulanov   Yulia Artemyeva
Roman Usmanov   Ekaterina Guseva
Mikhail Troitski   Elena Mikhailova
Yuriy Dodoncha   Olena Dodoncha
Pinar Aydin   Ilker Demirkol
Alexei Mazurin   Anna Ianchikova
Yevgen Gurin   Iryna Shamanovska
Kiril Maliewany   Olga Maliewana
Yevgeniy Borowik   Yelena Martychenko
Sergejs Frolovs   Zane Sveiceva
Yevgen Stadnyk   Oksana Sidak
Igor Denila   Julia Slivca
Dmytro Bilukha   Tetyana Nyzhnyk
Oleksiy Zagoruyko   Kateryna Leonenko
Alexandr Stroia   Anastasia Dodul
Leonid Toma   Olga Ivanova
Andriy Kamyshnyy   Viktoriya Syedina
Oleksandr Rondal   Olena Biliy
Oleksandr Berezhnoy   Tetyana Sologub
Tomasz Ciesielski   Aleksandra Aftanska
Tobias Wallin   Diana Ribas
Dmitriy Nikitin   Liyka Shushunova
Sebastian Wagenbach   Bianca Stängle
Ivan Krasnoperov   Anna Putilova
Roger Herklots   Ingrid.van.der Berk
Frederic Lepretre   Karinne Bisson
Alexander Montenaro   Daniela Skarpil
Juergen Schlegel   Ksenija Gorenc
Andras Angyal   Emilia Goldberg
Viktor Emmer   Iringo Südi
Peter Gombas   Orsolya Lovaszi
Denis Verelli   Nikolett Csikota
Tamás Gellai   Judit Rabel
Akira Katoh   Hana Katoh
Giuseppe Parlett   Lauriane Gillieron
Filip Karasek   Dita Drabkova
Laszlo Gilicze   Dora Czirok
Jozsef Kardos   Erika Kardos
Peter Vidasic   Ladislava Kavulicova
Zoltán Horváth   Mária Krizsa
Máté Kovács   Brigitta Kun
Andras Pelle   Klara Bartha
Viktor Farkas   Nikolett Magera
Sergei Pozharnski   Svetlana Bogdanova
marat bakh   natalya skorikova
Andris Apsvalks   Daiga Gaubija
Yuriy Barkov   Iulia Nehviadovich
Sascha Makarov   Elena Velikaia
Aleksei Yudin   Irina Pinigina
Dmitriy Mitskevich   Olga Kashkan
Artur Shestovec   Viktoriia Davudova
Vladyslav Parakhnevych   Elena Slesarenok
Andrey Gerasimuk   Alina Stepanova
Martin Evszinski   Justyna Sobkewich
Evgenii Maiorov   Olga Lisovskaya
Pavel Grebenkin   Irina Kazanceva
Dmitriy Kashevski   Elena Zukova
Sacha Kurach   Nionila Ivanova
Anton Yuspa   Olga Kavalevich
Alexander Dudik   Vera Abushenko
Gena Tsinkevich   Katsia Shinhirei
Cristiano Callegari   Svetlana Iskhakov
Alexander Leontiev   Olga Stoliar
Tadas Ivasauskas   Erika Marengolcaite
Karolis Milius   Indre Bortkunaite
Edgaras Saldukas   Giedre Kukucionyte
Roman Gontcharov   Kristina Vichnevskaj
Ivan Tarkhanov   Ludmila Belskaya
Egor Filipenko   Svetlana Verbitzkaya
Ilja Vinokurovs   Laura Kosite
Egor Maltsev   Julia Chernoshey
Krzysztof Tros   Justyna Mudrewich
Egidijus Petrauskas   Justina Kaminskaite
Ilya Sapezhinsky   Irina Georgieva
Saulius Randonikis   Agne Raginyte
Vitaliy Selevich   Aleksandra Davydova
Vladimir Garbuzov   Elizaveta Efimova
Kirill Veremeichik   Valeria Makeyenko
Dimitry Naumets   Katij Orlova
Andrew Staravoitov   Olga Nikonovich
Genadiy Cinkevich   Ekaterina Shingerey
Maxime Dereymez   Sophie Chevalier
Michael Nimz   Michaela Sauer
Petur Kristjansson   Lilja Hardardottir
Vadym Litvinenko   Kateryna Kordonets
Thibault Accart   Helene Quaillet
Alain Saint R.quier   Corinne Saint R.quier
Benjamin Gerin   Helene Ferrand
Yves Moysan   Jocelyne Pacco
Ilario Parise   Lydia Brangbour
Alessio Gianmatteo   Guendalina Pagnanelli
Nicolas Pouget   Coralie Anfray
Greg Ryan   Hayley Symonos
Vitali Popov   Irina Solovieva
Hendrik Benninger   Eva Svobodova
Tony Maucery   Pascale Maucery
Damien Lejeune   Julie Lejeune
Kyrylo Malovannyy   Olga Malovannyy
Werner Figar   Karin Figar
Kirill Shevelev   Alina Grigorieva
Alexei Bartolomei   Ekaterina Shayxmetova
Gualtiero Cantalupo   Katya Dodeva
Richard Lowes   Kerri-Anne Donaldsson
Ville Roos   Reija Lehtinen
Mirco Mason   Federica Bonardo
Domenico Simmaco   Elena Coniglione
Daniel Berchtold   Nadine Müller
Steven Howard   Claire Roberts
Iurii Purici   Doina Prodan
Alexander Muretov   Olga Serpikova
Marco Lustri   Emanuela Lustri
Dmitri Kroupnov   Evgenia Elfimova
Oreste Gargano   Valentina Colantvone
Stanislav Reka   Izabele Romanovaite
David Lettner   Martina Friedl
Sami Helenius   Jutta Markkanen
Stephan Arnold   Gemma-Loise Arnold
Luigi Tronarelli   Manuela Di Paolo
Massimo Lorillo   Nathalie Zapater
Alexander Popov   Irena Dimitrova
Nikolay Kralev   Gergana Slavova
Pene Liviu   Madalina-Ana Gutu
Hristo Minev   Maria Tomova
Vasil Burov   Asia Onbashieva
Nikolay Stoianov   Milena Georgieva
Iakim Teodosiev   Stela Kirova
Nikolay Ivanov   Maria Kalajdjiska
Igor Andev   Danitsa Dimovska
Nikola Tomasevic   Ivana Milojevic
Iavor Genev   Silvia Pencheva
Georgi Sandev   Maria Ivanova
Vladimir Todorovic   Milica Matic
Liviu Pene   Madalina Gutu
Rangel Spirov   Daniela Hristova
Elin Hristov   Iana Dimitrova
Andrei Borovski   Svetlana Panteleeva
Arsen Kishishian   Alarna Donovan
Abraham Martinez   Nuria Serrallonga
Ryan Hammond   Arianna Garcia
Mario Di Somma   Fai Assakul
Sasa Svraka   Dejana Jeremic
Lloyd Kroon   Ellen van Reemst
Viecheslav Klimkin   Hermione Green
Craig Shaw   Claire Hansen
Mads Abildtrup   Mie Moltke
Peter Broström   Maria Karlsson
Rosario Ciranni   Giulia Ceccarelli
Cameron Brogan   Larisa Locke
Maksim Shklyaryk   Olena Dyban
Adam Stone   Jennifer Cornish
Matthew Treadaway   Emma Houghton
Michal Buzek   Andrea Valentinyova
Istvan Varga   Marija Stosic
Jaka Oset   Ines Kogal
Luka Rohmih   Tamara Frank
Nejc Jus   Barbara Korazija
Tamas Nemeth   Linda Szoke
Tihomir Ciglar   Matea Sostaric
Matija Novosel   Tomislava Marohniæ
Luka Antunovic   Ines Viljanac
Dario Franolic   Branka Vranes
Marko Kaljaj   Milica Klikovac
Radovan Radoman   Bojana Bojovic
Vladimir Popovic   Sanja Jovanovic
Marjan Radojicic   Nina Drobnjak
Nicolas Quesnoit   Ksenija Pluscec
Ljupco Atanasov   Gorana Argirovska
Mirza Geljo   Amila Muzurovic
Mirsad Korjenic   Almira Delic
Adel Hodzic   Ida Sehovic
Enis Avdic   Aida Slak
Adis Bijedic   Mirana Ljutovic
Nermin Ferhatovic   Sabina Crncalo
Tomislav Valdec   Maria Blazevic
Adnan Imamovic   Mirela Geko
Marko Ciboci   Polina.Valerivna Golubeva
Midhat Mulabdic   Dzenana Sehovic
Eldin Palo   Vildana Hasecic
Marko Markovic   Ivana Dukic
Segei Nifontov   Lorena Costa
Bruno Caseiro   Tatiana Santos
Andre Marques   Barbara Ribeiro
Javier Garcia   Lorena Martinez
Alberto Garcia   Fatima Cervantes
Kiel De Buisson   Amber Dryden
Borja Alvarez   Africa Amaya
Vigente Alcocer   Carmen Cavero
Paulo Lopez   Darya Alisova
Manuel Portero   Estefania Hernandez
Tomas Hosek   Simona Svrckova
Denis Alekseev   Irina Goldinova
Alexandru Ion   Andra Linte
Andrei Duca   Roxana Duca
Sebastian Isac   Andra Moisa
decius mirea   mirtys mirea
Nicolai Gritevici   Roxana Olteanu
Panaiot Toshkov   Denica Sculeva
Cezar Iancu   Oana Carlan
Gabriel Nedea   Iulia Gogoasa
Silviu Dulau   Ioana Dulau
Laurentiu Ispir   Ana Dima
Adrian Visenoiu   Raluca Popa
Vadim Lupan   Aliona Duca
Alexandru Mirza   Olga Covalenco
Dan Voicu   Silvia Bujor
Fiore Menzione   Vladlena Aptukova
Florian Eisenmagen   Elisabeth Schatten
Ionut Dumitru   Anca Ionescu
Mihai Ilincuta   Alina Petre
Andrei Caisin   Mila Samrai
Denis Malkov   Vera Chernomorskaia
Mikhail Sokolov   Ekaterina Korenkova
Anatoliy Boikov   Olga Bakyshina
Andrei Trofimov   Marina Voitsekhovitch
Sergei Sutirin   Anastasiya Yakusheva
Sergei Savchenko   Ekaterina Strokina
Ivan Galan   Anna Galan
Artem Bafanov   Maria Mamonova
Stanislav Becker   Ekaterina Romanova
Mikhail Volkov   Arina Zemtsova
Anton Akimov   Anastasia Tihomirova
Maxim Michtchenko   Nadejda Gordeeva
Grigor Asryan   Elsa Yapundjyan
Valentin Pchelin   Olesia Sergantova
Daniel Domagalski   Katarzyna Lewandowska
Dmitry Zhukov   Maria Bopkova
Evgeniy Firstov   Evgenia Fadeeva
Arseniy Kupershtein   Natalia Gavrilova
Denis Denisov   Elena Fomina
Sergei Saprikin   Evgenia Petrova
Evgeni Pavlov   Olga Klimanova
Denis Barankov   Elena Zverovschikova
Georgi Evteev   Vlada Semionova
Vladimir Baklanov   Leila Agaeva
Sergey Artiomov   Olesya Bespelikhina
Oleg Konnov   Elena Kazantseva
Anton Marchuk   Oksana Sidorenko
Maxim Biryukov   Polina Gorbunova
Dmitriy Karabanov   Larisa Shabanova
Evgeni Schedin   Anastasia Loseva
Sergey Solodov   Olesia Ilukhina
Nikita Lebedev   Alisa Sadovnikova
Sergei Milovanov   Natalia Ushakova
Oleg Okunev   Julia Odintsova
Alexei Antossik   Polina Teplenko
Etibar Akhmedogli   Elena Shoshkina
Oganes Mkhitarian   Lusine Oganesian
Armen Mkhitarian   Marina Muradian
Rafel Ananikian   Nino Kotolashvili
Arsen Melkonian   Goar Bogosian
Ovanes Mirzoian   Inessa Mkrtchian
Manuchar Manjavidze   Laura Kveladze
Zurab Kikabidze   Tiniko Gugava
Ken Wong   Regina Pareigis
Guram Meparishvili   Tamuna Gelashvili
Roman Tadevosian   Meline Margarian
Shalva Orvlashvili   Eka Kachkachishvili
Karen Postikian   Armine Aslanian
Artur Khzmalian   Armine Mkhoian
Ambartsum Movesian   Elena Petrosian
Dato Tsignadze   Nino Gugava
Esam Simikian   Olga Sarkisian
Amen Mkrtchian   Anaim Karapetian
Gevork Mirzoian   Lili Sarkisian
Dato Chilashvili   Tiko Davitaia
Hamlet Manukian   Tinatin Koiava
Valeri Khutsishvili   Ana Bukhaidze
Aik Egiazarian   Marine Sarkisian
Erik Gasparian   Maia Khatiashvili
Kakha Kajaia   Irina Maisuradze
Valeri Malikov   Valeria Kaliashikova
Grant Melikian   Gaiane Anapiosian
Nadir Bairamov   Leila Mamedzade
David Vashakidze   Ana Mantskava
David Kulumbegashvili   Ia Kvirikashvili
Maksim Valishevskiy   Veronika Tamarova
Tigran Tsarukian   Diana Saakian
Gogita Gongadze   Mzia Orvelashvili
Ucha Kurdadze   Ana Jincharadze
Nika Gachava   Natia Jakeli
Gia Zaridze   Ana Laitadze
Rashid Guliev   Kamila Efendieva
Nodar Gogua   Tama Kakhabrishvili
Ashot Grigorian   Asmik Giutukian
Rotislav Liduch   Petra Chovancova
Aleksandr Kuternin   Margarita Belova
Konrad Mazurek   Katarzyna Stepak
Radek Mydlarcik   Zuzana Sykorova
Jakub Grzybek   Barbara Zielinska
Adrian Kawecki   Gabiela Calun
Milan Mykiska   Petra Chomoutova
Marcel Olexa   Iveta Vanakova
Maros Chmelik   Kristina Supinova
Mariusz Nosal   Marlena Fital
Vladimir Akhlomov   Ilona Azemsha
Filip Rut   Veronika Navratilova
Adam Majewski   Monika Chyxhlowska
Marek Saczuk   Monika Pyrgiel
Piotr Bednarz   Marta Galuszka
Adrian Dydynski   Anna Sablik
Anton Sokolchyk   Anna Anismova
Maciej Zahorodny   Karolina Dej
Piotr Orszulak   Aleksandra Jurczak
Christian Hirzinger   Christine Knackfuss
Christopher Hawkins   Hazel Newberry
Jonathan Wilkins   Katusha Demidova
William Pino   Alessandra Bucciarelli
Timothy Howson   Joanne Bolton
Tony Dokman   Amanda Dokman
Koji Hiyama   Kumiko Hiyama
Heiko Kleibrink   Giselle Keppel
Alexander Kreissl   Christina Auer
Vadim Vladykin   Kristina Ivanova
Shintaro Yanagibashi   Kumiko Asami
Manfred Zehender   Michaela Heintzinger
Peter Bosveld   Euvgenia Parakhina
Holger Buczylowski   Olga Vasilkova
Fabien Della Gustina   Laurence Della Gustina
Danny Quillian   Lynn Jolicoeur
Philippe Cano   Nathalie Bouges
Igor Filimonchyk   Oxana Filimonchyk
Pavel Svetokryl   Renata Odstricil
Krzysztof Tretowski   Dorota Tretowska
Wojciech Pysklo   Klaudia Gebka
Eric Voorn   Charlotte Voorn
Bert Egelmeers   Marion Egelmeers
Ed Van Uden   Trudy Van Uden
Vsevolod Evdokimov   Tatyana Dzhenetova
Frans Seij   Boukje Seij
Kamil Pucko   Dominika Kazmierczak
Hans Kuypers   Dimphy Kuypers
Stefano Massafra   Silvia Trevisan
Har Verjans   Klaske Verjans
Maurice van Loo   Annemie van Loo
Wim Verschoor   Joke Westerlaken
Samet Alyu   Funda Erol
Bert Lobeek   Annemieke Lobeek
Rene Vos   Linda Vos
Henk Moussou   Jolanda Haak
Piet Koeken   Ineke Koeken
Gergo Kovacs   Csilla Bendo
Frank Douze   Miranda v/d Broek
Bauke Leopold   Betty Sluyzer
Charles Dufornee   Lies Dufornee
Cor Zeeman   Hannie Zeeman
Albert Elings   Rina Elings
Theo Kooy   Trees van Kesteren
Dick Jonkers   Tiny Jonkers
Jan Hultermans   Henny Hultermans
Peter Vanderven   Linda Vanderven
Cees van Ameijde   Tineke van Ameijde
Piet Hoogland   Ronny Hoogland
Albert de Vries   Henny de Vries
Piet Persons   Corrie Persons
Harry Engbersen   Herma Engbersen
Han van Wijk   Ria van Wijk
Heiner Kohlhoff   Jenny Kohlhoff
Willem van Buuren   Eva van Buuren
Flip Bangma   Hammie Bangma
Henk Ricke   Joke Ricke
Coen Hekman   Tineke Hekman
Nico Hagen   Willie Hagen
Wil v/d Bogaard   Riet v/d Bogaard
Andries Bleeker   Mieke Bleeker
Cor Ronda   Sophie Ronda
Wim Baert   Maria Baert
Henk Watertor   Eefje Watertor
Hans van Nunspeet   Bertha van Nunspeet
Bogdan Boie   Andreea Hogea
Thomas Wicke   Michaela Wicke
Rob Luitze   Cobi Luitze
Xander Jager   Yvette Jager
Dennis Kruse   Jessica Lie
Robert Hoefnagel   Silke Hoefnagel
Aleksandr Sizov   Alina Klimenkova
Stan Korthagen   Marloes Groenendaal
Barry Olthof   Samantha Kolijn
Artemiy Busarov   Anastasiya Nekrasova
Edwin Chabot   Cherita Schols
Stanislav Chernov   Anastasiya Lisitskaya
Kurt Findhammer   Berdine van Oosterhout
Jeroen Bolk   Femke Verhaaren
Pascal v/d Heiden   Sascha Stavenuiter
Ralf Michielsen   Evelien Rommers
Patrick v/d Ham   Iris Bastian
Walter Westerveld   Linda Westerveld
Michael Rootring   Marieke Jorritsma
Mikhail Fadeev   Iulia Vorosilova
Redmond Valk   Cherida Scorza
Dhr. Vrielink   Mevr. Woutsema
Aziz Askar   Marijn Buikema
Sander Egges   Sjouktje Riedstra
Bram ten Have   Leonie ter Riet
Maksim Suleymanov   Anastasiya Yugay
Gerry Jansen   Susan Verbeet
Bart v/d Dungen   Samantha Mallens
John van den Broek   Petra de Vries
Pieter Doesburg   Lisette Keur
Chiel Slot   Wendy van Rooden
Mark Sepp   Melissa van Buuren
Koen Adolfs   Marelle van Beerschoten
Mitchell Bastiaans   Rebecca v/d Wurff
Anton Reinbergen   Laura Janssen
Evert Mengers   Margo Mengers
Maikel Purvis   Wendy Kusters
Stephan Soek   Nadine Snoeren
Joris Nieste   Malu Keulen
Ruud Baars   Nadia Piek
Lenny Gouwerok   Oxana Chevtchouk
Thomas Doodkorte   Tara Van Erp
Dirk van Zon   Gineke Kraan
Erwin de Jong   Stephanie van Soest
Robert Vanhees   Wendy Vanhees
Jeroen Struylaart   Nataliya Kravets
Wim Hartjens   Yvonne Beset
Florian Adam   Franziska K”hler
Frans Kerstens   Roelie Kerstens
Gerd Schiffler   Hedi Schiffler
Wim Kr”ner   Gerda Kr”ner
Frans van Wijngaarden   Lydia van Wijngaarden
Kees Brondijk   Lilianne Brondijk
Gert Bijvank   Rene Bijvank
Milos Ivkovic   Branislava Kostic
Ton Klaassen   Lia Klaassen
Wim Nijenhuis   Annelies Nijenhuis
Bob de Rooy   Thea de Rooy
Roland Verdonck   Marianne Herteleer
Josef Feltes   Petra Feltes
Danny de Baerdemaker   Veerle de Baerdemaker
Jan Gerwig   Martha Gerwig
Rien Blok   Ada Blok
Detlef van de Sand   Monique van de Sand
Willem Vloet   Nel Vloet
Bert Hoffschlag   Lida Hoffschlag
Oleg Vinogradov   Ekaterina Prokhorova
Jan van Herwijnen   Adele van Herwijnen
Stephan Hoogsteger   Leontien Leemans
Arno Vaes   Chantal van Goethem
Jan Willem Mieloo   Ina Mieloo
Alex v/d Sluis   Thecla Hogerhuis
Stephan Jolie   Chantal Hydra
Dennis v/d Schaaf   Meike Manschot
Sven Blom   Maaike Houtenbos
Wouter Pepping   Ilona Kramer
Remco v/d Linden   Evelyn de Leeuw
Roel Speyer   Bianca Bijlhouwer
Teis Woller   Sabrina Skibby
Dennis de Kriek   Heleen Baerselman
Lex Crielaars   Miranda de Ruijter
Melvin Hebinck   Annelies Mulder
Johan Gerritsen   Angela van der Burgt
Jeroen Dekker   Richelle ter Braak
Arjan van Wijngaarden   Meike Veldt
Brian v/d Camp   Myrna Reynders
Rinaldo Helsdingen   Marga Admiraal
Frank Bloemink   Patricia de Bruijn
Ivaylo Jenkov   Sanne de Ruiter
Yoshihito Tsukioka   Yuiko Fujinuki
Dave Kerkhof   Kim Raaymakers
Olaf Schippers   Valentina Schippers
Chris den Ouden   Queeny Harmsen
Stefan Wabeke   Marly v/d Velden
Roy Dirkxs   Shanna Dirkxs
Ruben Smits   Eefje Willemse
Alain de Wilde   Michelle Njo
Mark Chardon   Liedeke v/d Kallen
Deniz Akin   Selma Aldemir
Erik Snijders   Irene Verstappen
Stephan Eggermont   Katja Bisom
Arjan Mondria   Emmely Lefevre
Peter Schapers   Joyce v/d Dungen
Louis van Laarschot   Lotte v/d Eijnde
Jeroen Aalders   Maaike van Wezel
Maarten Keijsers   Petra Keijsers
Michel Niewold   Gea Helmus
Hans Kruimer   Anne van Grinsven
Ferry v/d Vorst   Gonja Tambach
Marcel Oosting   Marleen Suurmeyer
Robert Westerveen   Kristel Dijkstra
Maurice Kouws   Manuela Liebers
Martin Beek   Sigrid Paarlberg
Wouter Heberle   Marjolijn De Zwaan
Edwin Viester   Chyntia Kolijn
Jorgen den Biezen   Eveline Timmermans
Rolf Pullens   Patricia Ligtvoet
Michel Smits   Esther Bertina
Serge Gulikers   Dominique Goyen
Lenel Artist   Anne v/d Hurk
Danny Moonen   Kinga Coonen
Roy Hornstra   Mascha van Beek
Edwin de Blauwe   Melani Blonk
Mark Vogelsangs   Angela Vogelsangs
John Edward Nolan   Linda Comerford
Ivan Melnikov   Evgeniya Yudina
Jimmy Delgado   Alexandra Matteman
Marco Jansen   Mari‰lle Kampert
Ruben Monfrooy   Marieke van Diggele
Vasilie Kljajevic   Milena Pavlovic
Neil Jones   Lorna van Dijk
Bas v/d Zanden   Laura Hafner
Micha Mijronink   Mary-Jane Beijer
Marc van Rooijen   Linda Verhees
Jürgen Beck   Martina Ball
Jeroen v/d Ven   Cindy Bertina
herman drogt   carmen henderiks
Marcus Lazar   Daniela Dumovska
Marc Dijkhuis   Mari‰t Schuldink
Ivar Kunst   Esther Grent
Marco Kramer   Neomie Lotte
Sietse Vloet   Lisette de Ruijter
Ruben Pillen   Anne Heideveld
Arian Offermans   Vera Jansen
Ingmar Kinsbergen   Kimberley de Groot
Kevin Arnoldussen   Linda Coenders
Richard Stevens   Lorena Hendriks
Eamon Brouwer   Liselotte Bos
Derek Brouwer   Angel v/d Berg
Mats Kroezen   Cherrys Mulder
Thijs Gerritse   Iris Elburg
Hilbert Schuring   Vianne Schuring
Mark Hekman   Priscilla Janssen
Bas van Pamelen   Claudia v/d Helm
Joeri van Grol   Ru-Anne Tromp
Martijn Essenstam   Marlies Crommelin
Roderick Looijs   Joukje Bartelet
Donovan Jacqx   Marielle Vermeulen
Joen Bosma   Dianne Kottrik
Oscar Garcia   Ashley Grob
Jasper van Schik   Lorraine Voorn
Lars de Vos   Beaudine Vermeulen
Ronald Westerveen   Annie Brink
Harm Sprang   Ilse Gubler
Desney Stevens   Anouk Ossenforth
nicky van cleef   stephanie gielen
Bram Stelling   Ans Stelling
Johan Ike   Bea v/d Ende
Pierre Tholen   Gabri‰lle van Heyningen
Klaas Bosma   Marjanne Dijksma
Henk Janssen   Anneke Janssen
Peter Hoefnagel   Pia Hoefnagel
Henk Verhamme   Els van Diessen
Nicola Daniello   Angela Zacchia
Raymond Agema   Sonja Lancee
Walter Savels   Christel Savels
Willie van den Brand   Joske van den Brande
Robert Coenen   Mia Eben
Daan Pellen   Hannie Pellen
Frank Evertse   Yolanda Evertse
Henk Scholten   Monique Scholten
Sjaak v/d Klooster   Andrea v/d Klooster
Ton Gelauff   Truus Gelauff
Jos Koeken   Josje Dekkers
Jean-Claude Demeure   Frieda Demeure
Peer Voorjans   Dorry Voorjans
Dirk Blom   Cora Niesten
Leon van Laarhoven   Nicolle van Laarhoven
Cees van Tricht   Janny van Tricht
Geret Bijvank   Ren‚e Bijvank
Aad van Wingerde   Lia van Wingerde
Claude Debecker   Mary-Louise Debecker
Piet Mollemans   Jo Mollemans
Peter Dierx Dierx   Gerry Dierx De Ruyter
Frans Pilger   Dienie Pilger
Jan Sinnige   Corry Sinnige
G Boon   E Boon
Harry Anneveld   Dini Anneveld
Alle Graafstra   Eppie Graafstra
Sjaak Davits   Nettie Davits
Jean Bremers   Marianne Bremers
Ben Embregts   Corrie Embregts
Anton Uphoff   Ivonne Uphoff
Rob Donkersloot   Thea Donkersloot
G Elzebroek   C Elzebroek
Nico Barendse   Riek Barendse
Wim Metselaar   Marga Metselaar
Bouke van Dam   Ada van Dam
Emil Esov   Anita Popovic
Ignaas Groenewoud   Sonja Groenewoud
Willem De Greef   Lea Franssen
Jo Peters   Marie-Louise Peters
Wil v/d Bogaart   Riet v/d Bogaart
Gerd Schiffles   Hedi Schiffles
Jan v/d Akker   Sjannie v/d Akker
Rinaldo Hbner   Anneke Hbner
Dusan Savic   Sanja Petric
Ria van Londen   Miranda van der Heuvel
Anton van Padua   Janny van Padua
Gert Bijvank   Ren‚e Bijvank
Leo Stoeckart   Ellen Stoeckart
Rens Dullaart   Rinie Dullaart
Martin Geens   Nadia Solon
Detlef Hannemann   Ilse Hannemann
Andrei Davydov   Nina Bukhun
Anatoliy Kislyakov   Anastasiya Kolobakhina
Robert Drobinski   Karina Kalisz
John van Dijck   Ilona van Hattem
Walter Westerveld   Gerrie van Tellingen
F Braxhoofden   V v/d Belt
Twan Wilms   Saskia Starmans
Johan Braxhoofden   Anoeska van Dalen
Sebastiaan de Reede   Lisette v/d Lugt
Jack Supèr   Jacqueline Bernardus
Albert Cornelisse   Cindy Uphoff
Christian Vlaanderen   Petra Vlaanderen
Ralph Vieberink   Susanne van Meegen
Remco de Jongh   Ilja Wansink
Alex Risch   Lara Kapfenbergen
Jeroen Compeer   Patty v/d Meel
Lamberty Lionel   Angelique Senden
Jeroen Kolenbrander   Marjolijn van Amerong
Chris Nugteren   Rianca v/d Berkmortel
Frank Hofstede   Beja Hofstede
Carl Schoonus   Karin Thijs
Marvin v/d Sprong   Chantal den Heyer
Bas Peters   Gonda Peters
Dennis van Damme   Bianca van Damme
Alexande Bruyne   Monique Bruyne
Sierik Groep   Marloes Fuhler
Bart Wijnhof   Kristel Coolen
David Kramer   Angela Leibbrand
Jeffrey v/d Wees   Sascha Stavenuiter
Robert Kuiper   Joyce Kuiper
Ton de Bruin   Naomi Kolijn
Anton Wessels   Carla te Winkel
Gidi Bullens   Jose van Lent
Sander Bekooy   Kitty Bekooy
Martyn Groep   Marijke Lageveen
Edwin Viester   Vanessa Bergsma
Henk v/d Ende   Ellen v/d Ende
Dennis Hauer   heidi Letter
marc scheerboom   esther hilgers
Alex Verwoerd   Linda Husmann
Patrick van Lent   Nadja Sikkens
Michel Kremer   Madelon Hunting
Richard Bogert   Linda Bogert
Jan de Graaf   Mireille Blijleven
Patrick Lurks   Kelly Kenbeek
Sven Jongenotter   Amanthis van Vliet
Eelco v/d Ham   Rapha‰le van Litsenbu
Patrick van der Wens   Marcia Gruijters
Rainer M”sges   Mieke Wolthuis
Ronald Ruys   Sabine v/d Linden
Nico v/d Sluis   Cindy Brouwer
E Scholte   S Kan
Rob de Zwaan   Sandra Langeslag
Jordi Bunnik   Michèle Gleimann
Martin de Haan   Nadine Groot
Ralph Berkien   Myra Berkien
Joop Parlevliet   Patricia de Haas
Christian Smits   Kinga Coonen
Vincent Heuseveldt   Angela Lieverse
Marc Hogenberg   Priscilla Heeren
Marcel Elberssen   Sonja van Woersem
Sander Pondman   Ilse Lans
Hans-Jürgen Groß   Martina Groß
Michal Kucera   Andrea Kucerova
Donovan Bloch   Pascalle Meyer
Erik Soeterbroek   Yvette Kleisterlee
Patrick van Tetering   Miranda Maas
Bjorn Houben   Mieke Westervoorde
Brian Tjon   Stephanie van Soest
Gerard Metz   Nanmcy Grauwelman
Christian Brankaert   Sandra Willems
M Swertz   M de Bruijn
Patrick Teeken   Kim Kerkhof
Arie Franke   Gerda Franke
Arend-Jan Meulmeeste   Marjolijn Huis
Nicky v/d Broek   Shanon Reitsma
Rene Franke   Desiree Meulmeester
Berry Jansen   Ilse van Laarhoven
Roel Bouwman   Kristel Lap
Jacco Ebben   Saskia Brouwers
Victor Aukes   Olga Wallis
Steven Post   Marianne Coenders
Henri van Dijk   Angela v/d Linden
Chris Vrolings   Marielle Vrolings
John van Bladel   Marrigje Verhagen
Menno Renckens   Lisette Willemsen
Bas van Halteren   Sharon Ligtvoet
Kirill Akatev   Olesia Mishturak
Niels Wheeler   Annemarie Koop
Huub van Vugt   Joyce Kerkhof
Michel Vuik   Sabrina Brandenburg
Marc v/d Ende   Margriet Visch
Robbert Lafferty   Wendy Hoogveld
robbert meijers   julia mescheriakova
Simon Yauw   Fiona Yauw
Roel Arts   Sanne Fleury
Maurice Kersten   Melanie Hanique
Patrick Hermes   veronique Derwall
Twan van den Elsen   Marieke Maas
Koen Bekkers   Shelly Leemans
Leroy de Winter   Anke Aalvanger
Pascal v/d Burg   Amber List
Daan van der Laak   Jacqueline Borneman
Erwin Vliegen   Charlotte Schoonbrood
Wesly Muys   Sanne Dervens
Stevie Haazen   Stephanie Spardiaans
Mark Klaassen   Trees van Breda
Joost Offermans   Deborah Warmer
Chashan Smits   Sandra Mascheraux
Niels Wheeler   Annemarie Kaap
Roeland Schelfhout   Leontine Schelfhout
Richard Geelen   Iris Verschooten
Dick Aalders   Chantal Ricken
Selwijn van Diermen   Janny Albers
Assis Ascar   marijn Buikema
Joeri de Gres   Olga Terechova
Kirill Gesko   Daria Romanovskaia
Ilya Neugodnikov   Renata Sergeeva
Hein Molenschot   Debbie Krewinkel
Dennis Renirie   Babette van Weelden
Justin Turner   Linda Wijmenga
Ruben Kraan   Marloes Donders
Artur Bajl   Nadine Kinczel
Bas v/d Pennen   Eefje Donders
Carl-Johan Hoffmann   Mia Caroe Nielsen
Mark van Ham   Cynthia Last
Remco v/d Weerdt   Floortje Laan
Arend Jan Meulmeester   Marjolijn Huis
Wisse Herweyer   Marleen van Dijken
Bjorn Vos   Inge Heeren
Vincent Meyerman   Jamy Vlasblom
Virgilio Garcia   Edith Garcia
John Towsend   Rosvita Dolstra
Albert Hoffschlag   Lyda Hoffschlag
Menno Edens   Rita Edens
Lucas de Leur   Netty de Leur
Marc Bosmans   Anita Daniels
Gilbert Degrendel   Marie-Anne Degrendel
Ronny Vanmuysen   Martine Pollaris
Rob Luitze   Coby Luitze
. Melache   . Melache
Patrick Talon   Anne Talon
Jerry Kunis   Jane Vonwrutskowa
Konstantin Slavjen   Julia Belch
Eric Kock   Katinka van de Linden
Simone Colelli   Fabiana Pelle
Daniel Sarti   Margit Sarti
Lech Romankiewicz   Anna Romankiewicz
John v.Berkel   Jolanda de Jonge
Rene van Ewijk   Angela Koster
Ronald Jager   Chantal Hopman
Andrea Ruscito   Maddalena Lannone
Andreas Kainz   Kelly Beesley
Mark Robertson   Coralie House
Sandro Hoffmann   Carry Foppele
Christophe Rey   Diana Ribas
Robert Rowinski   Kinga Jurecka
Robin Sewell   Nuria Santalucia
Frans Bruinse   Saskia Wijckmans
Aad Clowting   Tiny Clowting
Pierre Reck   Ria Reck
Roelof Speelman   Frederiek Speelman
Jos Dragt   Carla Dragt
Will van Soest   Jeanne van Soest
Adriaan Bonne   Dorethy Bonne
Henk Cambach   Bep Cambach
Bod de Rooy   Thea de Rooy
Henk Pijnappels   Jeanne Pijnappels
Mark deWacht   Joyce Veldhuis
Rob Joukes   Coby Joukes
Ger van der Ham   Thea van der Ham
Gerard Elzebroek   Coby Elzebroek
Wim de Wit   Ans de Wit
Vincent Bouwmeester   Anita Bouwmeester
Toon Schrijvers   Roelie Schrijvers
Huib Meyer   Irma Schippers
Bart Broeren   Irma van Gogh
Leendert Romijn   Ceciel Romijn
Johan Kerszemaker   Minke Kerszemaker
Jan van Zelst   Tini van Zelst
Ger Boon   Elly Boon
Stef Isken   Bettie Isken
Shu Ran Zhang   Dai Li
Niek Michiels   Marianne Michiels
Theo Mulder   Marga Mulder
John Borsboom   Yvonne Borsboom
Arthur Castelijns   Ria van Bijnen
Lubomir Olsavsky   Marie Ihova
Louis Vandevelde   Gerda Vandevelde
Ruud Bant   Karin Kars
Wilfried Diekers   Ilona Diekers
Aris Muilwijk   Ans Muilwijk
Theo Efdee   Atsuko Matsunaga
Henk v/d Hoef   Sandy Krijnen
Joris Neef   Jona Rens
Marcel Nijssen   Wilma Fenooy
Romano Moertas   saskia Tol
Glenn van Ginkel   José Willemsen
Sander Gereadts   Natasja Schouwenaars
Erwin v/d Schaar   Chantal v/d Toorn
Edgar Rijsbaarman   Jolanda Korstanje
Joris Verbrugge   Laura v/d Kooij
Ruud Verschuren   Ruth Lendfers
Robert Kemner   Petra van Trijp
Ingo Franken   Shirley Franken
Brian Weijts   Kim Duiker
Ronald Stolwijk   Claudia Murtas
Menno Steeman   Nicole Mooyen
Eelco v/d Ham   Raphaele van luntsenburg
Bart Jansen   Ellis Houben
Eddy Wensveen   Femke de Vries
Raymond van Dasler   Michelle van Dasler
Sjors van Rhee   Rozanne Reitsma
Jorrit v/d Cruijsen   Marieke Raaijmakers
Ruby Maarse   Dunja Boogaard
Eug‚ne Peilouw   Particia Klaassen
Mark de Bakker   Bianca Hulsman
Ivan Kosilov   Natalia Baranceva
Dennis v/d Herberg   Patricia Bakker
Erwin Verhoeven   Monique Brugmans
Rob v/d Linde   Mandely Liefting
Jeroen Steinberg   Femke van Bakel
Pascal v/d Heiden   Belinda v/d Heiden
Peter Altena   Anuschka Meijer
Raymon van Welie   Carina van Rookhuizen
Kees van Houten   Angelique Maakgoed
Pascal van Lent   Nicole Vankan
Jeroen Kolenbrander   Marjolijn van Amerongen
Rob van Hal   Wendy van Kemenade
Dave Kroon   Rebecca Blummel
Dimitry Klerx   Natalie Mulders
Allard Tetteroo   Marjolein Schwebke
Remy Ravesteijn   Miranda Verburg
Andre van Dieyen   Jill van Dijk
Paul Lubbers   Dionne Peters
Tijs de Ruijter   Lizette Kallemein
Harald d Haan   Diana Vandenhof
Raymund Tuit   Patou Dronkers
Alexander v/d Broek   Suzanne Maas
Steven Hogervorst   Linda van Zuijlen
Anthony Van Egmond   Moniek Nieuwenburg
Roy Nolte   Esmeralda Schagen
Stefan Brussel   Marianne Zeeman
Edy van Ingen   Manda Raaphorst
Jeroen v/d Vegt   Danielle Kamphuis
Wouter v/d Lest   Kristel van Dijk
Eddy Hulsman   Sharon Sanders
Mark v/d Kooi   Jessica Schoemaker
Jurian v/d Laar   Josefien v/d Laar
Gaby Groeneveld   Claudia Heuvelman
Remco Engelen   Renate Engelen
Auke Koster   Annemiek Hoogeveen
Mathieu Kerstens   Catja Loeffen
Kevin van Weert   Marloes Kremers
Ron Jensz   Helga Reijnders
Ferran Bernal   Maria Pomar
Guido Tjadens   Marieke Gaus
Joost Kolkman   Simone den Oudsten
Dennis Hauer   Marije Meuwese
Frank de Pont   Sietske de Graaff
Heinz Smits   Merel Findhammer
Bjorn Nelissen   Debbie Schijven
Xander Harmsen   Sannah Goedkoop
Erwin van Dam   Ingrid Rezelman
Kees Broess   Chantal Favier
Ernst Huider   Brenda Schmidt
Patrick Teeken   Winanda v/d Steen
Arjen Schlosser   Jana Zimmerling
Wilbert Van Amelsfoort   Colette Van Campen
Willem Christiaans   Claudia v/d Berg
Jack van Nunen   Danny Schapers
Vincent Soek   Bianca Spapens
Maikel Swinkels   Renate Coolen
Jiri Chadim   Klara Snebergerova
Yuriy Vedernikov   Lyudmila Vedernikova
Peter Kasbergen   Cathrien Zuylen
Willem Buuren   Eva Buuren
Wietse de Vries   Joyce de Vries
Winfried Viester   Gerda Viester
Jan Brokx   Annemarie Brokx
Wilfried Mahle   Ilse Henke
Harald Hansen   Helga Kim
Domen Krapez   Mateja Cuk
Palo Piero   Scanferla Moira
Gravero Fabrizio   Lorena Fabrizio
Wilhelm Dietz   Gerda Dietz
Jurgen Schwedux   Heidrun Schwedux
John van Berkel   Yolanda de Jonge
Richard van Veen   Monique Houtsma
Fransois Janssen   Patricia van Schenkhof
Krzysztof Psciuk   Julia Zavadska
Scott Cleaver   Vanessa Polimeno
Thomas Poulsen   Vicki Thydbo
Erik Kers   Sema Weideman
Liam Kok   Bianca Bahre
E Danen   J Pomper
William Spits   Yvonne de Beus
Erik Mey   Sandy Bertina
Guy Falkenberg   Annemarie Damen
Jeatin Boltjes   Patricia van Galien
David van Kuppeveld   Martine van Hoesel
Albert Postma   Erica Postma
Mark Nihot   Liza Mintjes
Victor Kaal   Marianne van de Paardt
Raymond Schr”der   Rienette van Veldhuizen
Kimo de Leeuw   Judith Zwijnenberg
Antwan GrisŠl   St‚phanie GrisŠl
Michiel Alsters   Samantha Wooninck
Jan Willem Oostingh   Carolien Wink
Dani‰l Krikke   Marjon v/d Wal
Peter v/d Linden   Femke Roosendaal
Harald Lenting   Silvia Plomp
Luciel Stapel   Hilleen Drenten
Louis Trimbach   Miriam Trimbach
Rick Kampschoer   Ritalina Kampschoer
Anton van Hooff   Riet van Hooff
Raymond Agema   Sonja Lance
Wensend Duvalli   Karal Marai
Victor De Ceulaer   Francine Wouters
Henk Timmer   Hetty Timmer
Ernst-Jan Kalkman   Hetty v/d Beek
Herbert Prochnow   Marianne Prochnow
Holger Viehl   Jutta Viehl
Jouko Lepp„l„   Helj„ Lepp„l„
Alejandro Garcia   Beatriz Mora
Georg Aggelakis   Michaele Germann
Marcus Weiss   Anja Schramm
Fabian Bergelt   Sonja Freienstein
Sviatoslav Knytaz   Aleksandra Yakovec
Egidjus Ruskys   Zivile Bukantyte
Harm-Jan Schadenberg   Wendy Schadenberg
Sergej Douvanov   Svetlana Tverianovich
Josep Roca   Regina Terrago
Luca Cesaro   Michela Luca
Vlad Shalnev   Lena Shalnev
Joost van Hommerig   Annelies v/d Eynden
Jan Zizka   Irena Smidova
Peter Sikkens   Titia de Bruin
Harry Viscer   Engelien Viscer
Andries Bleker   Mieke Bleker
Johan Kusters   Annie Kusters
Johan Visser   Geertje Visser
Stef Isken   Betty Isken
René Friedrichs   Nicole Freitag
John Reget   Anneke Reget
Vitaliy Pyanykh   Natalya Polukhina
Alex Haak   Deborah Steffers
Arjan Schuldink   Rochette Huisman
Arthur v/d Woude   Patty Kuiper
Kristian Andersen   Gitte Bluhme Reick
Nanne Popma   Fenny Sytsma
Dennis Brondijk   Laura Oosting
Martin Bijsterveld   Alina Drenth
Erwin Oosting   Nathalia Boekema
Jan Timmerman   Corina Klarenberg
Valery v/d Walle   Esther Steffens
John Zwiers   Rianne Mensing
Wilfred v/d Weide   Sanne v/d Booy
Matti Puro   Anne Jänkälä
Georg Suurmeijer   Anouk Ottens
Erik van Leuken   Michela Trovatello
Desiderio Camerotto   Marisa Coral
Chloe Shimmin   Hannah Maddox
Peter v/d Brink   Sze Ar Wong
Dennis Jansen   Angela Jansen
Frank v/d Woude   Manon Prins
Nicky v/d Broek   Sterre Stolk
Ferry Braeken   Myriam Franssen
Jeroen van Nieuwkerk   Claudia Wittekoek
Fabio Lugas   Rosa Santorelli
Coen v/d Zanden   Loes Martens
Mohsen Askar   Irthe Jann‚
Jan Riemeijer   Ellen Mooi
Sander Eggens   Sjoukje Rietstra
Iwan Marcussen   Sieuwke Cremers
Jan Willem Mostert   Rina Bennenbroek
Rene Vrielink   Marieke Woudstra
Roel Mouris   Ilonka Leenders
Laimonis Cernavskis   Liga Melngaile
Marcel Zuidwijk   Suzanne Gelens
Diederick Walraven   Helen van Beek-Borneman
Brian Tjon   Alexandra Keijzer
Erik Kock   Vivienne de Haan
Dennis van Rensch   Luise Dons
Martijn Bouman   Linda Floors
Emille Geuze   Anita van Zundert
Jeroen Dekker   Krista Dekker
Gustan Coolen   Marcha Coolen
Rohny de Turck   Nicole v/d Eijnden
Erik Soeterboek   Steffany van Vliet
Ian Waite   Natasja Panina
Jeroen Marcelissen   Cindy Scholten
Jan Postulart   Karin van Hattem
Peter Petter   Loraine Hofstra
Dajo Vrielink   Karin Scholten
Maurice Nijrolder   Cindy Westgeest
Tjeu Grinsven   Sandrine Mikkers
Ronald van de Pol   Colleen van Onna
Alexander Bruijne   Monique Bruijne
Ren‚ Janzen   Monique Muller
Rene Hellemons   Chantal Geuze
Jeroen Sanders   Yvonne Sanders
Krzystof Kulig   Aleksandra Niewinska
Mikaya Higuchi   Yoko Higuchi
Fred Jurgens   Ina Volkel
Francois Fouchet   Delphin Fouchet
Albert Cornelisse   Cindy Uphof
Joost Broekhaus   Carolien v/d Korput
Ben Smeets   Marijke Enders
E Harmsen   M Hempen
Tim Ravestein   Janneke Vermeulen
Jaimy Cremers   Martine Brands
Pascal van Len   Nicol van Kan
v/d Laar   Brocaar
Matthijs Mennes   Marieke de Boer
Peter Rijkse   Anita Rijkse
Rob Wakelkamp   Marina Wakelkamp
Teun Soesbeek   Gea Soesbeek
Rinus Stevens   Angela Stevens
Gerard van Schaik   Hannie van Schaik
Erwin Mosk   Carla Renema
Teun v/d Schoor   Janneke v/d Schoor
Theo Peeters   Jos‚ Peeters
G‚ Veltmaat   Rita Veltmaat
Peter Hoefnagel   Annelies Hoefnagel
Willem van Buren   Eva van Buren
John Overberg   Helene Overberg
Ognjen Pekovic   Marija Jocic
Gust Smits   Josy Vandervorst
Jean Claude Demeure   Frida Demeure
Ecem Keskin   Barti Hak Tanir
Roger Herklots   Myriam Spoor
Jean-Pierre Peeters   Suzanne van der Vooren
Eric Sanders   Annemieke Hollander
Patrick Lapien   C‚cile Cooijmans
Raymond Pijpers   Paulien van Amerongen
Maarten Sars   Jessica Tiebosch
Patrick Perdaen   Ann Perdaen
Eddie Koekoek   Charissa van Dipte
Richard Dingemans   Eveline Timmermans
Remco Hekker   Ilse Paarlberg
Marvin vd Sprong   Chantal Den Hejer
Frank IJpelaar   Gerrie den Tek
Thom v/d Staay   Clarissa Mastenbroek
Mischa Bavius   Nicole de Jong
Ralf Michielsen   Dani‰lle van Gastel
Dennis Kruse   Manon Kruse
Remco Bastiaansen   Kimberly Smith
Coen v/d Maade   Merel Cattenstart
Ren‚ van Balen   Audrey van Dalen
Julien Waterschoot   Florieke Mulders
Remco van Lent   Gitta Jacobs
Oleg Arapov   Ksenia Garaeva
Corn‚ Deli‰n   Lindy Spapens
Fred van Vlaardingen   ThŠrese van Vlaardingen
Leon van Laarhoven   Nicole van Laarhoven
Stef Thomas   Lisette Thomas
Jan Besselink   Ans Besselink
Cees Snelders   Diny Snelders
Ulrich Bruncken   Irmgard Kuhr
Jos Kocken   Josje Dekker
Robin Roelandt   Nadine Roelandt
Fred Danen   Jolanda Danen
Rijk v/d Pol   Jolanda v/d Pol
Dick Lintsen   Ineke Lintsen
Paul Stam   Riet Stam
John Borsboom   Ivonne borsboom
Johan Verbrugge   Hilde Verbrugge
Arie v/d Handel   Janny v/d Handel
Erik Wiersma   Rikie Wiersma
Aris Muilkijk   Ans Muilkijk
Nico Assink   Marleen Willemsen
Ranco Veltrop   Marlot Schriever
Jonnny Baarels   Sandra v/d Kaap
Rob van Vulpen   Leonne van Bakel
Jan Joost Baks   Marjolein Baks
Rob Elshout   Kim Meesters
Johnny Visch   Sabine Visch
Dichard Castien   Lisa Rossen
Gerwin Wennink   Rosali Lammers
Joost Lammers   Nina Liebrand
Ronald Teunissen   Nikki van Opperhuizen
Martijn Korhorn   Anneke Poort
Richard Gubbels   Rianne v/d Linden
Joeri v/d Werf   Silvia Jager
Jan Panfilenko   Ksenia Gracia
Martin de Boer   Monique Weide
Marcel van Rooij   Eefke van Buul
Nikita Podlipenskiy   Ekaterina Smirnova
Rob van Rijn   Francis Teunissen
Luc Vlieghe   Severine Bekaert
Maikel Swinkels   Renate Swinkels
Tim Beumer   Inge de Ruiter
Remy Waardenburg   Myra Heerink
. Zapata   . .
. Brulez   . .
. Jordens   . .
De Marneffe   . .
Geoffrey Talon   Ellen Casier
. Vermeire   . Vermeire
. Desmet   . .
. Hernould   . Daulmerie
. Vandenbrand   . Brion
. Vandevelde   . Jacobs
. Musschoot   . musschoot
Johan Staats   Joke Staats
. Bol   . Bol
Joop Zondervan   Toos Zondervan
Maarten Gerritsen   Geertje Gerritsen
Ren‚ van Ingen   Marjon van Ingen
. Vanpee   . Vanpee
Ricardo Fernandez Louro   Silvia Meizoso Ponce
van Tilborgh   . .
Frans Martens   Cathleen Martens
. Geuens   . .
. Strijbos   . .
Heinen Kohlhoff   Jenny Kohlhoff
Frans Panhorst   Jopie Panhorst
Hr Tijtgat   Mw Tijtgat
Wouters. Wouters  
Gey Scheynen   Silvie Scheynen
Hr Ooms   Mw Ooms
v. Herwijnen   v. Herwijnen
. Remaut   . .
Michel Heggen   Tonny Nijssen
Kevin Millward   Christine Millward
Anton Kraev   Kseniya Kuzmina
Arie Visser   Wilma Visser
Juuso Siltanen   Kaisu Tuominiemi
Alex Edmonds   Yolanda Edmonds
Kristian Benthien   Ina Zemmrich
Ian Curson   Jennifer Curson
Stefaan Bol   Katrien Decorte
Lei Olischlager   Lottie Olischlager
Armando Borghi   Marianne Borghi
Agostino Coro   Maiorano .
Steve v/d Dungen   Chantal Ballesters
Robin v/d Dungen   Lisanne Zegels
Wisse Herweijer   Marleen van Dijken
Marvin Visser   Bianca Kaufman
Robert Vlasblom   Jamie v/d Teen
Dani‰l Vos   Galina Vos
Thomas Uithof   Janet van Brummelen
Walter Westerveld   Samantha Bes
Tim Verspaget   Judith v/d Ploeg
Iddo van Kesteren   Tamara Jopp
. Geulinckx   Geulinckx
. Impagniatello   . .
De Pelsmacker   . .
Chris Hoffman   St‚phanie Noesen
Lubbert de Groot   Roxanne Vermeulen
Erwin v/d Dungen   Mandy v/d Dungen
Nicky van Schayk   Jolanda de Ruijter
Steve v/d Dungen   Chantal Ballestero
Rodney Vilters   Silvia Dietz
Christen Jan Cox   Kristin Henneman
James de Kat   Jetty de Kat
Frank de Jong   St‚phanie Hbsher
. Geulinckx   . Geulinckx
. Gunawan   . Gunawan
Henri Slootbeek   Elvira Cox
Andor Lucacs   Tilly de Boer
Ronald Bogers   Helmi Bogers
Mark Hodes   Mari‰lle Supheert
Edwin van Vendeloo   Magda van Asperen
Patrick van Riesen   Renate Abbenis
Maurice Elema   Cathy Kersemeyer
Peter Altena   Anuschka Altena
Olivier Calloens   Veerle Vandervelden
Michael Vos   Wendy van Houten
Hr Denayer   Mw Denayer
Patric Schiffeleers   Vanessa Toppets
Dimitrie Klerck   Natalia Mulders
Alexander Hoefnagel   Barbara Naintz
. Saxe   . .
Eddie van Dongen   Angela van Dongen
. van Briel   . Groes
. Tores   . Gonnissen
. Baudart   . Biauce
Patric v/d Heijden   Diny Geurts
Antoine Brok   Maaike van Genabeek
Kris Vandromme   Elke Walscharts
. Chasseur   Fabienne Cognioux
Alferso Abrahams   Annemiek Roetman
Nicolas Ferrarese   Aurore Soupart
Dennis Kruyssen   Jessica van Etten
Marcel Keizer   Inna Pustovid
Eric Kock   Katinka v/d Linden
Charles Jacobs   Bianca Odint
Emiel Poort   Marijke Hofman
Antoine Vieu Brasseur   Charlotte Vieu Brasseur
Robert Fuykschot   Ilona de Jong
Bj”rn van Pelt   Irene van Holland
Jaap Verhagen   Eline van Wijk
Nick Glasius   Rosalie van Oers
Arnold Naber   Ellen Mulder
Maxim Axenov   Natalia Egorova
Richard van Poele   Sarah Brienesse
Pieter de Groot   Kim Grootjes
Rick Heddes   Marleen Kamerling
Paul den Blanken   Marietje Beemsterboer
Peter Sprenkling   Nathalie Bakker
Jonne Klaver   Monique Gaillard
Danny Arnoldussen   Sandra Coenen
Nikki Remkes   Nathalie Bos
Stephan Schuttenhelm   Came Beukers
Jop van Hall   Simone Sour
Marcel Verbeek   Kimberly Untied
Joost Valk   Minne van Loon
Bram de Beer   Nathalie Versluis
Li Rong Yang   Li Ming Zhang
Peter Meij   Bianca Hitz
Wilfred v.d. Weide   Sanne Booy
Erwin Quax   Madelon Beckers
Marc van Driel   Anique Bergsma
Stefan Schuttehelm   Camee Beukers
Martijn Ipskamp   Susanne Kalkema
Maurice Gilissen   Kimberly Muys
Peter v Leeuwen   Carmen v Boven
Philip Philipsen   Tanja Kouznetkova
Goran Adzic   Jelena Bubonja
Jos Aerts   Jos‚ Aerts
J Pietersen   R Pietersen
Jan Kuijper   Ria Kuijper
Willem Jongedijk   Tieke Jongedijk
Daniele Verna   Romina Rubio
Ben Twal   Esther Twal
Hans Kuyper   Dimphy Kuyper
Robin Hirschman   Linda Bos
Ronald Delsink   Dorien v/d Aa
Vivcent Bakker   Jenny Borst
Mark Dekker   Nefertete de Ruyter
Michel Brouwer   Simone Heijman
Kai v/d Berg   Danielle Vriesman
Willem Arons   Karin Arons
Bob Kroes   Simone Heber
Sander Egges   Ineke v/d Duin
Remco Rhee   Lotte Ramak
Eelco v/d Ham   Rapha‰le van Litsenburg
Di„n Krooshof   Particia Hoogstrate
Barrt van Dijk   Esther Prins
Robin v/d Dungen   Lisanne Zegers
Ton de Haan   Chrisja van Elewout
Danny Pampel   Sylvia Wouda
Brian Weyts   Kim Duiker
Mark Zevenbergen   Sabina van Dijk
. Grinsven   . Mikkers
Aleksandrs Kolcovs   Anastasija Timofejeva
Wiel Stoffels   Tineke Roosengarten
Johan Bouma   Myia van Linde
Harald Punt   Susanne Kieftenburg
Menno Tomassen   Iris Martens
M Schulting   M v/d Roest
Bart Wesseling   Jascha Frumau
Joost Broekhans   Carolien v/d Korput
Ricl Lablans   Dagmar van Scherpenzeel
Rob Marinussen   Sietske van Ingen
Dennis van Merkenstein   Marike Greeven
Michel v/d Akker   Anouk Botty
Erik Kock   Katinka van de Linden
Tom Greten   Mary Ann van Vliet
Jason Roditis   Tonia Kosovkh
Luka Fanni   Luana Fanni
John Byrnes   Jane Littleton
Sergej Duvanov   Svetlana Tverianovich
Andre Weimar   Nicole Maria Wichterich
Frederic Mosa   Sandra Mosa
Michat Malitowski   Iwona Golczak
Krzysztof Hulboj   Ewa Szabatin
Zoran Plohl   Gordana Grandosek
Maksim Chmenkovskiy   Inna Bykovskaia
Ernst Schmid   Margit Schmid
Nikolay Ivanushkin   Natalya Petushkova
Jacques Soesbergen   Joke Soesbergen
Sergey Shubadeev   Victoria Mokrysheva
. Coenen   . Eben
Ren‚ van Ingen   Marjan van Ingen
Werner Tibud   Marlies Tibud
Herman v/d Veer   Emmy v/d Veer
Kees IJzermans   Emma IJzermans
Jaap Jonker   Alie Jonker
Henk de Kock   Ria de Kock
Mark Leek   Rachael Heron
Gregor Karlovcec   Katja Korenjak
James Basson   Michelle Zammit
Stefaan Vancoillie   Sofie Dursin
Christophe Bataille   Valery Lumaije
Harry Rozema   Sabine Rozema
Wytze de Vries   Joyce de Vries
Ilia Bakhovski   Elena Iakovleva
Nikola Cobic   Sofija Vlajcic
Frans Pilger   Dini Pilger
Frans Faas   Elly Faas
Robert Kemner   Petra Kemner
Edwin Jansen   Geraldine Visser
Arjen Vonk   Julia Trap
Ren‚ Schutte   Nicolette Hagen
Albert Khadagatl   Anrietta Saakian
Radoslaw Opechowski   Sandra Lewandowska
Rainier Sewalt   Miranda van Leent
Roger van Hooff   Cindy Kerkkamp
Jan Brouwers   Liselotte Robbe
Piotr Kuzas   Klaudia Szyc
Bert Versluis   Cindy Ilbrink
Robert Kemner   Petra v Trijp
Emiel Goudsmits   Rianne Goudzwaard
Twan Snoeijen   Femke Havekes
Dennis v/d Hoogen   Laila Dani‰ls
Bram Janssen   Peggy Bosch
Marc van Rijn   Nicol van Rijn
Remco Armee   Pauline Hoogkamer
Jacob Boersma   Aletta Oosterveld
Ralph Geomini   Martine Janssen
Jeroen van Veldhuizen   Claire Vrielink
Giel Engels   Wendy v/d Hoogen
Michel Smits   Suzanne Besselink
Mike Gerritsen   Nienke Roelink
Rene Peters   Sabine Vonk
Levent Spexgoor   Kristie van Heemskerk
Ger Busman   Rachel Flekzer
Haiko Brinker   Lotte Bergshoeff
Hans Mol   Jeanette Mol
Harm van Beurden   Babs van Kempen
Ruud van Meegen   Kim Bosga
Olaf Barger   Kelly Smith
Harm v Beurden   Babs v Kempen
Bjorn Barger   Marly Huisinga
Dave v/d Zalm   Tessa Hogewoning
David Holland   Vivian Ramsey
Gregory Day   Tommye Giacchino
David Barker   Lily Barker
Michal Kostovcik   Eva Waniekova
Valatin Chmerkovckiy   Inna Brayer
Roberto Villa   Michelle Barry
Jonathan Crossley   Kylie Jones
Leo v/d Mee   Brigitte v/d Mee
Walter Bonte   Christi de Cocq van Delwijn
Jody Desodt   Gudrum van Dume
Alexander Rechits   Hillary Hayward-Thomas
Dani‰l v/d Linden   Jessica Bruinen
Goran Nordin   Nicola Nordin
Martin Kopecky   Sarka Bymova
Dennis Kurvink   Marjolijn Bunk
Erik Kievit   Jacqueline Kiezebrink
Jaakko Toivonen   Roemjana de Haan
Charles Evers   Judith Boonstra
Floris Doorgeest   Mandy van Rijssen
Nico Struik   Ladonna Barlag
Oscar Kerssens   Sylvia Rijsdijk
Quint v/d Camp   Amanda Stas
Richard Okkerse   Mascha Koomen
Linus Karvelis   Victoria Haskins
Marius v. Baaren   Samira Malke
Hilbert Schuring   Vianne Schuiring
Sander Koster   Elvira Hogervorst
denys Klaassen   Miranda Blankers
Gerrie Bisschop   Mariska Bisschop
Nicky v/d Broek   Stene Stolk
Remi Veenman   Charlotte Leenders
Jan Ebbelink   Annelies Poelsema
David Ong   Nancy Tuythof
Michel de Hoog   Sandra van Trijp
Dimitri v/d Veer   Samantha Bakker
Darryl v/d Bosch   Eva Deckers
Remco Armee   Aimee Verel
Dave v/d Coelen   Tosca Bemer
Alex Bonici   Elaine Bonici
Francesco Paris   Erika Buzzoni
Ivan Vdovin   Tatiana Gerasina
Alberto Bersini   Serena Picco
Jan-Hendrik Opsahl   Kathinka Fjaerli
Adam Walker   Helen Denton-holmes
Brian Ooijer   Minka v/d Burg
Luc Weltens   Michella de L'Haij
Alex Swinkels   Lonneke van Valkenburg
Roy Middelbos   Gabriella Jansen
Urvin Monte   Jill van Mourik
Patrick Veenhof   Marcha Bliekendaal
Erik Visch   Naomi Middleton
R Reurink   D Timmerman
S v/d Knaap   E Willemsen
Eric Donkervoort   Debbie van Otterlo
M van Rietschoten   D Heiligers
Robert Schuijl   Patricia van Lent
Eric Donkervoort   Debbie van Oterlo
Jörg Killius   Lindmila Ismagilova
Kees Boers   Danny Dullens
Jarno Seegers   Miranda Kraayenhagen
Wolfgang Raab   Jana Hofkirchner
S v/d Ven   H O'Conner
Marco van Hengstum   Nathalie Tammer
L Meijer   M Poelarends
Rick v/d Heide   Wendy Schipperheim
Christian Tas   Claudia van Sonsbeek
L Luyer   W O'Conner
J van Nieuwkerk   N Tommel
Jorkos Vermeulen   Marit de Brouwer
Richard Korbeeck   Karen v/d Hof
Bas v/d Pennen   Iris van Loon
J Valkenburg   M Valkenburg
N de Bot   K v/d Hurk
Walter Veringa   Carolien rozenboom
Remco Ras   Pauline Lubbers
P Mathot   J Paschendag
R van Bekkum   D spies
Gerard Weterman   Susanne Ransdorp
Jimmy Delgado   Esmeralda Albronda
Merijn v/d Laar   Wendy Brocaar
Emanuele Gevero   Autovella Vecchies
Ruben Monfrooij   Suzanne Verheij
Fabio Selmi   Simona Fancello
Massimo Giorgianni   Alessia Manfredini
Giuliano Nironi   Simonetta Vecchi
Gerard Hessels   Marij Hessels
Peter Lauwers   Mia Lauwers
Horst Muller   Waltraud Muller
Lei Olischlager   Lottie de Bie
Alexander Hendrik   Jessie v/d BroeK
Vincent Gielen   Marieke Gondrie
Paul Verstraten   Anneke Verbakel
Jasper van Wanrooy   Marjolein Hutting
Eric v/d Hoeven   Edith Elsenberg
Theo Braams   Nicky Boot
Bonne Wesseling   Viola Sweebroek
Mark Akkers   Tessa de Jongh
Reginald Diepenhorst   Krista Rozenberg
Roel Arts   Sanne Fleur
Mickael DRAB   Kristina KITAEVA
Martijn Leunissen   Lette Lindelauff
Davy v/d Berg   Christel Wijnhoven
Ron Rijkeboer   Marieke Helthuis
Jeroen Strating   Judith Strating
Jordi Bunnik   Kim Kuijpers
Jrgen van der Poel   Inge Strijers
Mark Dyu   Elijah Piker
Cedric Elice   Vanessa Leorat
Roy Lamers   Susanne de Kleijn
Michael de Nijs   Tina van den Hoek
Srdan Mikuljan   Andrijana Dunjic
Frank van Dijk   Frida Kennis
Maarten Brankaert   Sancia Kraan
Tiemen Heesbeen   Wendy Schmeltz
Dimitri Verheyen   Patricia Meuris
Jan van Antwerpen   Roos van Antwerpen
Jan Klein   Elly Klein
Raphael Vandervelde   Greet Jacobs
Lex Loen   Carla Loen
Vladimir Khorev   Elena Shchedina
H.W. Schreur   Angelika Schreur
Rainer Henkel   Monika Henkel
Mark van Tilborgh   Marjan Borms
Jun Tanaka   Junko Hirata
Patrik Suk   Karin Wester
Ricardo Hogenberg   Willeke Netel
Gerwin Wennink   Rosalie Lammers
Marcel Groeneweg   Tamara Rijnbeek
Erik Valkering   Marleen Jonker
Raymond Schouten   Jaqueline van Loo
Andrey Kuzmichev   Ekaterina Golosova
Johan Verwoert   Ditsy Verwoert
Danny Anema   Talitha v/d Staay
Marvin Coenraad   Kim Bolhoeve
Patrick Lurks   Wendy Raaff
Thom v/d Staay   Clarissa Verhoeks
Erwin Westerveen   Marieke Achterstraat
Rene Bastianen   Esther Engelen
Bert Vruggink   Jolanda Vruggink
Pepijn Tammeling   Anneke Visser
Reggy van Gils   Nicole Dinslage
Maikel Sieliakus   Marieke Adelaars
Maximino Garcia   Concepcion Lara Palomero
Roland Reget   Astrid Reget
Ottfried Vilich   Helga Vilich
Willy v/d Bogaard   Riet v/d Bogaard
Klaus Schumacher   Doris Schumacher
Niamh Farrell   Aisling O'Brien
Boy Groot   Nicole Schavemaker
Bas Oude Reimer   Corina Joosten
Roy Molenaar   Jonna Kats
Jeroen van Groningen   Silvia Roos
Fabian Santing   Jose Achterstraat
Vincent Verbeek   Sarina Bentum
Chris Hoorenman   Marloes Goesinnen
Ren‚ Bastian   Esther Engelen
Fred de Vries   Caroline Schilthuizen
Wim Blom   Laura de Kuijper
Armin Leschke   Marion Leschke
Rinaldo Hubner   Anneke Hubner
German Gromov   Vladlena Zakharyash
Gökhan Zorluoglu   Idil Gokhan
Kees Nellestijn   Janny Goedkoop
Günter de Koster   Jutta de Koster
Detlef v/d Sand   Monique v/d Sand
Horst Müller   Waltraut Müller
Frans Timmermans   Annelies Timmermans
Joris v/d Steen   Susanne v/d Steen
Aleksandr Fedorov   Anna Frolova
Andre Jongen   Elly Jongen
Horst Mller   Waltraut Mller
Ryan Piconi   Bianca Brophy
Ringo de Vugt   Kristel Reijenga
Erwin Sturtz   Melanie Klein
Frank Essenstam   Ilse Bisseling
Huub Vugt   Joyce Kerkhof
Pascal Roeken   Nicole Vos
Tom Konings   Astrid Paes
Mark Hekman   Laura Jacobs
Alian Tolhuisen   Nena Bosga
Jesper Simon   Kim Trouerbach
Gilbert Valentijn   Nicole van Uden
Bram de Beer   Nathalie Versluis
Stephan Mommers   Denise Lahaye
Nick Helmink   Dani‰lle Besselink
Adriaan Nicolae   Olga Nicolae
Wil Jansen   Els Jansen
Livio Palmirotta   Ylenia Saronni
Bram Stolte   Marjon Stolte
Jan van Geel   Maria van Geel
Jonny Baarels   sandra v/d Koop
Wesly Floris   Debby Vieberink
Steven Vanderhoydonks   Saskia Oosterbosch
Bauke Pultrum   Jantina Adema
Michiel Nijland   Laura Massen
Wim Wolthuis   Nicky Haze
Goran Vidajic   Gordana Abramovic
Wouter van Amerongen   Agnes Visser
Bram Veldhoen   Dominique Flikkenschild
Raymond Baalhuis   Iris Jomgbloed
Sander van Drimmelen   Alexandra Carbillet
Lenell Artist   Naomi Thijssen
Han Pas   Precilla de Vries
Rogier de Vos   Maartje Brouwer
Arno van Dam   Isabel Slot
Marthijn Niks   Moniek Beld
Alexandr Reshetnikov   Viktoria Belozerova
Martin Hojlo   Michala Schultz
Micha Myronink   Mary-Jane Beijer
Wilco Dunnewold   Bernadette van Beerschot
Christiaan Navarro   Heidi Winkel
Sebastian Beerschoten   Karina Abdelacif
Sander Nijland   Maartje Aalbers
Leroy Moens   Frederique van Konijnbur
Jeffrey v/d Schaaf   Anouk IJdel
Hem Spilker   Laura Admiraal
Sierik Groep   Annemiek Schepers
Aleksey Vorobev   Anna Zubkova
Denis Chaplygin   Yelena Zaitseva
Leo Baks   Citty Haverdings
Michel den Dunnen   Samantha Wooninck
Tiuri Suijkerbuijk   Shelly Adama
Jan Kothman   Jeanette Kothman
Ge Veltmaat   Rita Veltmaat
Ivor Benc   Dijana Zutic
Axel Jansson   Maria Kangasaho
R Mulder   A Nijhuis
Adwin v/d Aa   Marije Wolfs
Peter Macko   Lenka Peterkova
Jeroen Kuper   Desiree Krikken
Pascal Valentijn   Marijke van Eijck
Jaap van Arragon   Silvia Kupers
Daniel Martin   Merce Pastor
Mario Perton   Sharona Hendriks
B ten Have   L ter Riet
Mohamed de Vries   Whithney Valk
Jeroen Bouma   Margriet Timmermans
Anthony van Hout   Bianca v/d Pasch
Patrick v/d Ham   Iris Bastiaan
Herman Vrolix   Sylvia Husemeier
Bert Versluis   Christel Cramer
Ingmar van Kinsbergen   Kimberley de Groot
Kevin v/d Hoeven   Nandy Massar
Niels Kalkman   Joyce van Elven
Hans van Schie   Sanne Grouwstra
Derek Brouwer   Bianca Kniese
Arnoud Post   Mirjam Koek
Mark v/d Kooi   Jessica Schoemakers
Stephan Hoogsteger   Leontien Reemans
Pieter van Gemeren   Chantal Loman
Yvo v/d Bosch   Anouk Perquin
Bas van Pamelen   Claudia van der Helm
Ton Kops   Heleen Kops
Roy Hornstra   Neomie Ketting
Wouter van Driel   Renske Tijssen
Dion van Wanrooy   Agnes Weber
Ron Bolhoeve   Janine Soepenberg
Frank Baars   Anneke Koopman
Ralph Moonen   Angela Leibbrand
Pieter de Boer   Yvonne Ranzijn
Vincent Soek   Claudia Keulemans
Tim Beumer   Inge de Ruijter
Mike Nicolaes   Patty v/d Weerdt
Jan Borecki   Anna Piaseczna
Yaroslav Beley   Kristina Noshchenko
Pawel Swiackiewicz   Dominic Maciejewska
Evgen Colichenko   Katerina Polynina
Ricki Sorensen   Maria Hviid
M Lenskry   A Postelnyak
Alessio Di Veronica   Daniela Machat
Marco Congedo   Antonella Suglia
Andrea Mascello   Ada Spinetta
Alan Shingler   Donna Shingler
Michael Malitowski   Joanna Leunis
Oleg Romanov   Elvira Romanov
Valentin Lusin   Olga Nesterova
A. Trochine   V. Ksenia
Andriy Zavarzin   Tetyana Cherevko
Shemetov Egon   Shnetsova Exaterina
Mark Ballas   Julianne Hough
Andrey Laskin   Darya Kolosova
Alex Zampirollo   Klizia Zampirollo
Rouslan Rogojkine   Svetlana Lesniak
Petri Saario   Paivi Saario
Leung Siu Yuk   Chau Po Chu
Peter Hogezand   Viki Hogezand
Jack Schram   Johanna Schram
Frans Brankaert   Coby Brankaert
Peter de Boer   Marijke Jonker
Preben Lerche   Pia Lerche
Remco Vreeman   Hennie Vreeman
Chan Joseph   Esther Yip
Tadek Rey   Justyna Kotuniuk
Guy Jottay   Martine Jottay
Marcel Vrijburg   Naomi Kolijn
Mauro Selleri   Roberta Tibaldi
Valeriy Polyakov   Margarita Russkova
Yuriy Kravets   Antonina Kovalenko
Ilia Kutsenko   Elina Haustova
Alexander Bystrov   Daria Kravtseva
Alexei Troshin   Ksenia Vassellieva
Egor Shemetov   Ekaterina Shretsova
Sascha Wakup   Ekaterina Arefieva
Juan Borrali   Alla Profatilova
Bejamin Henry   Corinne Manyak
Niels Lewerissa   Mignon van Klingeren
Paul Dofferhof   Marjolein Both
Jan Bas Dekker   Nina van Veen
Dennis Kerdijk   Jolijn Posthuma
Dave v/d Zalm   Linda Hoogenboom
Alain de Wilde   Petra Fransen
Vasil Ivanov   Stanislava Bakalova
Gustan Coolen   Marcha Vermeule
Rene Franke   Marjolein Huis
Koen Buurman   Rebecca Sieraad
John Jasper Fayer   Begonda Jasper Fayer
Nicola Bini   Laura Lunetta
Francis Heuslich   Jaqueline Heuslich
. Baets   . Hollogne
Willy Happaerts   Brigitte Vaes
Francois De Neeff   Getty Dekeyser
Wim Verschoor   Liesbeth Misero
Rudy Himpe   Marianne de Wulf
Ton Uphoff   Ivonne Uphoff
. Bex   . Knaepen
. Bonne   . Bonne
De Marneffe   Fagot .
Meuricede Marneffe   . .
Remaut van Dycke   . .
Floris Doorgeest   Mandy Rijsen
Michael Regner   Petra Regner
William Baks   Sandra Bongers
Erik Groen   Yolanda van Velzen
Stephan Teunissen   Rilana van Oorschot
Danny v/d Teen   Aline Slootweg
Pascal Drummen   Patricia Lemmens
Sebastiaan de Reede   Monique de Reede
Bart Verlinden   Nathalie Colebunders
MaexJaekers D Klasse Amateurs  
William Hermans   Carla Hermans
Jacko Woutersen   Sandra Oostenbrug
Delescaut .   Marino .
Danny Moonen   Mascha van Beek
Patrick Pilat   Mineille Brouns
Roger Herklots   Ingrid v/d Berk
Pauvlovitch .   Vaeremans .
Falzone .   Natale .
Andrei Mamaev   Ekaterina Kurdyaeva
Albanese .   Gorski .
Jeffrey Grannetia   Ellen van Reemst
van Steenbergen   van Steenbergen
Bernardo Scheffer   Carina Scheffer
Piotr Purchala   Agata Kawinska
Bart Schepens   Bianca Maas
Eddy Nowicki   Erna Willems
. Verheyen   . Meuris
Peter Rombouts   Kim Rombouts
Kasilov Volodymyr   Tkach Yaroslava
Jacob Nilsson   Jeanet Ollerup
Justinas Duknauskas   Olga Basalyga
Ronny Hurig   Chantale Hartung
Sune Hartmann   Liza Lebedeva
Janick Lowe   Sabrina Skiby
Martin Pape   Julie Vendal
Steffen Bang-Möller   Charlotte Bang-Möller
Egor Filipenko   Camilla Bentzen
Damian Czarnecki   Claudia Rex
David Jorgensen   Anne Mette Skriver
Martin Guldager   Charlotte Heise
Morten Schenedler-Jensen   Janne Vejlby
Mads Moller Nielsen   Ditte Katherina Vedel
Jonathan Näslund   Emelie Briding
Thomas Olsen   Katja Lefevre
Bendt Buse   Maiken Kristiansen
Jess Christensen   Anne Bruun Baden
Peter Nielsen   Pernille Kraft
Anders Jacobsson   Vera Kinnunen
Igor Alexandrov   Anna Bulgakova
Dmitri Barili   Karin Rooba
Finn Bohn   Irina Michaelis
Mateusz Parys   Natalia Wojdak
Mads Vad   Anna Moreborg
Vytis Duknauskas   Ruta Bagdonaite
Fredric Brunberg   Johanna Dijner
Alexander Svanberg   Jeanette Carlsson
Thorbjorn Bech   Majken Riishede
Damien Hey   Natalie Dodd
Martin Ragnarsson   Malin Johansson
Henrik Sperling   Mette Elkjaer
Evgeny Kosiachkin   Anna Zubova
Anders Foxil   Louise Hansen
Stig Bo Andersen   Kristina Hviid
Nicklas Hemming-Larsen   Henriette Elsberg
Jonathan Sonderbaek   Sofie Koborg
Simon Riding   Maja Sook Laugesen
Laurits Buse   Gitte Kragelund
Daniel Thomassen   Malene Ostergaard
Christopher Cadovius   Xenia Bjorlig
Yegor Glushchenko   Oleksandra Ponomariova
Daniel Thomassen   Marlene Ostergaard
Lasse Legaard   Nikita Wadstrem
Nikolaj Eibye   Milla Lykke
Daniel Falkenberg   Louise Heise
Frederik Kuhl   Henriette Hansen
Mikkel Arvedsen   Nadine Trinkjaer
Zahars Selivanovs   Laila Šleiere
Daniel Skytte Mikkelsen   Lena Misfeldt-Velling
Andreas Willander   Nanna Willander
Tudor Bulan   Corina Musat
Cristian Blagoi   Ariana Cseke
Norbert Fodor   Brigitta Szasz
Iounut Paul Chetan   Ruxandra Artimon
Bogdan Busmachin   Ramona Cismaru
Calin Bochis   Diana Groza
Roland Eros   Alexandra Prodaniuc
Liviu Misca   Irina Foltutiu
Tudor Gliga   Bianca Sugar
Razvan Dorin Galban   Emilia Oprea
Szymon Bozek   Michaela Riedlova
Rares Cojoc   Beatrice Balasz
Zsolt Birta   Orsolya Deak
Alexandru Muresan   Silvia Cojoc
Nicolae Ivanesku   Simona Ardalau
Iulian Dinca   Laura Ghita
Dumitru Pascu   Marica Derdene
Andrei Scrab   Mihaela Ciobanu
Mihai Dima   Catalina Filip
Cristi Sava   Alexandra Ghinea
Dan Mustata   Anca Albu
Bogdan Dordoi   Andrea Pasztor
Doru Munteanu   Karina Corocea
Bela Makkai   Aura Moldovan
Fabian Popescu   Patricia Popescu
Stefan Trandafirescu   Denisa Filip
Marius Balan   Gratiela Terlai
George Marincas   Carina Ghita
Stefan Hornia   Maria Marin
Eugen Sergiu Jebeleanu   Oana Andreea Nechiti
Oleg Negrov   Mariana Kilinchuk
Zsolt Cseke   Orsolya Sipos
Mihai Cosmin Chiper   Laura Filipescu
Erik Bubui   Iulia Borzan
Mircea Mihalache   Adina Cristea
Andrej Hromadka   Aneta Orosiova
Michal Nemecek   Tereza Posepna
Romulus Marc   Alexandra Stef
Isac Sebastian   Moisa Andra
Constantin Vasile   Niculae Geanina
Andrei Voinea   Raluca Voinea
Csaba Toth   Anca Borcan
Raul Pavel   Iulia Pop
Paul Voicu   Georgiana Caita
Marius Haruta   Corina Rusu
Peter Pogyina   Nicolett Zoszogi
Stefan Erban   Diana Schardin
Juraj Soltes   Lucia Kozmova
Virgil Vanca   Adela Haslu
Eamon Mc Grath   Anita Lilly
Dmitry Ilyushenov   Katia Virshlas Ilyushenov
Akihiro Takahashi   Yoshiko Kido
Kristaps Cirulis   Liene Darbiniece
Gustav Lundin   Anastasia Shalimoer
Donald Young   Melanie Young
Steffen Bang.Möller   Charlotte Bang.Möller
Mads Möller-Nielsen   Ditte.Kathrine Vedel
Jacob Vejiby   Maria Moeler.Larsen
Sylvain Trottier   Elisabeth Zukov
Jorma Yksjärvi   Marjut Yksjärvi
Konstantin Dubov   Elena Simonova
Yoichi Mochizuki   Sachiko Mochizuki
Thomas Keller   Evelyn Lafferty
John Tudhope   Cheryl Tudhope
jackson wong   candy chan
W. M. Chiu   Aimee Lee
Mark Tittl   Marika Tittl
David Roberts   Geraldine Ferns O'Connor
Pavlo Orol   Olena Orol
George Lindholm   Deborah Wong
Kris van der Meirsch   Caroline.van.der Mairsch
Igor Gurschal   Yelizaveta Gurschal
Jean Claude Moktari   Genevieve Bouvard
Ian Weineman   Elisabeth Wesley Weineman
Grzegorz Sochaj   Joanna Stromska
Gregory Krotik   Lucy Krotik
Björn Sveinsson   Bergthora M. Bergthorsdottir
Willy Söstrom   Guril Söstrom
Joseph Bartolo   Marianne Bartolo
Enar Pajula   Leie Pajula
Jurijs Nadiradze   Jelena Lukjanova
Geza Farantai   Virag Farantai
Tony Meakin   Linda Meakin
Emil Gajda   Dorota Gajda
Charles Vassallo   Doris Vassallo
Alexander Tikhiy   Larisa Aronin
Martynas Grole   Viktoria Horeva
Denis Ignatiev   Svetlana Konstantinova
Nicolai Dzhamberbaev   Anna Shelkovnikova
Anton Baurov   Iulia Posiygaeva
Aidas Kasperaitis   Inesa Kasperaitiene
Vadim Pavlenko   Maria Buinichenkova
Maksim Siomin   Maria Bakumets
Cedric Cabaqero   Jennifer Ponciano
Yuriy Kremnev   Elena Teresheva
Artur Shestavets   Viktoria Davydova
Aleksandr Anufriev   Alina Smirnova
Ilja Potapov   Viktoria Akinina
Alexander Stepanov   Inga Kubila
Aleksei Gaiduk   Katerina Nikolaeva
Timofey Bavinov   Aleksandra Apelsinova
Roman Goncharov   Kristina Vishnevskaya
Stepan Skok   Oksana Bulyga
Igor Grebnev   Maria Vanykina
Evgeniy Andreev   Ksenia Melnikova
Roman Legkostupov   Katerina Burdinskaya
Gabor Szücs   Virag Mezei
Janos Scherer   Agnes Szalai
Peter Pogyina   Nicolett Toszögi
Zoltán Katonka   Zsófia Kovalik
Carlo Pozzoni   Barbara Bossi
Andrey Mikhailovsky   Anastasia Belostotskaia
mario maiello   giovanna maiello
Matti Saari   Jaana Haanmäki
Marcello Bini   Valentina Badiali
Vitaliy Rudenko   Irina Levit
Matteo Vazzano   Alice Di Prete
Dmyutro Dikusar   Kseniya Grob
Federico Spagnesi   Serena Della Rocca
Olexandr Gotochkin   Lana Gomol
Hrvoje Krasevac   Kristina Toth
Andrey Dikiy   Irina Zhebruk
Gaetano Broccoli   Consuela Costa
Goran Potrebic   Ivana Aleksic
Thomas Gios   Roberta Turchini
Andrei Rebula   Nika Kljun
Tibor Cseh-Szakal   Izabella Prath
Peter Files   Maja Pucelj
Sergei Gorbunov   Irina Vlasieva
Maxim Kochura   Alena Zanitsyna
Alexandr Netkach   Maria Troshko
Anton Vaulin   Anastasia Selivanova
Dmitry Kuzmenko   Maria Netkach
Elmar Ianushkevich   Dina Chekhovstova
Dmitry Rudnev   Evgenia Dokuchaeva
Igor Tishkin   Tatiana Zinovieta
Evgeny Evseev   Olga Solod
Vladimir Efremov   Iana Moskvina
Vladimir Sushin   Anna Stepunina
Dmitri Khudiakov   Kristina Pleshcheva
Anton Zolontsev   Evgenia Golub
Pavel Starikov   Olga Lazareva
Mikhail Efimov   Oksana Zagvozdkina
Temur Margania   Elena Osinina
Anton Martchuk   Oksana Sidorenko
Aleksei Fateev   Lubov Ignatieva
Evgueni Losev   Alexandra Orlova
Alexandr Mitiakov   Lilit Bagdasarian
Sergei Belyaev   Oksana Kuzmins
Marco Schipper   Jeannette Hamerling
Aleksey Sokolkov   Evgenia Golikova
Aleksandr Andreev   Irina Domokurova
Dmitri Kluchnikov   Anastasia Prostynchuk
Mikhail Abramov   Vera Jarovitsina
Grigori Gavrilov   Irina Zalevskay
Andrei Kochergin   Alexandra Liulikova
Roman Muzychka   Viktoria Stessel
Andrei Kolmakov   Veronika Maevskaia
Denis Yakolev   Maria Azova
Alexandr Sergeev   Natalia Zhaglevskaya
Oleg Kharlamov   Svetlana Chaikova
Ivan Mouraviev   Inga Tindronova
Dmitri Golubkin   Olesia Golubkina
Ozen Gurbuz   Ezgi Caglar
Aleksey Anisimkov   Maria Tiagunova
Sergey Shedogubov   Yulia Voronova
Dmitriy Milekhin   Irina Muratova
Feliks Didenko   Yulia Poliakova
Sergei Lokhmatov   Viktoria Ghevnova
Albert Maslov   Anna Kiseleva
Dmitri Daushev   Ekaterina Volokitina
Aleksei Sokolov   Evgenia Golikova
Vadim Rudenko   Elena Khovanskaia
Andrey Porokhin   Anastasia Demyanova
Evgeni Nelepin   Ekaterina Kartashova
Artem Khashimov   Tatiana Popova
Dmitri Malofeev   Natalia Ivanova
Alexei Afanasiev   Anna Kazieva
Aleksandr Dimitrienko   Mariya Mardelfild
Yaroslav Sekistov   Mariya Vorobieva
Leonid Tarasov   Nataly Solyar
Andrei Mozheiko   Iulia Melnik
Viacheslav Nagov   Daria Novikova
Mikhail An   Anna Zueva
Jordi Sola   Monica Crocetta
Dimitry Shubski   Yaroslava Shubskaya
Daniel Chun   Serah Kim
Pawatpong Racha-Apai   Chanawan Potimu
Billy Lin   Cathy Wang
Theoporn Mokkuntod   Jaroonrat Sinjaroen
Alex Peng   Amy Peng
Koichi Ikebuchi   Yuriko Ikebuchi
Bongho Lee   Se-Hee Lee
Myongseung Lee   Somin Ahn
Daewoong Park   Mira Ahn
Wo-Gun Park   Hyunok Oh
Tarasai Sukdee   Siniat Mami
Junichi To   Ranko To
Kanichi Ushijma   Masako Ushijma
Leeroy Grech   Rosa Filippello
Yutaka Sugaya   Sachiyo Someno
Sukawit Lesjarunrat   Warapa Jumbala
Jacek Binkowski   Klaudia Kroczek
Kangsan Kim   Ari Hyun
Wonkuk Lee   Jeongsun Lee
Kiwon Jung   Jooli Kim
Minsu Kim   Jayoung Shin
Sangeui Lee   Jiwon Yu
Jongchul Kim   Sua Lee
Dongjin Han   Boyoung Lee
Seongu Ji   Hyeonna Lee
Jinyoung Lee   Youngsu Lee
Jihoon Moon   Jiyoung Yoo
Gints Dancitis   Ieva Kamiere
Sandris Cirulis   Kristine Jaunzeme
Igors Kravcenko   Anna Baholdina
Harijs Loze   Marina Martinova
Karel Vali   Lagle Saga
Ovidijus Andriekus   Ruta Milauskaite
Agris Bertulsons   Olga Karnauhova
Lauris Mikenas   Liene Skrabina
Sviatoslav Juskov   Maria Bokova
Romans Peregrimovs   Evija Gintere
Kristaps Serebrjakovs   Ieva Zabrauska
Aleksandrs Ajosins   Inguna Blumbaha
Hidehiko Oaki   Fumiko Oaki
Jevgenijs Zagdajs   Irina Pavlova
Viktors Haritonovs   Olga Sidaravicute
Rihards Mailitis   Zane Karpevska
Maris Pozdpaks   Ieva Damlica
Kristaps Strelis   Kristine Fridriksone
Aleksejs Suslovs   Viola Abramova
Rolands Trencis   Sanita Tunce
Rihards Zale   Ieva Romenkova
Roberts Nemiro   Dace Matisa
Valdis Skutans   Aleksandra Kurusova
Martin Reinbold   Liene Skrastina
Edgars Trops   Anna Horuzenko
Igors Kudrjavcevs   Paula Kokare
Jean-Francois Gueudry   Anne-Louise Vigneau
Ivan Filipenko   Olga Tribusevskaja
Hideyuki Yoshikawa   Hisae Yoshikawa
Uldis Blumbergs   Elza Ruperte
Arturs Kaulips   Eva Surgofte
Zigurts Buss   Rasa Kemtis
Rihards Dusa   Baiba Grinvalde
Reinis Everts   Viktorija Pozpaka
Dmitrijs Fedakas   Edita Ivanova
Ernest Greizis   Anja Giezkena
Juris Markovs   Natalija Romanova
Konstantins Suslovs   Jekaterina Guseva
Andriy Dykyy   Iryna Zhebrak
Denys Kihtenko   Galyna Akopyan
Mykola Lemish   Maria Sosnovska
Oleksandr Skarlato   Lyubov Subaryeva
Andrei Gavrilov   Irina Romaniukina
Volodymyr Kupovykh   Tetyana Bevzyuk
Anton Tonkoshkur   Daria Milus
Pavel Eidinov   Tatiana Kudriavtseva
Pavel Boutchnev   Anna Dvornikova
Vadym Litvinenko   Aliona Cheborak
Vitaliy Koval   Yevgeniya Stanislavchuk
Benjamin Dahne   Nika Sobolevskaia
Oleksandr Chelobitko   Ilona Khavelova
Denis Khadjiev   Galina An
Dmitry Zharkov   Olga Kulikova
Martin Parmas   Kaisa Oja
Artur Saulesku   Anastassia Vasykova
Lukasz Zamojski   Emilia Kubik
Andrius Greblikas   Ruta Bajarunaite
Vladislav Ivanovic   Dalia Samajauskaite
Aleksandr Tokarev   Egle Trakelyte
Vilnius Ignatavicius   Odeta Stravickaite
Andrei Panferov   Veronika Egorova
Audrius Petrauskas   Ruta Buragaite
Tomas Dimavicius   Aiste Vilcinskaite
Gediminas Grigonis   Gintare Bankauskaite
Jevgeni Privalov   Tina Bolokina
Dmitri Kladov   Natalia Petrova
Mikhail Marinich   Natalia Revkova
Andrius Skambinas   Palubinskaite Ugne
Viktors Charitonovs   Olga Sidaraviciute
Alexander Timofeev   Elena Muratova
Alexander Nishakov   Maria Goncharova
Vladimir Khorev   Olga Dobychina
Valery Gorunov   Maria Krylova
Roman Lykov   Elizaveta Nesterova
Alexei Golov   Vitalia Sentchenkova
Anton Efremov   Oxana Landyreva
Dmitri Salov   Elena Alashinova
Ilia Savinov   Viktoria Nekrashevich
Eduard Varin   Anastasia Borisova
Andrei Akatov   Olesia Samsonova
Ivan Muliavka   Ekaterina Shamova
Vitali Shichalin   Elena Fedorycheva
Aleksandr Sorochinski   Viktoria Tjurina
Alexei Golikov   Adelina Mukhametzianova
Sebastian Mróz   Maria Shirschova
Oleg Okunev   Diana Tarasova
Kirill Gorokhov   Tatiana Novozhilova
Mikhail Grishanov   Kristina Sharova
Anton Litvinchuk   Anna Epikhina
Anton Dengin   Nadezhda Badyavina
Alexander Frolov   Mariya Soloviova
Dmitri Sorokin   Maria Sidorova
Roman Srybnyi   Ksenia Alekseeva
Pavel Laskin   Olga Kormshchikova
Andrei Gorobets   Jana Maiorova
Vitali Zagrebnev   Elena Chulkova
Alexandr Bolshov   Maria Buinichenkova
Mikhail Dobrovolski   Maria Dobrovolskaia
Pavel Eidinov   Tatiana Koudriavtseva
Aleksey Baranov   Veronika Elizarova
Tomas Uroska   Irma Rzeuskiete
Vladimir Kondratiuk   Victoria Fomenko
Stas Kondoussov   Daria Romanenko
Vladislav Kondrashin   Ekaterina Tatianina
Aleksandr Goncharov   Oksana Nevinnova
Dmitri Kuznetsov   Olesia Korgina
Alexey Ushakov   Jana Riabova
Andrey Grushkov   Marina Orlova
Ilia Shimatov   Tatyana Mihailova
Ivan Lebedev   Viktoria Shlusaver
Dmitri Igonkin   Marina Biziaeva
Stas Glushko   Anna Nazarova
Yuriy Prochko   Iryna Maryuk
- Sergiy Smolin   Yulia Dzyuba
Adrian Dudinski   Anna Sablik
Ruslan Polusytok   Olena Levytska
Kostyantyn Stepanov   Oleksandra Petrusenko
Slavomir Mrazko   Lanka Bodrucka
Rudolf Harvat   Anna Moscakova
Michail Shushkin   Elena Filiuppova
Lucian Danko   Dana Janosikova
Anton Shklyar   Viktoriya Slyusarenko
Pavlo Velichuk   Olena Pavlyuk
Sergei Korostyliov   Anastasia Romanova
Peter Bodnar   Marianna Csetnekyova
Miroslav Halas   Ivana Maslenova
Oleksandr Karayvan   Tetiana Dzhala
Yevgen Lapin   Olena Sokalska
Stefan Arany   Aida Beshirova
Lennon Mihut   Kristina Szekeli
Ladislav Baranayay   Lilla Siposova
Roman Yatsyshyn   Olena Vink
Emigliano Coletta   Sonia Randi
Vincenzo Di Martino   Ornella Boccafoschi
Ruben Viciana   Eva Moya
Alessandro Barbero   Alice Atzeni
Paolo Basso   Eva Rizzotti
Angelo Madonia   Ilenia Giuliano
Antonio Scala   Laura Corbanese
Piotr Czyzyk   Katarzyna Lesz
David Cabrera   Aida Cabrera
Miguel Maria   Amparo Navaro
Jordi Diaz   Laura Tarazona
Isaac Rovira   Desirée Martín
Pasquale Nudo   Manuela Stellato
Carmelo Di Mauro   Giorgia Sala
Salvatore Labonia   Luisa Torricelli
Domenico Di Micco   Cesarina Torri
Giorgio Gualazzi   Rosanna Chiummo
Alois Lang   Romy Lang
Ugo Salvato   Daria Treppiccioni
Jamian Kalinowski   Katarzyna Prais
Roberto Di Malta   Sonia Stanziani
Blaz Bizal   Martina Plohl
Dimitri Nyman   Therese Cleve
Marc Christensen   Tine Dahl
Anders Jacobsen   Veera Kinnunen
Konstantin Arkhipkine   Anna Zelenova
Emil Kontinen   Serita Nyman
Roberts Nemiro   Matisa Dace
Mads Vad   Kristina Pfeffer
Kristian Vellejus   Lotte Rodenberg
Mika Honkanen   Satu Suomi
Frank Radich   Susanne Holde
Rolf Lindberg   Helena Fransson
Roger Niitmäe   Kerttu Tänav
Matti Kantola   Tea Liikanen
Tommi Skogberg   Elina Katainen
Artturi Seppänen   Heidi-Maria Panula
Tino Asp   Satu Mäkelä
Jacob Nilsson   Janette Olerup
Marten Soendermand   Maria.Louise Selmer
Jan Kliment   Ewa Szabatin
Philip Brykov   Darya Gluhova
Pavel Bartosevich   Marina Karpunina
Yuriy Sokyrko   Kateryna Silchenko
Alexander Niszakov   Marina Gonczarova
Anton Niesmelov   Xenia Stiezak
Marcin Niewiadomski   Katarzyna Zurawska
Piotr Kisielov   Daria Karpow
George Osadchi   Irina Bubnova
Alexander Jelizarov   Natalia Iwanova
Igor Papov   Anna Kozyrewa
Andriy Shymanskyy   Veronika Stanishevska
Roman Mamonin   Svetlana Karopva
Dmitri Lomakin   Elena Zlotnikova
Alexey Redkin   Ksenia Sanko
Mark Elsbury   Olga Elsbury
Volodymyr Vitenko   Olena Berendyaeva
Gennadiy Basha   Tamara Udartsova
Evgeni Sawatin   Ekaterina Arzmannikova
Milius Karolis   Indre Bortkunaite
Maxim Buzunov   Veronika Liashko
Oleg Martyniuk   Alla Karpenko
Vitali Golovin   Elena Vagunova
Stanislav Portanenko   Liliya Dmytrash
Artem Rodygin   Irina Akhtiamova
Pawel Kuzmin   Elisi Leist
Rene Lauk   Valerija Fetissova
Gennadiy Isycko   Irina Isycko
Denis Kasper   Ksenia Kasper
Dmitri Sergunin   Natalia Anikina
Arseniy Gorkovtsov   Kseniya Lushina
Vlad Platitsyn   Ioulia Goloborodiko
Maxym Condratiev   Irina Andronic
Rinal Zinatullin   Alina Imrekova
Veselin Matakov   Elena Matakova
Radu Andrei   Madalina Tatomir
Alexandr Belousov   Elena Obuhova
Dmitri Antoshin   Alla Kolobova
Dmitri Bondarenko   Anastasia Muraveva
Roman Nikiforov   Maryna Yevtushenko
Olexei Boichun   Alexandra Kneajko
Arcadii Turcan   Alina Vorobiova
Artion Pogonet   Ecaterina Mantaluta
Carsten Petsch   Alexandra Bublies
Björn Castner   Claudia Maierl
Viking Tan   Mieko Otsuki
Philip Ang   Roselind Poh
Nicky Low   Sonia Yeo
Jeremy Lim   Kari Tamura
Kelvin Wong   Phoenix Goh
Ilia Maleko   Kimberley Taylor
Antony Noble   Leanne Noble
Andrew Cueroan   Marina Shalnev
Accursio Romeo   Leah Feith
Motomitsu Shimizu   Sarah May
Garry Robey   Lorraine Ashdown
Paul Warwick   Lisa Chard
Kats Ninagwa   Kerrry Simmonos
Vlad Konovalov   Maria Nikolich
Paul Lazakidis   Nicol Szalasi
David Weston   Georgina Weeds
Ian Sharpe   Victoria Lawrence
Jason Cox   Kerry Stradling
Alexei Mazurin   Natalia Pronina
Denis Lavrov   Galina Bob
Alexandr Berezin   Irina Petchenova
Alexey Kubrin   Natalia Moshkova
Aleksei Vlasov   Aleksandra Zinnatulina
Dmitry Roudnev   Evgenia Dokoutchaeva
Denis Iakovlev   Maria Azova
Mykhailo Fedoruk   Julia Eremenko
Eugenyij Kalmykov   Maria Silujanova
Roman Reut   Anna Baklanova
Michail Imamutdinov   Kristina Vedenskaya
Kirill Smotrakov   Elena Minchenko
Evgenij Berestnev   Olga Lebedeva
Nikolai Aleshkin   Olga Mekhling
Pavel Goniukov   Tatiana Zharova
Ilya Koryagin   Anastasia Narishkina
Maxim Fomin   Svetlana Falk
Alexey Godlevsky   Evgeniya Bekova
Nikolai Pantiukhin   Anna Kuznetsova
Igor Shabanov   Alla Andruschenko
Alexandr Baurov   Anastasia Alexeevskikh
Nikolai Iskhakov   Maria Kukushkina
Petr Perzhu   Anastasia Borisova
Alexei Artemev   Ekaterina Bobrova
Evgueni Baranov   Lariana Merkureva
Ilia Sidorenko   Katerina Starchak
Iuri Markin   Maria Trukhanova
Dimitri Osipov   Ekaterina Senatorova
Dmitri Marchenko   Anna Sheverneva
Alexex Bgantsev   Irina Savelieva
Mykyta Paladin   Oleksandra Sazonenko
Illia Skoryi   Tatiana Efimovskaia
Andrei Bondarev   Ekaterina Riabochina
Ilia Mikhalenko   Irina Skvortsova
Ilia Prilepski   Anna Balakina
Serguei Peshkun   Tatiana Kireeva
Rozalin Siraziev   Ekaterina Surkova
Vasili Sazonov   Zatjana Litvatova
Pavel Buchnev   Anna Dvornikova
Andrey Ryapasov   Svetlana Perlova
Sergey Parakhin   Elena Vlasova
Aleksei Yazykov   Kamilla Andreeva
Dmitry Dudakov   Olga Shatilova
Stanislav Ivanov   Olga Kim
Alexandr Demin   Iulia Zelnikova
Nikolai Cheremukhin   Polina Kulbeda
Denys Khorishko   Svitlana Omelchenko
Dmytro Paladiy   Anastasia Bezrukova
Vladyslav Kordonets   Oksana Khyzhun
Yuriy Khrushch   Kateryna Gavrylyuk
Oleg Khablyuk   Oleksandra Dogolich
Bogdan Kasynets   Olena Lenska
Grzegosz Demuha   Malgorzata Borsyk
Tomasz Pradka   Paulina Rozwadowska
Rostyslav Koltun   Nadiya Buzhylova
Volodymyr Segeda   Khrysryna Vasylyk
Andriy Pavlyuk   Maria Gural
Jacek Guzowski   Anna Guzowska
Pavlo Stashevskyy   Valeria Sokol
Robert Kochanek   Veronika Chichkina
Vyacheslav Mostsevoy   Maria Avrashko
Oleksandr Bashmur   Anna Petruk
Sergiy Kozhukov   Olga Gerasymenko
Sergiy Kiryazov   Yulia Kharchenko
Mykhaylo Tarasyuk   Viktorya Myslyuk
Yevgen Bronnikov   Dariya Pomortseva
Michal Revaj   Jana Resova
Andreas Gelemanovic   Andrea Gelemanovic
Zsolt Luko   Veronika Husarova
Jan Vesely   Lucie Huncarova
David Vejchar   Michaela Habartova
Marek Hessler   Adela Pepacova
Robert Rowinski   Kamila Drezno
Tomasz Giermuda   Monika Giermuda
Lukasz Sobczynski   Katarzyna Bajdek
Przemyslaw Modrzynski   Natalia Piecewicz
Krzysztof Grzelak   Ewa Gawrylow
Tomasz Mamczyc   Kamila Cholewicka
Piotr Lewandowski   Agnieszka Szklarz
Michal Stukan   Izabela Janachowska
Andrzej Macznik   Agnieszka Macias
Lukasz Czarnecki   Sandra Kupc
Jiri Kosydar   Michaela Tazka
Bruno Petit   Alisee Sekham
Denis Weinberg   Daniela Datskowska
Dimitrij Zub   Lea Burghard
Anthony Roche   Carole Viossat
Tomas Fajgl   Agnes Zadodska
Julien Couderc   Cloe Mercier
Vincent Mengual   Amparo Belda
Enrico Agovino   Annalisa Buono
Philippe Valade   Sylvie.van Mullem
Alexander Guryev   Helene Barbier
Thierry Giraud   Patricia Giraud
Frederic Despre   Corinne Despre
Jean-Pierre Marouby   Martine Marouby
Marzio Agnani   Piera Giani
Thierry Batin   Marie-Cecilie Batin
Alain Chiche   Marie-Claire Desbordes
Alain St Requier   Corinne St Requier
Joel Voisin   Danielle Voisin
Pascal Chevalier   Marie-Claire Morin
Ottavio Tosiani   Lucienne Thibault
Nicola Pasconi   Chiara Borgobello
Alberto Bersini   Nicoletta Pregnolato
Evgeniy Andreyanov   Mariya Paneva
Fabio Beozzi   Serena Prospero
Giovanni Petrosino   Tina Petrosino
Pasquale Spenuso   Maria Barra
Luca Orefice   Tiziana Diana
Mario Pedercini   Elena Cadei
Emanuele Ricci   Assunta Borrelli
Regis Capparotto   Marina Kamai
Emanuele Pappacena   Francesca Lazzari
Joaquim Sole   Anna Vidal
Marco Schifitto   Chiara Pizzese
Mirandola Emiliano   Natasha Catarinella
Pavel Stastny   Martina Novakova
Slavomir Podmanicky   Ivana Svrckova
Radek Vondrejc   Barbora Komendova
Vit Hornicek   Kristyna Pohlova
Karol Sicinski   Natalia Wojdak
Pavel Elizarov   Maria Vysotskaya
Przemyslaw Fokt   Monika Baran
Richard Weigel   Doreen Weigel
Marc Hotfilder   Heike Macke
Roman Scheuer   Sandra Pfaffenbach
Carsten Heidler   Dorothea Heidler
Nikolai Darin   Iulia Tutushina
Eldar Dzhafarov   Alexandra Kakurina
Andrei Riapasov   Svetlana Perlova
Evgeniy Zavyalov   Lyudmyla Shvetsova
Egor Shemetov   Ekaterina Shvetsova
Dmitri Shybski   Yaroslava Shybskaya
Ivan Krylov   Svetlana Zamolotskikh
Anton Petrov   Anna Nalivaiko
Grigory Novikov   Olga Masochina
George Varganov   Margarita Pakhomova
Alexandr Karabanov   Irina Michailova
Pavel Nepomniaschi   Ludmila Belskaia
Sergei Khadgiev   Elizaveta Divak
Vitali Panteleev   Tatiana Volkova
Dmitry Kurakin   Tatiana Dorina
Vitaly Bill   Elena Zhdanova
Alexey Shepelev   Nastia Egorova
Leonid Fedorenko   Kristina Kondratieva
Artem Okheimenko   Evguenis Kalukova
Alexandr Sokolov   Julia Chernova
Khachatur Khachatrian   Valeria Ivanova
Anton Silantiev   Marina Shpagina
Oleksandr Kovalevskyy   Svitlana Chelysheva
Sergiy Savkov   Yelizaveta Zavorotnya
Sergiy Ptukha   Dariya Simonova
Robert Gulis   Terezia Rozova
Dmitry Sidorovnin   Anastasiya Podrechneva
Gabriel Tanka   Linda Bodokiova
Attila Berki   Gabriella Kiss-Reka
Martin Valentiny   Katarina Navarova
Lukas Matula   Petra Mertlova
Piotr Skoczylas   Agata Skoczylas
Konrad Dabski   Joanna Dabska
Sergey Kostetsky   Nastya Kondratjuk
Peter Kamensky   Hedviga Nagyova
Karol Zmoray   Katarina Kosorinova
Naoya Igarashi   Asuka Uemura
Takashi Kajiya   Mai Shimizu
Yoshikazu Jimenji   Ryouko Yamazaki
Yasuhiro Mitsumori   Yuka Gotoh
Tarou Kasahara   Shuuko Kasahara
Fuminari Kasegai   Emi Kunihiro
Akira Kawasaki   Mari Kawasaki
Seiichiro Ohki   Yoshino Saitoh
Fred Huang   Brenda Chang
Yosuke Asaka   Tomoko Kuwabara
Naoki Tanaka   Mami Okayama
Hideyuki Kawanami   Satomu Okuhara
Daisuke Nakamura   Nana Okamoto
Masashi Shibanishi   Mayumi Tachikawa
Jyunya Kuramochi   Kiyoko Horie
Youichi Mochizuki   Sachika Mochizuki
Young-Seck Park   Ji-Hea Lee
Masashi Nakada   Saori Akamatsu
Takuya Satoh   Masako Hirano
Seishirou Matsumoto   Kyoko Matsumoto
Fumihara Uno   Mai Nitta
Genta Satoh   Yufoko Nagaike
Dirk Buchmann   Justine Schwab
Takuro Okada   Rumiko Yamanaka
Toshiyuki Ote   Masami Takei
Fumihiko Sakura   Tomoe Sakura
Akira Itoh   Yukiko Miyamoto
Tatsuyuki Matsumoto   Terumi Matsumoto
Hajime Sugawara   Kumiko Sugawara
Sang-Wung Nam   Woo-Hee Lim
Makoto Uchida   Kazumi Kobayashi
Yasuo Yuji   Yurika Yuji
Takao Suzuki   Ai Hayashi
Hiroki Hagiwara   Jyunko Hagiwara
Kouji Nagahisa   Toshimi Nagahisa
Kiyotaka Sasaki   Kazue Sasaki
Yuichiro Sueyasu   Jyunko Matsuyama
Akira Wada   Hiroko Wada
Nobuhiro Tsuzaki   Misako Tsuzaki
Kouji Hamasaki   Keiko Fujimoto
Kenji Kawabata   Yuuko Kawabata
Kazuma Kusamoto   Yoko Kusamoto
Yukihiko Suda   Keiko Adachi
Takeshi Takamizawa   Mariko Ishikawa
Masaki Yamada   Miho Yamamoto
Masayuki Kaneko   Kazue Kaneko
Jianwei Zhang   Hongjie Wang
Yoshimasa Imaeda   Akiko Imaeda
Hiroo Negishi   Eriko Negishi
Yuuji Nishiyama   Yuki Nishyama
Masayuki Takahashi   Hitomi Takahashi
Masaji Koyama   Ryouko Koyama
Minoru Saitoh   Chieko Saitoh
Tadao Yoshimoto   Yuuko Fujioka
Masahisa Furuya   Naomi Sekiguchi
Shin Gotoh   Etsuko Gotoh
Katsuji Yoshida   Harumi Honda
Munekazu Katagiri   Chihiro Kitade
Denton Lee   Natasha Brereton
Yasuaki Satoh   Akiko Satoh
Toshio Yoshikawa   Akiko Yoshikawa
Akihiro Yamanishi   Asami Ohta
Youki Minami   Saeko Seki
Hidetoshi Terui   Hisaka Terui
Akiyoshi Kuki   Rie Saitoh
Yoshikimi Mizuno   Mikiko Mizuno
Kouichiroh Sasaki   Hiromi Sasaki
Katsuhisa Konndoh   Haruyo Konndoh
Takeo Sawa   Eiko Nishikawa
Kanehisa Mano   Azusa Shimoda
Shingo Morikawa   Kimiko Hashimoto
Masataka Ueno   Yukari Ueno
Toshiro Wanaka   Nobuyo Wanaka
Kenichi Yabe   Machiko Shibuya
Akira Yamashita   Terumi Yamashita
Takao Kawaguchi   Harumi Kawaguchi
Kazuhiko Kitsukawa   Keiko Kitsukawa
Alexander Zhiratkov   Iulia Volkova
Egor Chemetov   Ekaterina Shvetsova
Chuck Garrett Jr   Karoliene Oswalt
Dmitri Rodygin   Irina Akhtiamova
Anatoliy Baikov   Olga Bakushina
Elmar Yanushkevich   Dina Chekhovtsova
Ivan Kruck   Ekaterina Nagel
Evgeni Borovikov   Yulia Bokova
Mikhail Rumiantsev   Elena Shabanova
Anton Kalenov   Yulia Kalenova
Albert Galeev   Anastasia Sgibneva
Sergei Belozerov   Olga Tarasova
Alexei Danilin   Anna Savinkina
Maxim Pilschikov   Regina Bikmullina
Evgeniy Bragin   Anna Matskevich
Vladimir Makunin   Anna Kamina
Igor Mikushov   Maria Strelnikova
Igor Potovin   Anastasia Veslova
Roman Alekseev   Marina Milovanova
Ilia Ligostaev   Olga Lobanova
Vladimir Lopatin   Svetlana Ershova
Ivan Lozovsky   Evgenia Pishchulina
Mikhail Gribov   Anastasiya Bronskaya
Victor Presnetsov   Marina Sharandova
Konstantin Kolesnik   Svetlana Khafizova
Oleg Malakhov   Anastasia Sidorova
Lev Sidelnikov   Natalia Korionova
Domenico Cannizzaro   Alessia Radicchio
Giovanni Aquila   Chiara Tasso
Berry van Ruth   Roxanne Stoker
Fabio Buonomo   Agata Lupo
Aleksey Efremenko   Ekaterina Formaleva
Nicola Chianese   Assunta Chianese
Pasquale De Rosa   Alessia Gloria
Angelo Dalonzo   Cristina Cinosi
Maurizio Circelli   Giorgia Conte
Domenico Marcheggiani   Gyda Thorsen
Luigi Capasso   Bruna Grassia
Denis Pennella   Veronica Pennella
Ilia Lazarov   Mina Karaivanova
Vincenzo Canale   Rosita Caligiuri
Oscar Pedrinelli   Marianna Cadei
Franco Marcelletti   Alessia Biasone
Konstantin Slaven   Stanislava Bykova
Dimitri Lobov   Tanja Mohr
Fabio Lugas   Roberta Luciano
Giuliano Serafini   Raffaella Serafini
Marco Giansante   Elena Pallaro
Giuseppe Tinelli   Antonella Giannelli
Nicola Vestola   Giada Di Nunzio
Stefano Massafra   Silvia Trevisian
Giuseppe Sofia   Luana Buemi
Vincenzo Mauro   Maria.Teresa Mauro
Gianfranco Visconti   Michela Beltrami
Davide Boy   Angela Boy
Emiliano Palmieri   Federica Rai
Alex Zaglmaier   Nicole Kuntner
Oliver Moioli   Delphine Garatti
Roberto Massa   Erika Caschili
Italo Meiack   Angela Maiack
Christophe Moioli   Annabelle Anglade
Tamayo Javier   Anais Fortuny
David Tamayo   Maria Pozuelo
Anthony Lacroix   Angelique Cazalis
Jordi Martinez   Marta Noguera
Christophe Licata   Celine Licata
Gabriele Mangano   Mery Gallo
Jeremy Alimi   Amelie Lopez
Rodrigue Vieux   Sandra Girard
Miguel Morente   Navaro Amparo
Fabio Sartore   Laure Sibilla
Santiago Calvo   Nereida Pistonit
Gilles Vagnol   Audrey Dozoul
Pierre Niell   Aurelie Martinez
Kurt Flohberger   Edith Flohberger
Hans Kuypers   Dymphy Kuypers
Bernard Ehrler   Nicole Ehrler
Roland Noel   Veronique Noel
Joel Desrosiers   Genevieve Desrosiers
Roberto Grosso   Franca Moreno
Aldo Piccarreta   Andree Piccareta
George Francon   Catherine Francon
Valeri Zakharov   Snejana Shevlakova
Alexandr Zateischikov   Elena Belova
Aleksandr Ilinikh   Anna Afonenkova
Pavel Savostin   Maria Ponomarenko
Igor Antisferov   Anastasija Erofeeva
Eldar Dzafarov   Aleksandra Kakurina
Alexandre Joutchkov   Katarzyna Osinska
Tomas Slausgalvis   Viktoria Cherniakova
Justinas Duknauskas   Jurgit Liangaudaite
Laimonas Zickus   Rolanda Maniuskaite
Ilia Filipushenko   Valeria Sevastianova
Pavel Eydinov   Tatiana Kudriavtseva
Konstantin Belenko   Tatyana Votintseva
Viktor Kirsanov   Svetlana Orlova
Andrey Sedov   Alena Ovsyannikova
Andrei Gorbunov   Yulia Fadeeva
Vitalik Bil   Elena Gdanova
Ruslan Ramazanov   Natalia Adam
Eugeny Tchibisov   Nataly Fedotova
Dmitriy Gunjajev   Anastasija Domot
Pavel Malov   Anna Goodino
Artiom Rydanow   Nadia Wodolaga
Michael Molchanov   Anastasia Belousova
Dima Ushakov   Maria Zimina
Vladislav Gnusov   Ksenia Petuhova
Mikhail Balakin   Natalia Merkushkina
Pavel Lopatin   Anastasia Stetsenko
Przemyslaw Opolski   Claudia Lomazzi
Sergey Titarenko   Kateryna Trishina
Anton Grigoriev   Anna Bersenyova
Boris Sergeev   Ekaterina Pavlova
Viktor Dronov   Natalia Nikiforova
Konstantin Makarov   Ksenia Ivanova
Vitaliy Suleimanov   Angelika Zhamkotchan
Ilia Matskevich   Elena Sarantshuk
Alexander Asaphov   Kira Bechsheneva
Mariusz Grzejszczak   Beata Grzejszczak
Marcin Wrzesinski   Anna Glogowska
Denis Yeremenko   Anna Silaeva
Artur Prints   Yana Pavlova
Erik Imamov   Ekaterina Petrova
Vladimir Akulenov   Anastasya Kashkova
Sergei Grigorev   Alexandra Titova
Anton Skuratov   Olesya Kolygina
Viatcheslav Mladentsev   Ekaterina Selitskaia
Artem Zoubarev   Julia Davydova
Pavel Golubev   Uliana Golubeva
Evgeni Tereshyn   Anya Dvornikova
Nils Jugans   Juliana Gordimova
Kirill Voronin   Daria Genzeleva
Stanislav Silvestrovich   Olga Yermakova
Evgeni Zubkov   Kristina Kholkina
Denis Elenko   Anzhelika Shayslamova
Evgeny Urazgildeev   Ekaterina Sokolova
Stanislav Suldin   Anna Cvetkova
Juri Kagan   Karin Lillemaa
Lauri Kriisa   Terje Piho
Mihail Pustokhin   Alena Fomitcheva
Igor Ishov   Katerina Reshetova
Valentin Zanin   Elena Ryabova
Denis Ledenev   Olga Kotchanova
Oleg Terekhov   Yana Merabyan
Dmitri Kolb   Sofia Rovenskaya
Nikolai Snachev   Anastasya Fedorovskaya
Dmitri Spitsyn   Katia Nikolaeva
Aleksey Andretsov   Yulia Ivanova
Ilia Myagkov   Svetlana Zinger
Denis Koltsov   Anastasya Kharitonenko
Stanislav Zubik   Irina Guschina
Pavel Osin   Olga Shelomizkaia
Andrei Badaev   Yulia But
Ilia Asonov   Angelina Sergeeva
Aleksander Dorofeev   Anna Korol
Aleksey Zhiganov   Veronika Pautkina
Aleksander Shustrov   Olga Kuznetsova
Rodion Burimov   Alena Pashkina
Mihail Shurupov   Yulia Kolbasova
Denys Drozdyuk   Polina Kolodizner
Andrei Filippov   Inna Svechnikova
Cameron Smyres   Callie Hill
Giuseppe Albanese   Michela Bove
Mihail Ciobanu   Elena Mantaluta
Richard Still   Kate Moore
Marko Mehine   Maria Fessai
Anton Kurttila   Saana Kivinen
Anton Kolyubayev   Ganna Lantukh
Ivan Filipenko   Olga Tribushevskaja
Michael Hegendörfer   Nina Edenhofer
Alanas Gunko   Aleksandra Gorianova
Yutaka Kubota   Miyuki Kubota
Vadim Garbuzov   Nadiya Dyatlova
Marko Herceg   Ana Herceg
Robert Garcia   Sara Martin
Patrick Menzinger   Kathrin Menzinger
Alan Chao   Jean Hou
Marcus van Teijlingen   Nathalie Kip
Robert Prikerznik   Tina Zunko
Ivan Mileusnic   Darinka Divljak
Nenad Zivic   Marija Jevtovic
Vladimir Suboticki   Gordana Miskovic
Mitja Jakob   Tina Pevec
Faris Backovic   Eldina Barlov
Stanko Bajcetic   Sonja Boskovic
Sasa Jovanovic   Lidija Strukelj
Werther Grdina   Manuela Seriani
Maxim Melekhin   Natalia Mitiakina
Carlos Manchado   Silvia Colominas
Michael Seidel   Lydia Hellmann
Francesco Caramia   Enza Laterrania
Juuso Siltanen   Annukka Astikainen
Daniil Koutiev   Milena Lekveishvili
David Semkin   Kerry Dienek
Igor Misyurenko   Barbara Kozakova
Marc van Tilborgh   Marianne.van Tilborgh
Rudi Boermans   Brigitte Boermans
Franz Desch   Dietlinde Desch
Daniele Druda   Monica Benato
Jacques Tresignies   Honoroto Tresignies
Stefan Voss   Silke Thomas
Jordi Obradors Catalan   Nuria Lopez Daga
Gerd Biehler   Bärbel Biehler
Harald Waibi   Traute Waibi
David James   Judith James
Gianni Mori   Marisa Mori
Noel Traynor   Breege Traynor
Kenneth Polischuk   Anna Tovbin
Christian Sanchez   Miriam Sanchez
Artur Frantisevich   Oxana Sidorenko
Eduardo Cervera   Merce Pastor
Dan Kitsis   Giselle Peacock
Damien Zielinski   Lindsey Bezanson
Mike Gorenchtein   Tamara Bedaux
Carlos Chang   Anastasia Pichugina
Desmond Ho   Oksana Latynina
Jason Tabachnicov   Luba Nikolayev
Yaroslav Yasel   Maria Yasel
Ryan Andersen   Annetta Moscibrodzki
Eric Gooden   Jessica Wagner
Kevin Lemieux   Michelle Hafle
Erik Nydal Adolfsen   Monika Nydal Adolfsen
Gherman Mustuk   Andrea Hale
Conant Liu   Faye Hung
Shigeru Takeguchi   Akiko Takeguchi
Igor Dianov   Victoria Dianov
Anatoly Kupchik   Tatyana Peroriltzeva
Ilya Zakharov   Natalya Tikhonova
Farkhat Dadashev   Elizaveta Anisimova
Roman Monolaki   Kristina Rodriges
Serghei Scobodean   Marina Bazarova
Alexandr Voskalchuk   Natalya Kulyas
Maxim Martynov   Yulia Lupanova
Sergei Leonov   Marina Aleshina
Reeves Anderson   Brooke Anderson
Oliver Ferchau   Marina Lomazova
Patric Brunberg   Nikolina Kotur
Matti Puro   Sanna Hirvaskari
Armin Bernau   Marina Mitskevych
Torben Hoffmann   Kimmie Sörensen
Mikk Metstak   Ninette Lykke
Silas Holst   Christina Stentebjerg